Group Tours in Antarctica

Uncover the wonders of this magical icy continent. Witness the magnificent scene of pristine wildlife, towering walls of ice, and snow-white landscapes. Start a remarkable journey in Antarctica and connect with other like-minded travelers.

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    Why JoinMyTrip?

    Insanely authentic.

    Every trip is authentic. Every trip is unique. Every itinerary is special. There are no standard trips. You won't be 1 out of a million others. You will be one of a very small group that experience your destination in the best way possible.

    Incredibly small.

    The groups are super small. Usually, only 4 to 8 TripMates travel with you. This is the most authentic way to travel and still have all benefits of traveling in a group. Moreover, you will make amazing friends from all around the world!

    Forever memorable.

    You will never forget your trip. You experience is going to be life changing. Traveling in such a small group in this amazingly authentic way will forever stay as one of your most memorable experiences. Check out our reviews and you'll understand!

    FAQ about Group Tours in Antarctica

    Is it safe to travel to Antarctica?

    Yes, it is! Antarctica welcomes you to explore and go for a fabulous adventure. Besides that, our Group Tours make it safer for you as there is safety in numbers. Also, we will monitor your trip and ensure that everything goes well. If anything happens, we’ll intervene remotely.

    Is it great to travel Antarctica with a group?

    Absolutely! The magnificent landscapes, gorgeous cities, and dazzling cultures of Antarctica will mark an unforgettable memory in your mind. Moreover, you are also sharing your experiences with your TripMates and TripLeaders. It’s a lot of fun when you have your group with you.

    How to travel Antarctica in a cheap way?

    Here is how to travel Antarctica in a cheap way: 

    • Plan your budget. Making a list of everything you need before you travel allows you to save more money.
    • Research for cheaper experiences and options 
    • Choose more affordable options, whether it is for food, accommodation, activities, and others. 
    • Go for Group Tours. They are a great way to save money as you share the costs with your travel buddies.  

    Why are JoinMyTrip’s Group Tours in Antarctica the best?

    Here is why  Group Tours with JoinMyTrip are the best: 

    • Unique and authentic itineraries - can’t find them anywhere else!
    • No tour leaders, just like-minded travelers who are eager to share their tours with you 
    • Freedom and space. There are no strict itineraries so you will have lots of free time for yourself. 
    • Small groups - We don't put 20 people on a bus and take them to 10 places in one day. We keep our groups smaller - usually 3 to 6 people- and customize itineraries for almost every trip.

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