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May 6th
7.30 PM (CET) | 10.30 AM (PDT) | 1.30 PM (EDT)
our Top Advice!
We give you an overview of the top destinations and activities for summer 2021 across the USA!

From coast to coast, our travel experts will give you all the insight, tips, and tricks you need to plan a memorable trip and make some new friends along the way.

Learn about different destinations
In terms of vacation destinations, there are a lot of "hidden gems" out there which you might not have thought about before.
An inspiration for your next trip!
We'll give you lots of ideas for different types of trips you can take around the US.
Receive insider tips
We will also share some useful insights and tips about what you should know before you start your travel planning!
Ask your questions!
We have a question and answer section for all of your burning questions about travelling in the US, and how to find travel buddies!
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