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Remote Working in Dubai

Dubai, the United Arab Emirates' largest city, is also the Emirate of Dubai's capital. While Dubai is a Muslim country in the Middle East, the city's primarily expat population has pushed for a vibrant nightlife and party scene that makes the city a lot of fun and a great place for nomads alike!


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Dubai is not all shops and glitzy hotels, contrary to popular belief. Almost anything is conceivable in this enormous desert metropolis, which is constantly adding significant cultural institutions, galleries, and mega shopping.


Top Things to discover in Dubai

Al Marmoom Camel Race Track

Al Marmoom is a popular heritage place that attracts camel racing fans from all over the world. A day at the camel races is a cultural experience that dates back to the 7th century and is perfectly reflective of Middle Eastern culture.


Dubai miracle garden

You must stop at the butterfly garden while visiting this miraculous garden to be surrounded by so many gorgeous and colorful butterflies of all kinds and sizes. Due to the gorgeous passages, you can find here, from florals to umbrellas, gazebos, and Disney motifs, expect to shoot some of the most picturesque shots.


Ain Dubai

It is the world's largest observation wheel that is 75m taller compared to London's eye. You will get a sweeping view of Bluewaters Island from 250m up in the air.


Dubai Spice Souk

It's a hive of activity, with enticing sights and smells. The same materials are sold by several of the vendors: Persian dried limes, saffron, barberries, rose hips, and typical Middle Eastern spice mixtures. Saffron is more affordable here than elsewhere in Dubai, despite its high price.


XLine Dubai Marina

XLine Dubai, one of the world's longest, steepest, and fastest urban zip lines, takes you belly-up across roads, buildings, and swimming pools in Dubai. From a height of 560 feet and at speeds of up to 50 mph.

Abra ride through Dubai Creek

Riding an abra, or traditional wooden boat is one of the most understated ways to get a sense of Dubai. The boats can carry about 20 passengers and may be found on either side of Dubai Creek, in Deira or Bur Dubai. Many people use the boats to travel across the creek swiftly and avoid traffic, but there are also many tourists, particularly around dusk.


Top Things to do in Dubai


Ready to splash around and swim with dolphins? in Aquaventure you can do just that, and so much more! feed string-rays or enjoy the thrilling slides that are famous because it's surrounded by sharks.


Global Village

If you ever get homesick or need to be exposed to diverse cultures, a trip to Global Village is a must. There are 70 vendors showcasing other countries' cultures in terms of arts, crafts, handicrafts, and street cuisine. The entire area has been transformed into a global event that is extremely multicultural, one-of-a-kind, and a lot of fun.


Skydive Dubai

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to mark the occasion of your relocation to Dubai? Then jumping out of a plane sounds like the perfect activity for you! Enjoy the adrenaline thrill of a free fall at 120 mph while getting a bird's eye perspective of Dubai as you've never seen it before. Just be sure you're up for the challenge before you jump in.


Ski Dubai

if you're starting to miss the snow then head down to Ski Dubai where you can learn how to snowboard and take a glimpse of Penguins!

Deep dive Dubai

With a depth of 60 meters, this is the world's deepest pool. It contains 14 million liters of water and has a sunken city for divers to explore.

Dinner in the sky

Because it is 165 feet in the air, it is not for the faint of heart or those terrified of heights. Once you've secured your seat, you'll be treated to a breathtaking perspective of the city. This should be next on your list if you're searching for a romantic evening, a way to commemorate an important occasion or an experience that will actually take your breath away.


Cost of living in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, and it is not generally thought of as a backpacker's paradise. It is typical for a digital nomad living alone in Dubai to spend roughly AED 3,500 (€881) per month.

Here are the day to day expenses that you might come across when living in Dubai:

Groceries (a dozen eggs, chicken, cheese, beer, bread, beer): AED 98 (€25)

Utility bills for a single-room apartment: AED 660 (€166)

1-bedroom apartment in the city centre: AED 5090 (€1282)

One way ticket for public transport: AED 3,79 (€1)

of-course everything generally depends on your lifestyle and where you choose to spend your hard earned bucks.


How to Get to Dubai and How to Get Around


By Air

The best way to arrive in Dubai is by plane since flights arrive from all around the world.

