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Hi ! 😁 it's Vicky here! Come and join this trip to Argentina starting in 🐞🌳🌈🌿 Misiones, in 1986 the Iguazú waterfalls and the surrounding area were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and since 2011 they have also been considered one of the "seven new natural wonders" of the world.‍ Next we are flying south to the province of Santa Cruz where the "Perito Moreno Glacier" (8th wonders of the modern world) and "El Chaltén" (1 of the best hiking sites ever) then we go down even more to "Tierra del Fuego, USHUAIA ⚓🌊 the most southern city in the world!!! In this location there are many activities available such as the "End of the World train", navigate the Beagle Channel and watching PENGUIN ISLAND, visiting the prison museum, and The National Park. This is a group trip, that means you are going to meet new people, and we all are going to share this amazing time together, thus everybody will be a very important part of it. Let me tell you one last thing to consider: 4.329,3 km 😱 separate the starting point from the last destination in this trip! WHAT IS INCLUDED 💰: ACCOMMODATION : we are staying in full private houses/cabins, separate beds, shared bedrooms but not more than 3 beds per bedroom, with swimming pool and very nice common areas. TRANSPORTATION between: airport <--> accommodation accommodation <--> natural parks (FALLS-GLACIER-NATIONAL PARKS- etc) accommodation<--> interest points (WATER PARK- BIRDS PARK- WILD ANIMAL REFUGE- etc) ACTIVITIES: 💗 Tour in the FALLS (Arg) 💗 TREKKING in EL CHALTEN (they are all self-guided) 💗 FULL DAY TOUR in PERITO MORENO GLACIER (extras can be hired separately like 4 trekking over the glacier) 💗 PENGUIN ISLAND TOUR 💗 END OF THE WORLD TRAIN TICKET & TOUR (full day) 💗 NATIONAL PARKS TICKETS 🎟️ WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: FOOD 🍴 FLIGHTS (IGUAZU - CALAFATE / CALAFATE - USHUAIA) ADDITIONAL TOURS ⛴️ (there are many different kinds of tours available, they vary a lot in prices, length and styles) VISA (if needed) Insurance (Germany & Austria exceptions)
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Trip Itinerary

Iguazu Falls

Day 1-4
The Iguazu National Park, shared between Brazil and Argentina, is one of the main attraction, not only touristically, but also ecological and natural. Millions of people enjoy this impressive natural wonder, supported by UNESCO. there are some more fun activities to do in the area, including a wild animal refuge, 2 aerial parks, local markets and duty free shop, we are very close to the Brazilian border.

Foz do Iguaçu

Day 4-6
If some of the people in the group don't want to come to Brazil is totally fine, just let know to arrange accommodation details and you come spend more days in Puerto Iguazú. There are many things to do here, it is just 20 km away from the falls and there is also an aquatic park, the "Parque das Aves" the biggest bird park in South America and the area is very well know as a nice touristic place to visit. We can choose what we want to do here, tickets to the water parks or attractions are not included, each one would decide what to do in this destination!

Perito Moreno Glacier

Day 6-10
The Perito Moreno glacier is located over "La Cordillera de Los Andes"/Andean Mountains these are the longest continental mountain range in the world, it's the natural frontier between Argentina & Chile. There are various interesting spots in the province, depending on the preferences and physical demand each of us can choose to go on a trekking expedition or not, we can also go by car and spend the day taking pictures and relaxing.

El Chaltén

Day 10-11
This is a town surrounded by trekking trails that vary from easy to very complex. We can rent a car or go and hire day tours (these are not included) some of them may take 9 hours and others of course are shorter, no rush, no pressure, this is our trip to enjoy. Please let's respect everybody's needs and wishes, nobody is obligated to engage in some activity that they don't like and nobody should stop doing what they want just because the entire group is not going.


Day 11-15
From the center itself you can also enjoy amazing views of the Canal (Beagle Channel), as well as explore the bay's port, from where catamaran trips leave heading to the Canal de Beagle, which is home to the Les Éclaireurs lighthouse, Isla de los Lobos and the Isla de los Pájaros. The city also has many museums, such as the Maritime Museum, the Museo Del Fin del Mundo (End of The World Museum), or the old Ushuaia prison. This is our last stop together, and we say goodbye in this fantastic location before going back home or continue exploring, who know what the future holds for us!
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15 days trip
Iguazu Falls, Foz do Iguaçu & 3 more
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