David shares his trips on JoinMyTrip, not only to fund them, but also to share his passion for sailing with others.

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My name is David, I was born in Münsterland, but I currently live in Hamburg. At home I am anywhere where the water and sun is. I am 30 years old and love water sports and traveling. I have already lived in many countries; Australia for backpacking, Mexico and Netherlands to study, and Barcelona for my first job.
Currently, I work 4 days a week in a software development agency, which leaves me a little free time for my passions. In Hamburg you can't surf that well, but you can sail much better! When I'm not abroad or in the office, I enjoy every free minute on the Außenalster and the Elbe. On Airbnb Experience I also offer small sailing trips . I simply enjoy meeting new people and listening to their stories.
How did you get to know JoinMyTrip?
I got to know JoinMyTrip through Benjamin, a friend of mine who is also a TripLeader. I can still remember this very well; Benjamin was in Hamburg for a film project and afterwards we were sitting in the Alsterpavillon when Anna from the JoinMyTrip team stopped by at the cafe. Afterwards we even went with her to the office for a beer which was very nice! At that time I had already made the decision to organize a trip to Croatia. When I asked myself how I could find the right people for this trip, JoinMyTrip was the perfect solution!
What were your first thoughts about traveling with "strangers"?
I find it exciting to organize trips for people I haven't had the chance to meet yet. It is always exciting to get involved with so many new people. I am naturally very open-minded and it is easy for me to become friends with strangers. I talk with each potential TripMate on the phone in detail, to try to set the right expectations and assess in advance whether it is the right thing for the group if they joined, from a personal point of view. I believe that this is what every TripLeader does.
Was your first experience with JoinMyTrip as TripLeader or as TripMate?
As a TripLeader I have been organising trips - mostly sailing trips - for friends and family since I came of age. Planning trips and itineraries, choosing the boats and putting together a cool crew is already half the vacation for me. Other people, on the other hand, see all the preparation as work and can relax better when a fixed framework has already been set. I simply have the TripLeader bug in me, others the TripMate bug. In the future I would still like to try out what it is like to travel as a TripMate with another TripLeader!
Where did your first trip with JoinMyTrip go?
When I had my first trip with JMT in Croatia, I organised it together with Benjamin, another TripLeader. We chartered a total of 4 yachts and explored the Dalmatian island world from Trogir. It was great and all of the TripMates were thrilled to discover the islands by boat!
How did the search for TripMates work?
It is very important for me to get to know people and to make sure that they have the right expectations for my trips as soon as they request to join. Most requests come from people who have never traveled on a boat before. For these reasons I take the time for a detailed telephone conversation where I explain everything and we get to know each other a bit. If everything fits well together, you will of course get to know each other properly on the trip. Most of the yachts on my trips are between 38 - 50 feet, which is not small but is still a limited space. Maybe there will be some conflicts, but that is part of being human.
Why do you offer your trip on JoinMyTrip?
The platform works very well, you can quickly find interested TripMates and the people are usually really nice. In addition, the JoinMyTrip office is in Hamburg and I have the opportunity to meet new people at the community meetings, for example, the "Travel Talks".
How many people do you usually travel with?
It depends on the trip. At that time in Croatia there were 4 boats with 5-7 people each. This year in Greece we were only with a catamaran with 7 people on it. Both has its advantages and disadvantages: A small group is more intimate and you get to know each other better, a large group is more dynamic and the evenings are usually longer. :)
Would you recommend being a TripLeader to others?
Of course!! As already mentioned, the platform works very well. You can find interested TripMates quickly and easily. The TripLeaders and TripMates come from all possible corners and backgrounds, which makes the trips very interesting.
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