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😎 It took me over 194 days backpacking in Southeast Asia to discover the country that combines beautiful scenery with spirituality & wellness. 🌴 Here's the itinerary I propose: 1. Arrival to Denpassar and transportation to Ubud 2. Stay in Ubud: - day trip to waterfalls, temples & rice fields - 3 classes pass (yoga, meditation and/or soundbath) at Yoga Barn to use during free time - hike to Mount Batur & camping overnight on summit to see sunrise - spa day 📢 Note: Ubud is a lively place full of events and during our stay there may be kirtans, ecstatic dance, cerimonial cacao or tea cerimonies, full moon parties and others, so bring some extra cash (around 50EUR should be enough to cover them all) in case you want to partake! 4. Stay in Nusa Penida; day trip in the island 5. Stay in Gili Air; snorkeling trip 📢This is a great spot to get your scuba / free diving certification, if you have some extra days to prolong your stay and complete the course.

💁🏽 A little about me. In the beginning of 2023, I started a 9-month solo adventure through Southeast Asia. I covered 26 745 km and stayed in each country for at least one month, crossing off my bucket list Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. 💙 I want to share with you what made me such a fulfilled long-term backpacker: friendly locals, lush jungles and majestic mountain ranges, idyllic beaches with countless coconut trees, mystical landscapes, delicious traditional food... This is also my attempt to give back to the places, people & communities that rendered me so many wonderful memories! And hopefully raise awareness around some of the challenges faced, namely environmental, inspiring others to venture to this part of the world in a conscious manner, as there is much to be appreciated & preserved. Will you join me in a beach clean-up? 🤗 I want to find TripMates who are open-minded, adaptable, curious, adventurous, mindful and foodies (I'm vegetarian but I will accommodate all diets)!

🏕️There will be 3 types of accommodation during our trip: A. Shared DORM with our fellow TripMates in Ubud and Nusa Penida B. Private TENT in summit of Volcano Mount Batur C. Private BUNGALLOW in Gili Air 🚽Note: you will NOT have access to bathrooms & showers when camping overnight in Mount Batur (nature is your friend 😏). P.S. All pictures shown were taken by me during the backpacking trip! Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

What's included?
Tour to waterfalls, temples, rice fields
Yoga Barn: 3 classes of choice
Hike & camping overnight in Mount Batur
Spa entry
Tour to Nusa Penida
Snorkeling trip
Transportation (including boat shuttles)
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Backpacker Soul searching in Southeast Asia. Nature admirer, mindfulness facilitator, connection junkie & environmental activist.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-4
It’s the little squared offerings made of tree leaves with a set of colourful flowers, a small portion of rice and an incense placed on streets and house entrances to prevent evil spirits from getting in, put in higher altars in honour of ancestors or carried overhead all the way to communal temples; it’s the locals dressed in their patterned sarongs getting together for yet another ceremony; it’s the temples with multi-tiered shrines and fringes made of sugar palm fibbers (that underwent a very precise “haircut”); it’s the greenery that makes you forget about the dry season, and the ancient trees home to cheeky monkeys that every so often pay a visit to nearby cafes. In the end, Ubud is not only the spiritual centre of Thailand but the crown jewel of Bali! - night of arrival - ☝️ 1st [full] day: tour to emblematic waterfalls, rice fields and temples of Ubud. ✌️ 2nd [full] day: hike to Mount Batur and overnight camping; beautiful sunset & sunrise. 👌 3rd [full] day: spa afternoon (access to swimming pool, hot & cold Jacuzzi, dry sauna and herbal mist sauna). During free time, I encourage you to use the 3-class Yoga Barn pass and enjoy Yoga, Meditation or Sound Baths! - packing & leaving the day after - NOTE: we stay 3 nights in Ubud (counting with the night of arrival); in total, we will spend 4 nights in Bali, counting with the overnight stay in Mount Batur.

Mount Batur

Day 4-5
Most people visit on a morning tour, waking up (too) early, around 1AM, to drive to the base & start a hike submerged in darkness to see the sunrise. I found us a guide who is happy to take the group to the summit under a different arrangement. We start the hike in the afternoon, in time to see a dreamy sunset warmed up by the steam of the volcano (the last considerable eruption was in 1926, destroying the upper part of the then highest peak in Indonesia; now the summit is "only" 1717m). After, we set up a tent facing a spectacular night sky that may send our way shooting stars; we rest until dawn, waking up to thousands of people with head lanterns awaiting the sunrise. NOTE: these are the details of our 2nd day under the stop "Ubud"; I'm including this stop in our itinerary as a night of its own; in total, we spend 4 nights in Bali.

Penida Island

Day 5-7
Nusa Penida is a world-class destination of exuberant beauty, with a coastline flanked by shades of cyan blue. Some of its spots are among the most popular in Southeast Asia; in fact, if you have social media, most likely you have come across a picture of Kelingking or Diamond Beach. It’s difficult to be content with a bird’s eye view from the top of the cliffs but, unfortunately, some of these compelling beaches are only accessible by sinuous, steep, and precarious dirt tracks. We will choose carefully to ensure our safety during the tour and, of course, there will be time for a refreshing swim. ☝️ arrival day: full day tour from Bali; we will cover the most popular beaches and coastal points. ✌️ 1st [full] day: relax at the beach. - packing & leaving the day after -

Gili Air

Day 7-10
No matter which of the 3 Gilis you choose, there are no cars or motorbikes – everyone walks or takes their bicycle to get around, and untouched nature is predominant, with countless coconut & banana trees, and frangipani & bougainvillea flowers, despite the growing tourist industry noticeable in the peer’s adjacent arteries, where you’ll find several Warung (typical Indonesian food restaurants), diving centers, souvenir shops and western bars. - arrival and rest - ☝️ 1st [full] day: snorkelling tour in the morning; relaxing afternoon - end of guided trip; boat back to Bali and van to the airport - P.S. If you have more days to spare, I suggest you complete a scuba / free diving certification here, and/or I can also recommend where to go next!
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