Job of a Lifetime
Travel the World as a TripLeader!
Thanks for your interest to work with JoinMyTrip.

What is JoinMyTrip?
JoinMyTrip helps travelers find travel buddies so that they can meet new people, create memorable experiences and share costs. You can either create a trip (we then call you TripLeader) or join a trip that someone has already created (we then call you a TripMate).

Your Benefits as a ProTripLeader
Being a ProTripLeader with us means you enjoy quite some exclusive benefits from us that other TripLeaders don't!

1. ProTripLeaders get special promotions for their trips: Instagram, Facebook, Meetups Groups, Email Newsletter, or a feature on the JoinMyTrip homepage.

2. ProTripLeaders have a personal CoTripLeader that helps with setting up the trip, calculating trip costs, finding the right TripMates, or any other questions that might arise.

3. ProTripLeaders are applicable to priority support from the JoinMyTrip team at all times.

4. ProTripLeaders use the JoinMyTrip platform to showcase their trips and get their trips reviewed with priority. While building the platform over the last 5 years, ProTripLeaders had a significant say in the features to be implemented.

5. All international payments are handled for free with Stripe as a secure, fast, and trusted provider (the service provided by Stripe accounts for 3% of the 10% platform fee).

6. JoinMyTrip offers a free settlement and mediation service when there is a dispute between ProTripLeaders and TripMates.

7. JoinMyTrip offers a free replacement search service if the ProTripLeader gets sick so no additional work arises for the ProTripLeader.

8. ProTripLeaders get provided with their own webpage after 5 trips and become SuperLeaders which gives them extra exposure and higher credibility.

9. ProTripLeaders get permanent access to our TripLeader Academy, the ProTripLeader tool, and weekly demand analysis for top destinations.

10. ProTripLeaders get access to merchandise for free if they live in EU and have at least 1 trip booked.

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