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Remote Working in Toronto

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Top Things to Discover in Toronto

1 – Toronto Music Garden 



This garden is a great way to start discovering Toronto. Located in the Harbourfront Neighbourhood, it is easily accessible to tourists to walk around the garden and it has a great view of Toronto's landmark, the CN Tower. Some great classical music concerts are held in the garden in summer and the best thing about it is it is free! 


2 – Scarborough Bluffs



Scarborough Bluffs is located on the east side of Toronto. It has one of the best scenic views in Toronto. You can admire the beautiful views of the cliffs and Lake Ontario while hiking on the train. You can also go there to have a nice picnic with friends in summer on the sandy beaches of Toronto. 


3 – CN Tower 



CN Tower is the landmark of Toronto, and it is a must-see when you visit this city. It used to be the tallest building in the world. It is the main tourist attraction. There are different types of activities that are available in the tower. There is an observation deck, a nice restaurant, and the Edge Walk where you walk outside the structure. You will need a ticket to enter the building first. 


4 – Niagara Falls 



Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. You can visit this magnificent natural beauty while remote working in Toronto. It is just a 2-hour drive away from Toronto. 


5 – Lake Ontario 



Lake Ontario is one of the biggest lakes in North America. You can spend a nice evening after work admiring the beautiful view of the lake and the sunset here. 



Top Things to do in Toronto

1 – St. Lawrence Market 



St. Lawrence Market is the most famous market in Toronto and many locals go there to shop for good quality food. The focus of this market is of course the food stalls, but the architecture is quite interesting too. It is also possible to find culinary classes and workshops in St. Lawrence Market. 


2 – Haunted Walk



This is the most interesting thing to do in Toronto. Haunted Walk is a walking tour around Toronto with a cloaked tour guide who tells spooky stories about the town. The tour guide will lead you to the spookiest spots in Toronto like haunted places. You can get a ticket and join this guided walking tour for a unique experience in Toronto. 


3 – The Distillery District 



Walking around Distillery District will make you feel like you have traveled in time and gone to the Victorian Era in Canada. The vibe of this neighborhood is so lively. The architecture is amazing, and it is full of historical buildings. One of the best things about this district is that it has the best pubs and bars in Toronto! 


4 – Hockey Game 



There is no doubt that Hockey Games are what Canada is known for! While you are remote working in Toronto, you should go and watch a Hockey Game. 


5 – Art Gallery of Ontario 



We have good news for the art lovers! Toronto is home to the biggest collection of Artwork in North America and the name is the Art Gallery of Ontario. This museum is an absolute must-see in Toronto for art lovers because it has the biggest collection and amazing Indigenous Artists' works. 



Cost of Living in Toronto

Creating a budget and knowing the living costs before planning to visit a country while working remotely is one of the most important steps while planning a Coworking Trip. Is Toronto expensive to live in? Or is Toronto affordable for remote working? What are the average living costs in Toronto? If you are looking for answers to such questions, we got you! Here is a list of average living costs in Toronto for your next Coworking Trip. 


One Bedroom Apartment: $1,500.00

 Bills: $150.00

 Monthly Pass Transportation: $120.00

 Meal: $15.00

 Coffee: $3.00

 Beer: $6.00



How to Get Around Toronto?

Public Transport 

 Using public transport is the easiest and the best way to get around Toronto. It is also affordable. You will only need a travel pass and you can use it on the subway, buses, and ferry. The quickest way to get around is by subway. You can visit the Toronto Islands by using the ferry. 



 Renting a car is more expensive than using public transport and it is unnecessary. Parking the car is also another problem and it is expensive. The traffic in Toronto is not so good and it is busy, especially during the rush hour. 



 Toronto is a big city, and you will need to use a means of transportation while traveling around the city, but some neighborhoods are nearby, and you can easily walk there on the pedestrian pavements. 



 Biking is another option to explore nearby neighborhoods in Toronto. You can easily find bikes everywhere in Toronto. You can use Bike Share Toronto and it will show you all the available bikes around you. A day pass only costs $7. It is an affordable and fun way to explore Toronto! 


The Best CoWorking Hubs in Toronto

Finding a suitable working space is what motivates us to work better. Here are some cool Coworking spaces in Toronto that you will like and meet other digital nomads all around the world while doing your best while working! 


1 – Workhaus – Castle 

2 – Workplace One – Peter Street 

3 – East Room 

4 – Project Spaces King West

5 – Acme Works 



The Best Food Spots in Toronto

1 – Aloette 

2 –  Richmond Station 

3 – Mamakas 

4 – Maple Leaf Tavern 

5 – 416 Snack Bar 


Travel Tips for Remote Working in Toronto

1 – Visa 

 For US and EU Passport holders, you will not need a visa if you are planning to stay less than 90 days in Canada. 


2 – Electricity and Plugs 

 Canada uses the same plugs as the US which is called Type A. It is two flat parallel pins. You can easily use your electronic devices with a converter. 


3 – Weather and Clothes

 It is a known fact that Canada is a cold country for most of the year. You will need thick clothes and suitable shoes for snowstorms or ice if you visit Toronto during winter. Summer months are moderately warmer, and you should pack lighter clothes if you visit Toronto in summer. 


4 – Language 

 Canada has two official languages, French and English. Toronto is in the English Spoken Region. 


5 – Currency

 Canada uses Canadian Dollars. You will need to convert your money because any other currency will not be likely to be accepted if you pay in cash. You can also use your credit card almost everywhere.