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Do you want to find a travel partner for a trip to Australia? Connect with travelers from around the world and explore Australia together! Explore the outback, embrace the surfing culture, go on spontaneous road trips and come close to Australian wildlife.


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If you’re planning to go to Australia, you might be thinking… What are the best things to do there? What is the best way to get around? What Australian foods should you try? Or how much does it cost to travel? This travel guide will give you everything you need to know when traveling in Australia!


Top Things to do in Australia

Road trip on the Great Ocean Road

Take a long drive on the east coast of Australia and see the breath taking view of the 12 apostles.


Snorkeling and scuba diving

Australia has pristine blue oceans, especially in Queensland, where you can see marine wildlife up close.


Join a city tour

Get a quick but informative tour in any of the major cities in Australia – Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Or  a hop-on-Hop-off bus that takes you to museums, historical buildings and attractions over a day or two.


Camp in the outback

The Australian ‘outback’ is a vast stretch of land with untouched natural beauty.  A truly wild adventure is a night camping in the remote landscape under the stars. 


Bush Walking

The Australian word for hiking is ‘bush walking’! Venture through gum tree forests, summit peaks and follow trails in the Australian outback.



The 3 best Instagram spots in Australia

Wallaman Falls, Queensland

The tallest waterfall in Australia.


Uluru, Northern Territory


Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales



The best Australia Travel Itinerary

The best way to make the most of your trip to Australia is to take a road trip with your travel companions. This itinerary is perfect for a two-week-long road trip but the longer you visit and the more places you see on the way, the better!

An Epic Road Trip on Australia’s East Coast

Day 1 - 2

Arrive in Melbourne

Indulge in Melbourne’s coffee culture by visiting some lovely cafes and walk alongside the river that runs through the city. A few places to visit in Melbourne are the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance that offers a stunning panorama of the city, Queen Victoria Market and the National Gallery of Victoria.


Day 3 - 5

Drive up to Sydney

Between Melbourne and Sydney, you can stop at Ben Boyd National Park and Pebbly Beach.

This large city in Australia is famous for the Sydney Opera House and surfing at Bondi Beach! You can also check out the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Garden and Taronga Zoo.


Day 6 - 8   


On your way to Brisbane, stop at Byron’s Bay for some of the best waves for surfers. 

Brisbane is a gorgeous city built on the riverside with plenty of parks to stroll around, a koala sanctuary and a ferris wheel. 


Day 9 - 11

Fraser Island

This scenic island offers perfect sandy beaches, clear water and lakes for swimming. The best way to get around the island is driving a 4x4 vehicle. Stop by the Sandy Cape Lighthouse and the S.S. Maheno shipwreck. 


Day 12 - 14

Final stop! Cairns

Take a long drive or fly up to the north east coast of Australia to reach Cairns, the home of the Great Barrier Reef. There are countless activities to do in Cairns, here are a few of the top attractions.

  • Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
  • Fitzroy Island
  • Kuranda Scenic Railway
  • Cairns Aquarium 
  • Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome

Best Time to Visit Australia

The best months of the year to visit Australia are October or April when it is not too hot, more affordable and less crowded with tourists. The peak tourist season is from December to February during the Australian summer period, however, temperatures can reach up to 40°C which can make traveling quite difficult.


Hidden Gems in Australia

The following places of interest can be found away from the big cities, so you can enjoy and marvel at the country's nature with your TripMates.

1. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

In the center of Australia is one of the most photographed natural wonders of the world. Here a striking red rock rises from the earth, which forms the heart of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park - the Ayers Rock. This is not only beautiful to look at, but also has immense significance for the indigenous people of Australia. It's best to come at sunrise or sunset, then you definitely don't need any filters on your photos! You can explore the region around the magical rock in Australia with your TripMate on foot or on horseback. However, you are no longer allowed to climb the rock itself, as the indigenous people have a right not to have their sacred site touched. Nevertheless, this regulation does not take away anything from the magic of this place.


2. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is a beautiful road, along Australia's southeast coast. Your TripMates and you will love Australia's most scenic routes and want to stop at every corner to take photos of the towering limestone cliffs below. Perfect for a motorcycle tour or a road trip. Take turns driving, so everyone can focus exclusively on nature and the incredible beauty of the country for a while!


