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Best Time to Visit Canada

Checking the weather conditions and finding the most suitable time to visit a country while planning a trip is one of the most important steps. If you are looking for answers for questions such as “When is the best time to visit Canada?” or “Is Canada too cold to visit?” then you are at the right place! Let’s find out when the best time is to go to Canada!


Weather in Canada

It is a known fact that the weather in Canada is quite cold and harsh most of the year. Winter months are the coldest months. The weather in Summer is mild and warmer.

Since Canada is a huge country, the weather conditions slightly change across the country. Quebec and Ontario are colder and it gets more snowfall during the year than British Columbia and Alberta. The West Coast of Canada gets more rainfall and it is slightly warmer than the East Coast. Vancouver is one of the cities that gets the most rainfall.

Here is a graph of average temperature and rainfall estimates from Vancouver and Toronto:






When to Visit Canada?

Each season in Canada offers unique activities for the visitors. Winter months are best for skiing and winter festivals. Spring and Fall are great for those who are travelling on a budget and want to get the best out of Canada. Summer months are perfect for outdoor activities. Keep reading to learn more about the best months to visit Canada!

High Season


June, July, and August are the perfect months for outdoor activities such as hiking and sightseeing since the weather conditions are mild and it allows you to spend more time outside. The daylight is longer during summer months which will make your days even longer and lets you to experience even more things. Keep in mind that this is the high season which means the prices go up due to the demand and the huge amount of visitors.

Summer months are also the best months for those who want to take a road trip across the country. Travelling during those months are much easier and enjoyable.

Shoulder Season


Shoulder season in Canada is during Spring and Fall. The weather is much better compared to the winter months. The weather is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities and exploring the cities in April, May, September, and October. These months are the best times to visit Canada because the prices are much more affordable when it is compared to the high season and the weather is pretty much the same. You also get to spend qualified time in nature without being exposed to the mass tourism.



The off-season in Canada is from December to March. Winter months are considered as the off-season in Canada because of the harsh weather conditions. It is still possible to enjoy a winter vacation in Canada during the off-season. Travelling around the country is a bit harder than travelling during the high and the shoulder season because of the weather conditions. Winter months in Canada still looks magical, though. Many winter festivals and events are held during this season. Visiting Quebec City during Christmas should definitely be on your bucket list because it looks like a fairy tale. These months are also the best months for those travelling on a budget because the prices go down and a trip in winter to Canada becomes very affordable!