One of JoinMyTrips professional TripLeaders
who wants to introduce you to the beauty of Iran.
Sharing a passion and a journey
Saman is a professional tour guide who has made his passion into a job. Being Iranian himself, his mission is to bring the beauty of his country and culture a little closer to the people around the world. He offers cool 4 wheel drive tours whereby travelers can experience the stunning landscapes of Iran and get a true feel for the country. His main aim is it to connect people from all walks of life and to give travelers an authentic Iranian experience.

Get to know more about Saman and his experience with JoinMyTrip!

What made you publish your trips on JoinMyTrip?
— I realized that JoinMyTrip was a really cool, new way of traveling, which is exactly what I was looking for. I don't enjoy the standard, boring style of traveling - I prefer the off the beaten track adventures. JoinMyTrip is so easy to use and my trips look really cool. The people that use it are exactly my target group.
What were your first thoughts about traveling with strangers?
— You have to be adaptable and willing to compromise. For me the most important part is that the group understands each other. The fact is that these breathtaking places give the group a natural feeling of an understanding for each other. We realize we're actually always closer to knowing one another than to being strangers.
How has the relationship been with your travel buddies?
— It's always something new. I get to know different people who inspire me on my tours in the evening around the campfire. It is our intention to bring both cultures closer together, which is why our slogan from Goethe is
"He who knows himself and others will also recognize, Orient and Occident are no longer separable!"
Why did you decide to keep sharing your trips on JoinMyTrip?
— It's a good process: TripMates write to you at the slightest interest, which creates the first contact. After this we can get to know each other a little better to see if it fits. JoinMyTrip is a travel platform with novelty, adapted to our time and made simple. It should be easy to travel together - JMT allows this!

What inspires you to offer these trips on JoinMyTrip?
— As a German-Iranian I experience two cultures and ways of thinking at the same time and I also experience that there is nothing wrong or right in life as far as cultures are concerned. In addition, I also think we have a long way to go to bringing these cultures closer together, but by offering these trips I hope we can get one step closer. So join in, come along and experience it yourself!
What kind of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a TripLeader?
— Do it! You get to know yourself and others much better. By doing this kind of trip you will create an unforgettable experience.
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