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Top 5 Things to do in Gran Canaria

Walk along the Dunas de Maspalomas


Party at Playa del Ingles 


Hike to Roque Nublo 


Discover history in Teror


Visit Firgas


The best Instagram Spots in Gran Canaria

Las Vacas ravine, Agüimes 


Mirador del Balcón


Puerto de Mogán, Mogán


Ventana del Nublo, Tejeda


Roque Bentayga, Tejeda


The perfect 7-Day Itinerary for Gran Canaria

Day 1 - Relax 


Travelers come to Gran Canaria to relax and its beautiful beaches provide the perfect opportunity for it. Choose an accommodation where you will stay for the week. Make it your base and get a rental car to explore your surroundings. After arriving hit the beach and enjoy life. 

Day 2 - The West


Take a drive through the west of the island, stop at interesting viewpoints and be amazed by beautiful nature. Puerto de Mogan is the perfect stop for lunch and some Instagram - worthy pictures. While driving discover Presa de la Ninas, Playa de la Aldea and Andes Verde

Day 3 - The Central Island 


Hike to one of the must-see places in Gran Canaria - Roque Nublo. Afterwards, drive to Tejeda - one of the highest villages on the island. If you haven’t had enough of heights and hikes, hike up to Roque Bentayga

Day 4 - The South 


Drive from Maspalomas to Santa Lucia and discover an obvious viewpoint with amazing views. On your drive visit Presa de la Sorrueda and Fortaleza Grande. Take a break in Santa Lucia and discover the Maspalomas Dunas afterwards. Don’t forget to take some pictures because you will want to remember the beauty of this island. 

Day 5 - The North


Discover an amazing viewpoint at Caldera de Bandama, afterwards drive to the small town of Arucas and do one of the many hikes there. Afterwards, Teror should be on your list, the little village is perfect for photos and just taking a stroll around. 

Day 6 - Beach Day 


Choose one of the many beaches to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the last days. 

Here’s our top 5 best beaches in Gran Canaria: 

  • Sardinia del Norte
  • Tauro 
  • Playa del Inglés 
  • Las Canteras 
  • Anfi del Mar

Day 7 - Departure 

Your time on Gran Canaria has come to an end. Grab some breakfast and head to the beach one last time, afterwards grab your bags and head to the airport, but please come back for an amazing time.

The best time to visit Gran Canaria

Being close to Morocco, Gran Canaria has good weather almost all year round. You will get the most rain and the lowest temperatures in January and February but the rest of the year is sunny and pretty mild. The hottest months are July and August, these months are also high season, so expect higher prices and more people around. Off - Season is in January and February, weather will still be beautiful and temperatures can go up to 20°C.

Hidden Gems of Gran Canaria

If you want to see the true Gran Canaria, away from the masses you should check out these spots:


Playa Güigüi

This beach is worth the effort it takes to get there, since there is no road access. You can either take a Water Taxi from Tasarte or hike for two hours from Tasartico village. The hike can be tricky and rough at times but is well worth it. Not many people make their way to this secluded beach to relax.


This small rustic town in the east is beautiful and not overcrowded. It will also surprise you with a very special bronze statue in town center.


This is Europe's biggest cactus park. Even if you don't really like plants you should visit the park for the vistas. The buildings and infrastructure is a little rund down, but the plants and views make it worth your time and the 7€ entrance fee.

Charco Azul - Agaete

This is a beautiful natural pool with a waterfall. You can get there from El Risco by talking a short, easy yet beautiful walk. It's a good spot to relax and and take amazing pictures.

What does it cost to travel to Gran Canaria?

The average daily budget you should plan for when traveling to Gran Canaria is 100€. An average meal will cost you around 11€, while dinner and lunch will be more expensive than breakfast. As a daily food budget you should plan around 30€. Local transport can cost you up to 37€ a day. This includes taxis, busses and a rental car. As a couple you will spend around 100€/night for a hotel, if you're traveling alone, a hostel will set you back around 50€/night. If you want to see all the sights and go on day tours, you should plan around 16€/ day for entertainment. All in all, you should budget around 1400€ for a week in Gran Canaria. You can always budget by not eating out in restaurants, choosing cheaper accommodation, or not spending money on touristy attractions.

Must-Try Food in Gran Canaria



Mojo is a sauce from a base of olive oil, peppers, garlic, and lots of spices. It can have various levels of spice and is used for cooking as well as dipping. 

Puchero Canario 


This is a hearty stew made from vegetables including pumpkin, cabbage, and sweet potato served with beef or pork. It has a stunning flavor because of all the spices used and really is something that you can only eat locally. 

Papas arrugadas


These wrinkled potatoes are truly something you should not miss when visiting Gran Canaria. The potatoes are simply boiled in saltwater but their unique taste is what makes them so special. They taste different than normal potatoes because they were grown in volcanic soil.

Travel Tips for Gran Canaria

Do not drink tap water 

Because it hardly rains in the Canary Islands water will usually be desalinated and it’s not recommended to consume it. 

Bring proper clothes

Even though the weather on Gran Canary is almost always fantastic, it can get cold at times especially when you’re hiking up a mountain. So pack a sweater, some proper shoes and maybe a jacket. You never know…

Rent a car 

It will make it easier for you to explore the island and you don’t have to rely on local transport outside of Maspalomas and La Palma. 

Tipping in Gran Canaria 

Tipping is straightforward and locals also tip. Tip up to 10% if you enjoyed the service and the food. In cafés or bars you can also only leave some coins if you only had a drink. 

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