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Find a Travel Buddy in Yucatan

 Explore the amazing peninsula, the top-rated destination in Mexico, Yucatan. Yucatan is a great place to visit with many Mayan Ruins, Cenotes, Playas which makes it so unique because you cannot find these things anywhere else! Enjoying the sun on hot Mexican playas in Yucatan should be definitely on your bucket list as well as dipping into the cold water in the amazing cenotes after a long sunny day. You can also try snorkeling, water sports, and hiking in the ancient ruins and you will feel like you are in one of the Indiana Jones movies!  There are many other activities that you can enjoy with a travel group in Yucatan.  You can find amazing tips and recommendations here about the destination and you can find your new Tripmate with JoinMyTrip to enjoy this vacation together! 


Plan Your Next Trip to Yucatan

Planning a trip to a place you have never been can be a lot of work, but we are here to help you with useful tips for your visit to Yucatan. This amazing peninsula has so much to offer and it is for everyone! You can experience swimming in cenotes with the light rays coming through the holes, or you can chill on the beach. You can go and visit archeological sites like the many Mayan Ruins around the peninsula. Keep reading and learn more about what to do during your vacation in Yucatan!


Top 10 Things to do in Yucatan

Explore Chichen Itza


Chichen Itza is an ancient city Mayan city and it is one of the most visited places in Mexico. This UNESCO world heritage site is an absolute must to explore when you visit the Yucatan Peninsula. You will feel like you are Indiana Jones while walking around this historical site. 

Visit Cenotes


Swimming in the cenotes is the most popular thing to do when you visit Yucatan. You should add one or two cenotes to your list. It is so refreshing to swim in the clear water in a cave. There are many cenotes around the Yucatan Peninsula, but these are the cool ones that are recommended to visit: Dzitnip, Azul, Dos Ojos, and La Noria.

The Yellow Town, Izamal


When you walk around in Izamal, all you can see will be the amazing buildings that are all painted in yellow. This cheerful town is built on Mayan hills. While you can soak up the amazing history and the culture of the Mayan Civilization, you can take nice photos for your Instagram feed while visiting this colorful town. 

Playa Del Carmen


Playa del Carmen is a great destination for many tourists that is located on the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. You can enjoy a sunny day on the beach, you can explore the amazing culture and the food, or you can party until the sunrise in this beautiful city!

Spiritual Time in Tulum


Tulum is one of the most known cities in Mexico and around the Yucatan Peninsula. What Tulum offers for you is some relaxing time while enjoying nature. You can spend some time laying down on the beach, or you can explore an adventure in the jungles around the area. 

Party in Cancun


After relaxing in Tulum, you might want to get some tequila and have the best party of your life in Cancun. The nightlife in Cancun is something you should experience! This city has even more things to offer if you stay for a few days like swimming with the whale sharks or scuba diving. 

Learn about the Culture in Merida


Many people think that Yucatan’s best cities are Tulum and Cancun, but Merida is a beautiful one you need to visit when you travel to Mexico. Merida is a great place to learn about the culture, the history, and the food! The street food here is an absolute must-try because Merida is known for its best local food all around in Mexico. 

Explore the Wildlife in Sian Ka’an Bio Reserve 


There are so many things to do in nature when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Sian Ka’an BioReserve should be on the bucket list for nature lovers because you will see the protected UNESCO World Heritage endangered species there. You can hire a boat and enjoy the view of the jungle too! 

Sunbathing in Akumal


Akumal is a small town where you can find amazing white sand beaches. You can go snorkelling or enjoy the sun and the ocean breeze while laying down on the beach away from the crowds. 

Sea of Stars in Holbox


This is the most magical place you can visit in the Yucatan Peninsula. A small island called Holbox near Playa del Carmen and Merida is home to bioluminescent planktons which create the illusion of blue stars glowing in the dark in the ocean. There are many other fun things to do in Holbox, but going to the beach in the dark should be on your list! 


