Free Travel Talk:
How to Travel the World on a budget
Wednesday, May 4th
7.30 PM (CET) | 10.30 AM (PDT) | 1.30 PM (EDT)
CAn I travel almost for free?
We know money can be tight, but don't give up on your dream adventures!
We have some great advice for you about easily affordable travel.

Things to consider when planning a trip, opportunities to look out for at your destination, and much more!

What kind of cheap trip?

We'll have a couple of examples and great ideas for you!
Saving while travelling

Learn how you can travel for little to nothing, or sometimes even make money!

Prioritize Necessities

Lets make sure that even travelling on a low budget is still safe and secure!
Share your tips!

We'll have a section at the end for our audience to share some saving methods they've learned along their travels!
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