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Wednesday, May 11th
7:30 PM (CET) | 10:30 AM (PDT) | 1:30 PM (EDT)
Over time, we have found that TripLeaders' concerns are mostly the same - that's why, we have gathered lots of tips and tricks for you!

An interactive Travel Talk will allow us to get to know you better and then answer your questions and deal with problems directly!
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How do I optimize my Trip?
A good description and the right pictures are half the battle to win cool TripMates! We give you exclusive tips to perfect your Trip!
How do I find suitable

The people you will be traveling with are essential for the success of your venture. We give you food for thought about what you should consider when choosing.
How and where do I promote my trip?
We know that a lot of time goes into planning your trip. Therefore, the promotion should be in a favorable time / benefit ratio - we show you how!
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Is there anything else you would like to know? Do you have a specific question about your Trip? Get answers to your questions here.
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It doesn't matter where you're going, it's who you have beside you.