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Find a Travel Buddy in Switzerland

Explore the beauty of Switzerland. Enjoy the mesmerizing Alpine Scenery, the shiny blue lakes, cute villages, and all the other things Switzerland has to offer. Learn more about traveling to Switzerland, the top things to do in Switzerland, and many other things you need to know before your trip to Switzerland. 


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Top Things to do in Switzerland

1 - The Matterhorn 


The Matterhorn is the iconic mountain peak in Switzerland and it is one of the highest mountains in the Alps. Climbers come here all around the world to enjoy the amazing views. There is a village at the foot of this amazing mountain called Zermatt where you can find world-class hotels and restaurants. 

2 - Lucerne 


Lucerne is one of the best cities in Switzerland because it just looks like a fairytale. This medieval old town is surrounded by a sparkling blue lake and snowy mountains. It has amazing architecture with historic buildings and fountains! The town also holds an International Music Festival annually. The highlights of this town are Chapel Bridge which was built in the 14th century and the Lion Monument. 

3 - Lake Geneva 


Lake Geneva is the largest Alpine Lake in Europe. It is located near the French Border, in Geneva which is another popular city in Switzerland. You can enjoy the great architecture, the museums, and the Opera House in Geneva. 

4 - Château du Chillon, Montreux 


Near Lake Geneva, there is this breathtaking Chateau that has been inspiring the greatest artists and writers for centuries. The highlights of this Chateau are the Great Hall with the amazing view of Lake Geneva, the Gothic Style underground rooms, and the Chapel that is filled with the greatest artworks from the 14th century. 

5 - The Rhine Falls 


The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfall in Central Europe and it is a top-rated attraction in Switzerland thanks to the amazing scenery here! You can take a boat trip here to enjoy the view. 


The Best Instagram Spots in Switzerland

Taking the best photos while traveling is the best way to make that moment unforgettable. Switzerland is home to the best scenery and the viewpoints where you can take the most amazing photos for your Instagram account. Let’s find out some of the best Instagram spots in Switzerland! 

1 - Blausee 


2 - Appenzell 


3 - Iseltwald 


4 - Harder Kulm 



Hidden Gems of Switzerland

1 - Lago di Saoseo 


Switzerland has the best lake views and there are many undiscovered sceneries in Switzerland. One of them is Lago di Saoseo and it is one of the prettiest mountain lakes in Switzerland. The sparkling blue water will mesmerize you! You can get here by hiking and it is worth it. 

2 - Sigriswil 


Sigriswil is an underrated attraction in the area of Interlaken which is a popular tourist destination. What this place offers you is the amazing mountain view of the Alps over the sparkling blue lake! 

3 - Flims in Graubünden 


Flims is another hidden gem in Switzerland. It is almost only known by the locals. Flims is home to many tourist attractions including lakes and a gorge. You can make a daily trip to Flims from Zurich. You can do an easy downhill hike and enjoy the views of Lake Cauma. You will also find a breathtaking view of the Rhine Gorge here. 

4 - Aarau 


If you want to enjoy Swiss Culture away from the crowds, then you should visit this lovely little town called Aarau. There are many castles, great historical architecture, and museums for art lovers. You can enjoy hot chocolate while staring at the amazing view of this little town. 

5 - Solothurn 


Solothurn is a small town near Zurich and Lucerne. What this city has to offer is that it is a beautiful small town located on a river, old renaissance and baroque buildings, and a chill atmosphere away from the crowds and the tourists! You can admire the beauty of the cathedrals, churches, towers, and the river while walking down the streets of Solothurn. 


Travel Itinerary Guide to Switzerland

Do you want to know how many days you need in Switzerland? Or What is the best travel itinerary guide in Switzerland? Then you are at the right place! If you want to cross off everything on our list of top things to do, the best Instagram spots, and the hidden gems of Switzerland then keep reading to learn more about how many days you need to see every beautiful spot in Switzerland! 


9 Days Travel Itinerary Guide to Switzerland

First Stop, Zurich

Day 1-3


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. There are so many things to see and do in Zurich and you need time to enjoy everything this city has to offer. After exploring the city, you can take daily trips to Lucerne, Aarau, Rhine Falls, and Appenzell. 