3. Blue Mountains National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers some insanely beautiful views. Located just 80 kilometers west of Sydney, it's a perfect day trip for you and your Australia travel partners. Named after the blue haze that radiates from the eucalyptus trees in the distance, the Blue Mountains stretch across 600,000 hectares of protected wilderness and 140 kilometers of hiking trail. A dream for you and your TripMates. But there are countless other activities for you: you can go climbing, horseback riding and you and spend the night in the wild.


4. Fraser Island

If you're looking for an adrenaline rush in Australia, Fraser Island is it! Just off the east coast of Australia is the largest sand island in the world. Here you can indulge in four-wheel driving. You and your travel partner can also enjoy Seventy Five Mile Beach, which offers stunning sandstone cliffs and champagne pools. You'll also get your money's worth in the island's interior. Lake McKenzie is not to be missed. as well.


5. Kangaroo Island

The name says it all, however, there's more than just your bouncing friends. On Kangaroo Island, nature takes over. Some of the wildlife that awaits you and your Australia travel partners include sea lions, penguins, koalas and, of course, kangaroos. Hikes along the towering cliffs and lush forest provide good opportunities for beautiful views and plenty of relaxation. You'll definitely be a minority here, with all those furry friends outnumbering you. However, it is important to say about this place that it was extremely affected by the strong fires. The island was hardly what it used to be in the early 2020s. Strong winds drove the fire onto the island, where it raged tremendously, causing many of the animals to lose their lives. To help the local people and animal organizations, you should still visit this unique place, because tourism plays a big role in the reconstruction of the island!


Australia offers you a lot of history, culture and activities - you just have to choose! Australia is definitely a destination where you should spend several weeks, so you can soak up as much of the continent's atmosphere as possible. Grab your TripMate and let's go!


Getting Around Australia

With long distances to travel between destinations, it is important to choose the best transportation option to make your trip in Australia easier.

By Plane

The quickest way to get from one side of the country, domestic flights in Australia can be priced fairly and are even cheaper if you take a return ticket.


This slow travel alternative is a reliable option that offers wonderful views from the window. Trains in Australia are mostly on time, easily accessible and will get you everywhere!


Hop on a tram in Melbourne! It is a fun and Instagram-worthy mode of transport around the city.


There are various Australian bus companies that operate across the country. For most of them, you can buy tickets directly at the bus terminal or book tickets online.


Hiring a car will give you freedom to see hidden spots and you can take camping gear with you to pitch up on the way. Hire a 4x4 or 4WD vehicle for more adventurous trips because they don’t get stuck so easily and they are usually insured for rough roads.


Take a ferry from mainland Australia and explore some of the most beautiful and unique islands.


What does it cost to travel to Australia?

Budget Trip Cost

  • Accomodation:
    In smaller cities, hostels cost €11-13 a night, while in larger cities like Sydney or Melbourne, they cost €14-24 per night.
  • Food, and Travelling around: €15 to €20 per day for one person’s daily expenses

Average Trip Cost

  • Accomodation:
    €64 to €80 per night for one 2 or 3-star hotel room
  • Food, and Travelling around: €38 to €78 per day for one person’s daily expenses

Luxury Trip Cost

  • Accomodation:
    €90 to €200 per night for one 4 or 5-star hotel room
  • Food, and Travelling around: €75 to €160 per day for one person’s daily expenses

Must-Try Foods in Australia


One Australian ‘delicacy’ that you either love or hate is vegemite. A dark thick spread made from leftover brewer’s yeast. Best served on toast with butter and sliced cheese.


This meringue dessert is topped with whipped cream and chopped fruit. It was named after a famous ballerina.

Tim Tams

Possibly the best biscuit you would ever have the fortune to eat, can be bought in regular grocery stores.


Try a local BBQ! Get some snags or shrimp on the barbie and enjoy some cold drinks with friends on a hot summer day!

Fairy Bread

A fun snack for 5-year-olds but also popular with adults is ‘fairy bread’, its sliced white bread with margarine or butter, covered in colorful sprinkles.


Travel tips for Australia

  • Currency: Australian dollars - at the moment you get about 1,52 Australian dollars for one Euro
  • Time zones: There are three time zones in Australia
  • Visa: For Australia you and your Australian travel partners need a visa. The type of visa depends on the length of your stay, your passport and the purpose of your visit. To determine which visa is best for you, check the Department of Home Affairs website for Australia.
  • Working in Australia: The so-called Worker Holiday Maker Program allows young people (between 18 and 30 years of age) to take a short-term job followed by a vacation.