Al Maktoum International Airport, located 32 kilometers southwest of Dubai in Jebel Ali, is one of the most popular airports in Dubai.

Dubai International Airport, which is located in Dubai, is the second airport.

Sharjah International Airport, which is located in Sharjah, is the third airport. Abu Dhabi International Airport is another option.

Public Transport

The RTA is in charge of Dubai's public transportation system. This implies that you can use the same NOL card to ride the metro, bus, tram, water bus, ferry, and water taxi.

You can buy one of the four varieties of NOL cards from any ticket vending machine, and you should choose one based on the mode of transportation you'll be taking and how long you'll be in Dubai.

The AED 2 Red NOL card allows you to utilize only one mode of transportation at a time. Most nomads choose the Silver NOL card, which costs AED 25 and comes with AED 19 in credit.


It's an efficient and practical form of public transport to avoid traffic, there are also 49 stations and 2 main lines.


The bus covers most of Dubai's urban area with 1200 lines that connect the city.

Uber & Careem

These e-hailing apps are very convenient and help you avoid waiting for a taxi, the only con is that it's more expensive than taxis.


Best CoWorking Hubs in Dubai

A4 Space

This coffee shop doubles as a CoWorking space and bar, it has comfortable sofas, sufficient tables for CoWorking as well as a fast wifi.


The founders of Nook established this space for entrepreneurs to kickstart their own businesses, they also provide commercial licensing and a collaborative working environment.


A swanky CoWorking space features a lounge, privacy pods, indoor garden, and a community space where you can chat and mingle with fellow remote workers.

WrkBay by Ayana

This all in one space provides cloud computing packages, in-house design teams, a place for networking events, as well as a podcast room.

what more can you need?

The Beach

Who wouldn't want to work in the peace and tranquilly of a seaside setting? The entire The Beach area in front of JBR in Dubai has free WiFi. If the weather permits, you may set up your workstation outside and enjoy some of Dubai's top breakfast places while doing so.


The Best Food Spots in Dubai


1. Dream city cafe

The restaurant, which is located in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Road (a motorway that connects the UAE's coastal cities), sells shawarma, paratha, and desi burgers, which are American-style hamburgers with South Asian toppings such as handmade green chile tamarind sauce.

2. Allo Beirut

Allo Beirut is a vibrant, colorful roadside eatery that provides energizing Levantine cuisine, including juicy, expertly grilled shawarma that's hard to beat in Dubai.

3. Umami

Umami delivers Japanese cuisine that is a far cry from the omakase served at adjacent resorts. Ramen, sushi, donburi, curry, and omurice are among the dishes on the menu that are basic but excellent.

4. Satwa

Satwa is one of the best places to go if you're looking for street food in Dubai. You'll find restaurants such as Pars Iranian Kitchen, which specializes in Persian cuisine, Ravi's, which specializes in Pakistani cuisine, Delhi Darbar, which serves Indian cuisine, and Al Mallah, which specializes in Lebanese and Arabic cuisine.

5. Al-Baik

Locals eagerly anticipated the arrival of Al-Baik, perhaps the most popular fast-food restaurant in the Arabian Gulf. The restaurant is noted for its roasted and fried chicken, which is marinated in a secret spice blend only the proprietors know about - much like KFC.


Tips & Tricks for CoWorking in Dubai

1. Budget planning

A budget is necessary to ensure that you do not overspend and that you can live comfortably. Consider your living expenses, work-related expenses (CoWorking hub subscription), lodging costs, recreational activities, and so on. Make a spending plan and stick to it.

2. Accomodation

Research the neighbourhood before deciding where you want to stay. Check to see whether there are any local public transportation stations, hospitals, or businesses. Check to see if the area is safe for you.

3. Community

JoinMyTrip's digital nomad communities can help you meet other nomads. They'll have a lot to say, including productivity advice, the greatest locations, and low-cost lodgings, among other things. You might even be able to connect with other nomads who are in your area.

4. Internet connectivity

Make sure you select a place with a reliable internet connection. To resolve any connectivity concerns, employ devices such as cell phone boosters and mobile hotspot strengtheners.