Some tipps to keep boredom as far away as possible.
10 things to do under lockdown
How to keep busy and carry on "travelling"
We know that you'd much rather be on a beach in Thailand or hiking around the andes, than sat at home with nothing to do. And while we might not be able to give you that flight ticket to get you to that beach, we can give you tips on what to do to keep boredom as far away as possible. To make it easier for travel addicts to #stayathome, we have come up with 10 fabulous things you can do, once you've realised that staring at your phone for an hour straight has given you nothing but an aching neck. Because even though we might not be able to get on the next plane to visit our next dream location, us travellers don't have to forgo our passion completely.
1. Create a photo album
Your last trip was absolutely amazing and you remember it like it was yesterday. Wait, but do you? What was that amazing meal you had on the street market in Vietnam? And where was it that you saw all those whales while you were feeling slightly nauseous on that really old fisherman's boat? Actually, you probably don't remember everything as well as you thought. Because who actually has time to let a trip sink in, properly. To really reminisce and think about your favourite moments. Well, what better way to do this than by creating a lovely photo album. You can do this with the help of apps, online services or printing them out yourself. This is a great way to also get rid off all of those pictures on your phone that you know you will never look at again (a screenshot from a conversation with your housemate about spilled milk? delete!). Top tip: write a short note to each photo, this way you will remember little details that you otherwise might forget about.
2. Write a letter/message to someone you hold dear
Limiting social contact as much as possible is vital during this time. The quicker the spread of the virus slows, the earlier we can get out and enjoy life again. This might mean that a lot of people may be feeling a little lonely. The perfect time to write someone you love a letter. Of course a FaceTime call is an option too but can you remember the last time you had time to write someone a long letter? We can't either. Imagine how happy your grandma would be to receive a letter from you just telling her about what you saw on TV or what special sauce you came up with at dinner. Or how about that old pen friend from middle school? You could tell her about your last trip to Costa Rica and that tasty marshmallow you roasted over the campfire. I mean you could even write your holiday crush but we're not sure this is the best advice to give…
3. Plan a trip in winter
Your last trip was cancelled because of this pesky virus? We know how frustrated and angry you might be feeling. But no need to despair. How about you just plan a trip for this coming winter. Places like South America, South Africa or Australia are the perfect locations to escape the grim winter months. Plan your trip and publish it on JoinMyTrip so that your future TripMates can start dreaming of better times too. We promise that once you start looking for flights & hotels, follow some good travelling blogs or research about the destination, the excitement will follow and get rid of any bad vibes. Just remember, the money you're saving by not going out for food or drinks, you can use for your next big trip.
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4. Clean & sort out your apartment
This might sound pretty boring at first but trust us, you will feel 10 times better afterwards. We all have these things on our to do list which we put on there about 2 years ago but never got round to actually doing. Getting rid of old stuff is one of these things. Empty that drawer that seems to be containing everything from empty batteries to chargers of phones you don't even own anymore. Get rid of your ex boyfriend's hoodie and those shoes you haven't worn since prom. Throw out that chair that's lost a leg and that old school DVD player no one even knows how to work anymore. Top tip; if you hold it in your hands or look at it for longer than 30 seconds thinking 'oh maybe this will come in handy the next time my brother's girlfriend's aunt needs it' THROW. IT. OUT
5. Write a diary
You might look at this tip and think, what interesting stuff could I be writing about when all I do is sit at home. But it doesn't have to be your standard 'dear diary today I went to the swimming pool' kind of diary. Instead, you could write down your dreams, your thoughts, what you are grateful for, a list of people you never want to lose (or a list of people you would rather not see again even if social contacts are allowed), your wishes for the future, things you want to leave in the past, your secrets and so on. Think about that amazing city trip to Barcelona with your friends last year, your great adventure of camel riding in the Sahara and sleeping under the stars, your road trip along the West Coast and the amazing burger you had, the beautiful beach you discovered when riding your scooter on the small island in Thailand... Wow sorry, we got carried away with all that dreaming! We all have so many great travelling stories, it would be a shame to forget about them over the years. There's plenty of stuff you will come up with when there's not much else to do. And just think; the last time someone wrote a diary in a state of emergency, they got pretty famous…
6. Read
We don't want to sound like your old history teacher, but reading is actually pretty cool. Pick up a book and immerse yourself in a different world. It doesn't necessarily have to be an 800 page book about the cold war (although it definitely can be if you're interested in that), it can also be your average love story novel. Reading a book doesn't necessarily mean you have to feel like you're educating yourself. It just means a break from you endless Instagram scrolling or that Netflix binge you are in the midst of. You can also spend some time reading about countries you've always wanted to visit or blogs about the latest travelling trends. There's plenty of travel guides you can order on the internet so get one, read it and dream of looking for the Koala bears up in the trees on Magnetic Island. If you don't like reading yourself, an audio book is a good alternative. Or podcasts, which can be fun and informative at the same time. There's lots of travelling podcasts around, just type in travel into your streaming service or app and get inspired.
