Tips & Tricks on how to find your perfect TripMates
What to do next
  • 1. Verify your Profile
    First, confirm your identity with an identity card, passport or driving license. Connect your bank account and receive the verification badge in your profile.

  • 2. Chat & confirm
    Travelers from all over the world can send you a request for your trip. After getting to know each other you confirm the request and receive 20% of the trip cost. The money is used to cover the initial costs of reservations and creates commitment on both sides! You will receive the remaining amount before departure.
  • 3. Traveling with your
    newfound friends

    Explore the world in a small group, share your experiences with like-minded travelers and make unforgettable memories. Come home with new friends.
What you can do now... find more like-minded travel buddies for your adventure.
Facebook groups
Let the community know that you're going on an amazing adventure and that they should join! Add a post advertising your trip in one of our Facebook groups; Remember to always add pictures and a catchy text to the post. This increases your chances of finding like-minded travel buddies. You can find free pictures to use on pixabay or unsplash.
Share trip on social media
Share your trip on various social media channels letting the world know! How would you expect your TripMates to find your trip in a pool of other trips otherwise?
Revamp your trip
The more information you have in your trip description, the better. Add information such as who you are, the purpose of your trip, what are your expectations for the trip, and optionally; Add the costs, planned activities, transportation and accommodation. Don't forget to revamp your trip by adding pictures either! If you don't have any, we suggest using unsplash or pixabay.
Pimp your profile!
The more information you add about yourself, the more likely you will receive requests from like-minded TripMates. At the end of the day, TripMates want to know who they will be spending their time traveling with.
This is how we support you!
  • We promote your trip on our social media channels & in our newsletter
  • Our site is SEO optimized, so that interested travelers can find your trip on Google
  • Your trip will be promoted on our site, where we have over 100.000 interested visitors every month
  • We are always here for you! No matter where the problem is - our support team is only one click away!
You are part of the largest travel community in the world
What makes a good TripLeader?
Set the right expectations
Make sure you set the right expectations across all your TripMates. This way everyone has a clear understanding of what to expect when going on a trip with you.
Choose the right TripMates
Make sure that you and your TripMates have the same goals for the trip. The best thing you can do is arrange a (video) call and trust your gut feeling. You're the TripLeader and you decide who you want to take on the trip.
Build trust with your TripMates
Trust is everything. How can you travel with someone you will be with 24/7 if there's no trust? You are the TripLeader who is leading the group and your TripMates should be able to rely and put their trust in you.
Be accurate and responsive
When your TripMates have a question, be sure to give an accurate answer and respond in a timely manner.
Be welcoming
Welcome your TripMates with open arms, and make them feel comfortable. Your trip will be a whole lot better if your TripMates feel like they are welcomed to be there.
How am I secured by JoinMyTrip?
If the payment and communication takes place via JoinMyTrip, you and your TripMates enjoy the all-round carefree support - before, during and after the trip. All payments are processed with the help of a secure payment system, so that fraud is impossible. By paying the deposit, the TripMate's request becomes binding. Should you not be able to start the trip as a TripLeader, we will also take care of a replacement.

Including, our travel insurance will automatically cover every eligible TripMate and TripLeader on every stop included in their trip itinerary WORLDWIDE for free, provided by Allianz Travel. For more information on our travel insurance click here.
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  • Elisa Köhler
    Marketing Consultant
    "Last summer I just wanted to relax on a beach in Spain and feel the sand under my feet. I then shared my trip on JoinMyTrip and bam - I had the best time with wonderful people. Because I had planned the trip so well, I was even able to increase my travel budget a bit. It was just I'm already planning my next trip!"

  • Tim Bosler
    Software Engineer
    "I've been a member of JoinMyTrip for two years. Whenever I organize trips, I travel with people from so many different cultures - that is the most important thing for me when traveling! The best thing about JoinMyTrip for me is that I can chat with interested TravelMates beforehand. Then I decide with whom I travel. That way I can make sure that we will get along great on the trip."
  • Ashley Jones
    Architecture student
    "The support on JoinMyTrip is just great. I was a bit unsure at the beginning, but the team has given me great support! No matter what: I always got an answer super fast - there was always someone there for me. The feeling to have this support did me good. So I was able to fully concentrate on having fun with my TripMates".
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