The Best Instagram Spots in Yucatan

Las Coloradas


If you want to take a unique photo for your Instagram, you should visit this amazing hidden spot in Yucatan called Las Coloradas! The cotton candy pink lake and the amazing sea view will be a great picture for your Instagram. 

Cenote Suytun


The Yucatan region is full of cenotes, but you should add this cenote to your list so you can take the perfect picture that looks like something out of a fairytale! This hidden spot is not as popular as the other cenotes and this will help you to share an amazing photo on your Instagram. 

Follow that Dream Sign


If you want to encourage your followers on Instagram to pursue their dreams, then you have to share a picture on this stop that says “Follow Your Dreams”. This sign has become an iconic place that people share on social media when they visit Mexico, Yucatan. 

Ik Kil Cenote


This amazing cenote is near the Mayan Ruin Chichen Itza and it is a popular destination for photographers because it has a stunning view with a cenote open to the sky. It is also an archeological site. 



Celestun is a fishing village in Yucatan and it is mostly known for its flamingos. There are many other birds around this area. You can take the most beautiful Instagram photos here! 


The Best Travel Itinerary in Yucatan

If you want to travel to the Yucatan Peninsula, but you don’t know how to plan your trip, we are here to help you! We created an ultimate travel itinerary to make the most of your trip to Mexico and we make sure you have plenty of time to visit all the must-see places in Yucatan. Keep reading to find out more about your next travel plans to the Yucatan with your Travel Buddies from JoinMyTrip!

Two Weeks Travel Itinerary: Travel around the whole region


Yucatan is a big region and you will need time to explore its beauty. Two to three weeks will be enough time to travel around the peninsula and visit every must-see place in Yucatan.

Day 1-3

Arrive in Cancun and Explore the Area


Spend the day on the beach under the sun while enjoying the amazing Caribbean view. You should check the Punta Cancun Lighthouse at sunset to catch an amazing view! If you want to spend some time away from the crowds, you should visit the small fishing town, Puerto Morelos. 

Don' forget to check Playa del Carmen and you can spend your day enjoying everything this city has to offer. Walk around in the colourful streets and explore the city! 

Day 3-5

Explore Tulum and Sunbathe in Akumal 


When you continue through the south, you will arrive in Tulum. Tulum is the best place for the ones that seek peace and calm. Go to the amazing white sand beaches in Akumal and enjoy the sun!

Day 5-7

Discover the Wildlife in Sian Ka’an and Bacalar


If you like spending time in nature, go to Sian Ka’an Bio Reserve to discover the wildlife in the jungles! Your next destination is Bacalar which is a small town near Tulum. The best thing about this place is the Lagoon of Seven Colors because the water has seven different shades of turquoise which creates an amazing view. 

Day 7-9

Visit the Ancient Mayan Ruins and Dip into to Cenotes in Valladolid 


The famous Chichen Itza is in Valladolid and you will want to see this magical place. Stay in Valladolid for two days and you will get to see the most beautiful cenotes in the area like Suytun and Ik Kil. 

Day 9-11

Soak up the Mayan Culture in Merida


Visit the yellow city Izamal when you arrive in Merida. Don’t forget to check Celestun too which is famous for its flamingos when you are there. 

Day 11-14

Glow in the dark with the Sea Stars in Holbox 


We recommend you to stay for a few days in Holbox where you can see the sea stars in the dark. Rio Lagortes and Coloradas are so close to Holbox and you can spend a day in those colorful unique places. 


The Best Time to Visit Yucatan


The Yucatan has tropical weather which means there are wet and dry seasons throughout the year. December-April is the best month to visit with clear skies and it is the perfect time to have your vacation. If you want to travel to Yucatan during the high season, you will be more likely to pay more for the flights and accommodations around the peninsula, but you will have an amazing time without experiencing rainy days and extreme temperatures. 


