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We all want to be a part of incredible experiences when we travel. Some of us like to plan and create a trip, while others prefer to relax and join those trips.
JoinMyTrip is here to empower and connect both sides. So, you can share your experiences, travel expenses and unforgettable memories.
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About JoinMyTrip
JoinMyTrip is a community to
Find Like-minded Travelers
Have you ever been in a situation where your friends and family don't have the time, money or are simply just not interested in your travel style or destination?

If so, why not connect with other travelers, who are interested in doing exactly what you want to do.
Find your Next Adventure
Do you want to go sailing in Greece, hike in the desert, backpack through Vietnam or go kayaking in Norway?

At JoinMyTrip you can find like-minded travelers who don't want to travel alone, but will be ready to explore the world with you.
Share Travel Costs and Unforgettable Experiences
We want to inspire you to connect with other travelers from all around the world, so they can share their interests, travel costs, and unforgettable memories.

Whether it be joining someone else's trip or creating your very own, there will always be something for you. So, take a look through our existing trips or plan your own.
Reviews from our travellers
  • Kevin
    Backpacking Greece - 2 weeks experience
    "Mind blowing is the word!"

    I heard about JoinMyTrip from a friend, and I decided to give it chance. I shared my trip, and was an incredible experience! I was not really sure about the idea of traveling with strangers but at the end I enjoyed every moment.
  • Laura
    5 days Morocco highlights
    "Unforgettable unique experience"

    I joined a trip organized by our a student from Germany called Laura. The itinerary was flexible, trip mates were fun and arrangements were top notch. Love this concept of connecting like-minded travelers
  • Victoria
    Vietnam magic experience 2019
    "Amazing customer support"

    I have done 2 trips already and I can tell that their customer service is first class. JoinMyTrip truly made me feel special each time. Creating my trip and finding travel buddies was really easy with their support.
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