Head to the Capital, Bern

Day 3-7


Bern is the capital of Switzerland. It is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and nature. You can take the train or the bus from Zurich to Bern. While you are in Bern, we recommend visiting some nearby attractions such as Solothurn, Sigriswil, Blausee, Harder Kulm, and Iseltwald. 

Visit Geneva 

Day 7-9 


Geneva is another major city in Switzerland. You can easily take the train or the bus from Bern to come to Geneva. Geneva is located near the largest lake in Switzerland. Enjoy the view of the lake while sitting at a nice cafe. Make sure to visit Chillon Castle during your stay in Geneva. 


The Best Time to Visit Switzerland

The weather is one of the most important things when it comes to planning a trip. If you are looking for what the best time is to visit Switzerland, then we got you covered! Keep reading to learn more about the best time to visit Switzerland and enjoy your stay even more with the perfect weather!

The best weather to enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing is the warmest weather. The warmest months are the Summer months in Switzerland. The best time to visit and enjoy your stay in Switzerland is between April and October. The weather in the spring and autumn months is mild. The warmest months are June, July, and August. Since the summer months are the high season, the flight fares and the accommodation prices usually go up during these months. If you want to get good weather and fewer people, then we recommend going to Switzerland during the shoulder season which is April, May, September, and October. 

If you want to enjoy winter activities, then you should visit Switzerland during the coldest months which is from December to February. 


Cost of Traveling to Switzerland

Creating a budget is one of the most important things when planning a trip. It is usually assumed that Switzerland is expensive to visit. If you want to learn more about whether Switzerland is expensive to visit or it is affordable, then keep reading. Here are some average costs of visiting Switzerland on different types of budgets. 


Budget-Friendly: €47 - €94 (per night) 

Mid-Range Budget: €116 - €250 (per night)

High Budget: €280 - €550 (per night) 


Budget-Friendly: €11 - €35

Mid-Range Budget: €26 - €90

High Budget: €63 - €240


Budget-Friendly: €18 - €30 (meals for one day)

Mid-Range Budget: €42 - €50 (meals for one day)

High Budget: €94 - €140 (meals for one day) 


How to Get Around Switzerland?

Public Transportation

Most of the cities and towns are well connected with public transportation. Public transportation is an affordable and easy way to get around Switzerland. 


The train is the best way to travel around Switzerland. It’s affordable and easy to use. Some of the trains are the best way to enjoy the scenery in Switzerland.


Buses offer a few routes around Switzerland. It is usually connected to the big cities. It is the best way to get around for budget travelers because it is way more affordable than taking the train. 


Renting a car is the most expensive option when it comes to getting around Switzerland, but it is way more convenient because you are much more flexible when you have a car. You can find many rental car agencies around the big cities and at the airports. 


You can rent a bicycle and explore the city. It is faster than walking and much more enjoyable! 


Must-Try Foods in Switzerland

1 - Fondue


2 - Rösti


3 - Älplermagronen 


4 - Swiss Onion Soup 


5 - Swiss Chocolate  



Travel Tips for Switzerland

1 - Language 

Switzerland has four official languages spoken in the country and they are German, French, Italian, and Romanish. 

2 - Currency 

The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Franc (CHF). Since Switzerland is not a member of the EU, Euro is not used in the country. You can find exchange offices and convert your currency there. It is also possible to use ATMs to get your local currency in Switzerland. 

3 - Health Insurance

Healthcare is expensive in Switzerland and you need to get health insurance that will be valid in the country before traveling to Switzerland. Did you know JoinMyTrip covers your health insurance if you are a resident of Germany or Austria? Just book your trip with JoinMyTrip and get the exclusive benefits of health insurance while traveling. 

4 - Visa

Switzerland is not a member of the EU, but it is in the Schengen Area. EU Passport Holders, EFTA Member States Residents, and US Citizens can enter the country without a visa for up to 90 days. 

5 - Electronics 

Two round pin plugs (Type C) or three round pin plugs (Type J) are in Switzerland. If you are traveling from another European country, you will not need a converter to use your electronic devices.