Hidden Gems of Yucatan

The Yucatan Peninsula has gotten so popular and there are many visitors in Yucatan all around the year. So, many of the tourist attractions are usually crowded due to their popularity. However, there are still some hidden gems around the peninsula that only locals know about and we are here to show you those amazing places!



Bacalar is a small town near Tulum, but not as crowded as there! The Mayan culture still lives around this area. The top attraction in this town is the Lagoon of Seven Colors and its name comes from the beautiful color of the sea and the different shades of turquoise blue. You can meet backpackers here and Eco-Tourism is applied in this town to protect its beauty. 

Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos is a small fishing village near Mexico’s Riviera Maya and it still has its unique and authentic charm because it hasn’t been discovered by tourists. You can get relaxed here far from the hectic life, but relaxing doesn’t mean boring! There are still fun activities to do around. 

Ria Lagartos


Ria Lagartos is a well-known attraction, but it is a bit remote from the other cities so not many people go there and check out this amazing place. What is special about Ria Lagartos is the flamingos and other special birds around it. The turquoise blue color of the ocean is accompanied by the candy pink color of the lake which creates an amazing view. We promise you that you will take really good photos of this area. 



After it was inhabited by the Mayan Civilization, unfortunately, Mexico became a colonial country. There are many places in the Yucatan Peninsula where you can see the colonial architecture and you can explore the culture and the history there. Valladolid is a beautiful city where you can find beautiful buildings, unique museums, and really good restaurants.

Punta Cancun Lighthouse


This lighthouse is the local's favorite spot in Cancun and there is a reason for this, the stunning view! It is not as crowded as Cancun and the view here is breathtaking. Add catching the sunrise or the sunset at this spot on your list, you won’t regret it! 


Getting around in Yucatan

Transportation in the Yucatan Peninsula is not a big deal because it is a top-rated visited place in Mexico. There are different ways of transportation and here are some tips and a guide for your next trip to Yucatan. 

By Bus

Buses are common in Mexico and they will make your journey easier. If you are on a budget and you are traveling between the cities like Tulum, Cancun, or Merida you can easily find buses for about 200 Mexican Pesos or 10 American Dollars which is an excellent price! 

By Rental Car

If you are traveling with a group and you plan to visit many places, we recommend getting a rental car during your stay in Yucatan. The roads in the region are convenient for driving too! You can rent your vehicle online in advance, or you can rent one when you arrive at the airport. Check the guidelines and insurance before you book your car and always look out for any damage the car might have before you take it over. The daily average amount of cost is usually 15 American Dollars which is around 315 Mexican pesos.  

By Taxi

If you don’t feel like driving and you don’t want to take public transportation, you have another option which is taking a cab. There are many taxis around the Yucatan Peninsula. You can find them outside at the airport and in the cities. It costs more than the other options and it is a bit expensive. Always try to negotiate the price before you get in the cab so you can have a discount!


What does it Cost to Travel to Yucatan?

Do you wonder how much you would spend on a trip to Yucatan or is it expensive or cheap to travel to Mexico? Well, we researched for you! Traveling to Mexico can be affordable. Depending on your budget, and your travel style you can find every type of accommodation in the Yucatan Peninsula. If you are on a budget, it is possible to find low flight fares during the low season between May and October. You can find many hostels full of backpackers. You can find really good deals and save money if you book your flight tickets early. Depending on the month you plan to travel, the round trip flight tickets from the United States to Cancun usually start from 250 American dollars. Keep reading to find out more about the cost of traveling to the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The Average Amount of Daily Costs in Yucatan

The average amount of daily costs, excluding accommodation, when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula is: 

Budget-Friendly: $15-25

Mid-range Budget: $30-60

High Budget: $100 and above

1 - Accommodation

There are all types of accommodation in Yucatan ranging from shared hostels for backpackers to luxurious hotel resorts. Here is the list of prices on average depending on the type of accommodation: 

Budget-Friendly: Dorm Rooms: $6-18 - Budget Rooms: $20-40

Mid-range Budget: $70-120 

High Budget: $140+

2 - Food

The cost of food starts from really cheap prices and it goes up if you prefer dining at fancy restaurants. There is good quality food for every budget!