7. Watch a movie you've always wanted to see
Yes, you read right. Even we are saying watching TV or Netflix is fine. Just as long as you don't do it for 8 hours every day straight. To make it a bit more interesting, how about switching to a genre you have never really taken an interest in before. You usually watch romantic comedies? How about you try and watch a documentary about the Arctic and get inspired for your next trip? You usually watch action thrillers? Go and watch a feel-good movie. Try mixing it up a bit to stimulate those brain cells of yours. We don't want you coming out of quarantine feeling like you've stuck your head into cotton wool for a month.
8. Do a home work out
Sitting on the sofa all day does nothing for your health. Keeping fit is one of the main ingredients to a happy life, so make sure to work out regularly. These days you can find many home workouts on apps, on youtube or from people offering their training plans online. There's a huge range from beginners yoga to HIIT exercises and everyone will be able to find something they like. There's no need to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, but making sure that you move more often than just walking from the kitchen to the bathroom is very important.
9. Learn a new skill
Learning a new skill can be fun but it can also make your life feel like it has a purpose again. You start feeling like you want to learn something and get good at it. Reaching a goal can fulfil you, which is exactly what is needed in these trying times. You love watching dance videos on TikTok? Why not do it yourself. Plenty of dance teachers that can't give their classes at the moment, are offering them online through Instagram live videos or other social media channels. Coming home at 8 pm after a long day of work means you don't feel like cooking a full on meal? Fair enough. But now that you're doing home office why not try and time it so the potatoes are cooking while you complete one of your tasks. There are plenty of apps and websites with so many yummy recipes to follow. You're seeing your partner a lot more now that you're both working from home and somehow get on each others nerves a lot? Why not bake them a nice cake to get those butterflies flying again. Or muffins. Or cookies or…. Just be sure to follow tip 2 afterwards! We can thank god (or whoever we believe in) that youtube is something no virus can stop from working. These days you can find a Youtube tutorial for ANYTHING you might want to learn. Braid those plats, fix that car and build that shelf. You will feel like you have completed something you never thought you could do and honestly, you will forget that the world has been hit by a deadly epidemic.
10. Have some me-time
This might seem very obvious because you will probably feel like you have far too much time to yourself. But who of us has had time recently to actually wind down and get in touch with our own emotions and feelings. We're usually far too busy to do as little as choosing a bath over a shower, so how are we supposed to get in tune with who we really are. Our lives are usually so fast paced with appointments to keep, people to meet and places to be that we forget that time to chill is actually vital to leading a happy life. If you don't know where to start, we suggest using methods like meditation or journaling. With apps such as Calm you can get expert advice on beginners meditation (if money is tight, youtube is a valid option once again). If you don't like meditating, run yourself a bubble bath, lie down and close your eyes. If you're lucky enough to have a balcony or a roof terrace or even a garden, obviously grab a seat and plonk yourself down to get some much needed Vitamin D. If you don't have any of those, at least open your window wide and get comfy. Maybe even light some candles. Just make sure to turn your phone off, put yourself on do not disturb and just…. Relax!
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