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Find a Travel Buddy in Canada

Travel the far north with your Canada travel buddy! Vancouver, Montreal or Ottawa are wonderful destinations for tourists and offer everything you could wish for! You can expect breathtaking and exciting trails along the coast, in the mountains, forests and valleys or along the lakes. Canada has so much to offer such as outdoor life, history and culture, the city life, and much more!


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Top Things to do in Canada

1 - Banff National Park


Banff National Park is a treasure located in Alberta. This World Heritage Site offers some of the best views in Canada with the Rocky Mountains and thermal hot springs. It is an absolute must-see for outdoor enthusiasts! 

2 - Fraser River British Columbia


This longest river in British Columbia is a top-rated attraction in Canada because of the amazing landscape. It is a perfect place to be in the wilderness while enjoying a peaceful time in nature. 

3 - Old Quebec


Quebec is like a European city in North America thanks to its astonishing architecture. It looks even more magical during winter when the winter festivals are held! 

4 - Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is one of the most visited places in the world. Take a trip to Niagara Falls to enjoy the amazing views there. It also offers some other activities such as live music, theater, museums, camping, and golfing. 

5 - Butchart Gardens - British Columbia


Make sure to visit Butchart Gardens in Victoria to see the millions of flowers that just look wonderful. You can take amazing photos here with the plants and colorful flowers in the background. 

6 - Cypress Hills 


Cypress Hills is another natural wonderland in Canada. It offers a mix of grassland and forests on a hill. You can experience life in the wild here with the wide diversity of plants and animals. There is also horseback riding here! 

7 - Wolf Lake 


Wolf Lake is a secret gem of Canada that not many people know. This untouched wilderness offers the best sightseeing for nature lovers and nature photographers. It is perfect for fishermen too! 

8 - Fernie 


You need to go skiing if you visit Canada and Fernie is the dream destination for the skiers! 

The downtown area also has so much to explore with its historical background and its culture. 

9 - Reindeer Lake


Reindeer Lake is known for its fishing activities, but the view here is a must-see. The locals have stories and legends about a river monster that lives in Reindeer Lake. 

10 - Cavendish Beach


Cavendish Beach is a popular destination on Prince Edward Island. The sandy beach, the rocky structure, and the ocean make it an amazing place to enjoy the view and time in nature. If you visit in Summer, you can also find water activities and deep-sea fishing here. 


The Best Instagram Spots in Canada

One of the most important things when traveling is capturing the moment and turning it into a memory. Canada has the best sightseeing view points. There are so many natural beauties and you should share these treasures with the world on Instagram. Let’s find out some of the best Instagram spots in Canada!

1 -Cherry Blossoms in Vancouver


2 - Maligne Canyon


3 - Dinosaur Provincial Park 


4 - Hatley Park 



Hidden Gems of Canada

Canada is a popular destination among travellers, tourists, and backpackers. Most of the National Parks are top-rated attractions and they are usually full of people discovering those amazing places. However, there are still some gems in Canada that hasn’t been discovered by the tourists hence those places are more quiet and peaceful. Here is a list of the most beautiful hidden gems of Canada.

1 -  Haida Gwaii


2 -  Gros Morne National Park


3 - Axel Heiberg Island 


4 - Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library 



The Best Travel Itinerary Guide to Canada

Canada is a vast country and you will need a longer time if you want to experience every beautiful thing this country has to offer. Here we provide you with the best travel itinerary guide to Canada to check everything on our list. Let’s find out how many days will be enough for a nice trip to Canada! 

14 Days Travel Itinerary Guide to Canada


Day 1 - 5 

Travel Around the East 

Staying for five days on the east coast of Canada will be enough time to explore the top-rated attractions around the region. You can visit Niagara Falls, Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library, Quebec City, Cavendish Beach, and Gros Morne National Park during your stay here. 

Day 5- 11

Head to the West

Take a flight to the west and start exploring the beautiful attractions around the region. You should visit Banff National Park, Fernie, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Cypress Hills, and Maligne Canyon during your stay in the midwest. 