Budget-Friendly: Local food and street food costs about: $1-3 each meal. 

Mid-Range Budget: Food: Local food in the mid-range restaurants costs about $5-10 each meal. 

High Budget: A nice meal at a restaurant or hotel costs about $15-60 each meal. 

3 - Transportation

The average price here for transportation does not include the airfares. If you want to save on your flight, we recommend you book your tickets early. Flight tickets are much cheaper during the Low Season which is from May to October. Most of the cities in Yucatan have every type of transportation and you can find the most convenient one for you depending on your budget. Here’s how much transportation costs in a day in Yucatan: 

Budget-Friendly: Local Bus costs around $1 per person. 

             Transportation by bus between cities costs around $20-25. 

            Airport Shuttle: $6 per person. 

Mid-Range Budget: Scooters in the cities cost around: $17-20 per day. 

High Budget: A rental car costs around $25-40 per day excluding gas. 


Must-Try Foods in Yucatan

Mexican food is popular all around the world, but the Yucatan Peninsula has a unique cuisine that you should try. In the Yucatan Peninsula, you can find delicious Mayan dishes. Here are some food recommendations that you need to share with your Travel Buddies when you visit the Yucatan Peninsula! 

Huevos Motuleños


You need to be energized and full when you travel and starting your day with Huevos Motuleños will help you with that. Huevos motuleños are fried tortillas topped with eggs, red onion, habaneros, refried beans, green beans, cheese, plantains, turkey ham, and spicy salsa Roja. The locals recommend this!



This is an ancient recipe that you need to try. The dish is a corn tortilla with a sauce made from pumpkin seeds flavored with epazote. It comes with a tomato and chili topping. 

Sopa de Lima


This soup will be refreshing with the lime flavor but also warm you up. The ingredients are turkey or chicken, lime juice, and seasonings like oregano and it comes with tortilla strips on the top. 

Dulce de Papaya


It’s time for dessert! Dulce de Papaya is a traditional dish in the Yucatan Peninsula and it is really popular among tourists too. The dish consists of papaya slow cooked in the water with sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. It is served cold and with syrup and toppings such as shredded cheese or coconut. This will be the perfect way to finish your meal! 


Travel Tips for Yucatan

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula!


Mexico’s official language is Spanish. Since the Yucatan Peninsula is a popular tourist destination, many people can speak or understand English to a certain level, but you can learn some phrases before you visit Yucatan. 


While US dollars are used and accepted in some places in Mexico, we recommend you to get some local money which is Mexican Pesos. Always carry enough local money on you just in case. There are many ATMs where you can use your card to withdraw local money. You can convert it at the exchange offices too. You can use your credit card too! 


The weather in Mexico is warm all year round. There are two seasons in the Yucatan Peninsula, Dry season and Rainy Season. There might be hurricanes during the rainy season, but it is not too severe. 


Try not to drink tap water when you are traveling in Mexico. You can find bottled water in the grocery stores and carry it with you when you are traveling. 

Sunburns and Mosquitos

Always apply sunscreen especially if you are traveling to Yucatan during the Dry Season if you don’t want to get sunburnt. Remember to wear long sleeve tops to avoid mosquito bites if you are traveling in the Rainy Season. 

What to Wear in Yucatan

Since the weather is warm all the time, you will need light clothes that are comfortable and breathable. You can get some long sleeves for nights, but it won’t be cold. You should take your bathing suit with you. Comfortable shoes are important too! 


Tipping is common in Mexico. It is not a must, but it would be nice to tip if you enjoyed the service and the people. The amount is totally up to you. You can give what you think is appropriate.