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  • Violetta Kováč
    Influencer, 35
    I went on a CoLearning trip to South Africa with 5 other hikers. It was an amazing experience, so great to meet other people with the same passion and at the same time discover the country. Will definitely do it again!
  • Tahira MacEntire
    Travel Blogger, 24
    We went to Sri Lanka for a yoga retreat, and I will never forget this trip. The country is so beautiful, I met new friends for life, and learned some new Yoga skills. Plus, our TripLeader had taken care of everything, so all I had to do was breathe and enjoy.

  • Brad Piraino
    Student, 27
    JoinMyTrip's concept is so smart. I've been traveling solo for 8 years, I wish I discovered them earlier! I went on a CoLearning trip to Mexico where we learned to surf on some of the most beautiful beaches I've seen. It was awesome!
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