Day 12 - 14

Explore the West Coast 

It’s time to head to the metropolitan city, Vancouver. There is so much to do in this big city, but make sure you visit Hatley Castle and the Butchart Gardens that are located in Victoria. 


Must-Try Foods in Canada

Experiencing new cultures and foods broadens our horizons and it is one of the best way to learn about a country’s culture. Here is a list of the must-try Canadian foods that you need to take a bite during your stay in Canada.

1 - Poutine 


2 - Butter Tarts 


3 - Maple Syrup 


4 - Montreal Smoked Meat 


5 - Tourtiere 



Cost of Traveling to Canada

Creating a budget for the trip is one of the most important steps when planning a trip. If you want to get more information about whether Canada is an affordable place or an expensive place to visit, then you are at the right place! Here we provide you with the average cost of visiting and living in Canada on different types of budgets and lifestyles. Keep reading!


Budget-Friendly: $28 - $55 (per night) 

Mid-Range: $79 - $159 (per night)

High Budget: $250 - $500 (per night)


Budget-Friendly: $10 - $20 (meals for a day)

Mid-Range: $30 - $35 (meals for a day) 

High Budget: $90 - $150 (meals for a day) 



Transportation in cities: $9 - $17 

               Transportation between different cities: $33


Transportation in cities: $20

  Transportation between different cities: $90

High Budget:

Transportation in cities: $55

               Transportation between different cities: $240


The Best Time to Visit Canada

Canada is a huge country and the weather is different in the west and the east. The weather is cold and harsh in winter. The mildest weather is in Summer which makes it perfect for more people to visit Canada. The best time to visit Canada, however, is from September to November. The weather has cooled down, but it is still suitable for traveling outdoors and enjoying spending time in nature. Plus, there are many festivals and fun events during these months such as pumpkin and apple festivals! The peak months are in July and in August. If you visit Canada in Fall, you will have the opportunity to avoid tourists everywhere. Another good thing about visiting during shoulder season is that you will most likely pay less for the trip than you would pay during the peak season. 


How to Get Around Canada?


If you are planning to spend a long time traveling across the country, the best option for you will be to rent a car. In most provinces in Canada, visitors can drive with their home country’s driving license for up to three months. You can also get an International Driving Permit (IDP) that is valid for a year. Usually, it is required that the driver is at least 25 years old to rent a car. 


The train system works great in Canada. You can easily travel by train, but keep in mind that it is a more expensive option than taking the bus. 


Buses are reliable, cheaper, and comfortable in Canada. It is mostly operated more in the east. You can check the tickets online and get them even for a lower price. 


Traveling by plane will save you so much time. The flight fares are usually expensive, but it makes traveling easy and quick in such a big country as Canada. 


Canada is great for cycling, especially in Spring and Summer. You can travel easily in the cities by bicycle or you can go on biking trips for long distances.


Travel Tips for Canada

1 - Check the Visa Requirements 

Depending on your home country, the visa requirements might change. US citizens do not need a visa for traveling to Canada. Other nationalities might be required to get a visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to enter Canada.

2 - Travel Insurance

Regardless of where you are traveling from, you will need to get travel insurance in Canada. Canada has a great healthcare system for its citizens, but it will cost too much without insurance. JoinMyTrip covers your travel insurance for your whole trip without a fee if you are a German or an Austrian Resident! 

3 - Electricity and Plugs

Canada uses the same plugs as the USA. If you are traveling from Europe, you should get a converter to use your electronic devices during your stay in Canada. 

4 - Watch out in the Wilds 

Canada is famous for its National Parks and its wildlife. It sure looks beautiful, but you should always be careful when you are in the wilds. 

5 - Tipping is Important 

Tipping culture is important in Canada as well and it will be greatly appreciated. If you have a pleasant meal, tipping around 15-25% will be enough.