February 2nd, 7.30 PM (CET) on Zoom
Join The Fun!
We invite you to join our virtual community meet-up! Now is your chance to share your special JoinMyTrip moment of 2021 with the rest of the community and the team.

Come join the fun and let's celebrate the beginning of a new year together!
How to Join?
Anyone who has a JoinMyTrip account is allowed to join the virtual meet-up. If you don't have one, we have limited availability for non JoinMyTrip users.
Apply for attendance now to secure your JoinMyTrip account and event acceptance.
To join just click on the "2", select the time and confirm.
What to Expect
  • JoinMyTrip Awards
    JoinMyTrip awards will be given out to the top TripMate, TripLeader, destination, and more... of the year 2021
  • JoinMyTrip Moments of 2021
    Share your special JoinMyTrip moment of 2021 with the community and team!
  • Plans for 2022
    What are our future plans? What can you expect to see in 2022? Join to find out what we have planned for the community in the upcoming year 2021.
  • Q&A Session with our CEO, Niels
    You have the opportunity to ask our CEO, Niels anything that has been weighing on your mind about JoinMyTrip. Ask to your hearts' desire.
  • Big Giveaway
    We will be having a big giveaway, so stay tuned till the end for some goodies!
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