CoWorking Guide for Trip leaders!
questions for the villa owner!
  • 1. Location is very important that it's not isolated and far away.
  • 2. min. 4 bedrooms rooms (Bedrooms with single beds better than king-size beds (not everyone likes to share the same bed).
  • 3. 1-2 living room / working-space.
  • 4. 2-4 bathrooms at least.
  • 5. Powerful Internet connection.
  • 6. Cleaning service of the the villa between first and second week.
  • 7. Parking for rental Car.
  • 8. Make sure to have two copies of the villa keys.
  • 9. Availability of Uber or any other Taxi mobile service around the city.
TripMate soft-call questions to ask before the trip!
  • 1. How many hours do you do per day? ( full time - part time - freelance )?
  • 2. How many meetings are being conducted per day on average?
  • 3. What's your sleeping and waking up schedule?
  • 4. Are you willing to share bedroom/bed with a boy or a girl or no?
  • 5. Diet style? ( Vegetarian or vegan or lactose-intolerant .......etc).

  • 6. Do you drink alcohol?

  • 7. Are you willing to share grocery shopping or do you want to be excluded from it?
  • 8. Would you participate in our group activities or not?
  • 9. What do you love and enjoy doing ( Cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, ...etc)
Extra Remote Work Essentials!
You can recommend this link to your trip-mates so they can check our essential products or they can buy it from another store.
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