The Highlights for your CoWorking Trip to Madeira

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Working where others go on vacation…

A coworking trip is not only about working in a beautiful place, but also about experiencing and enjoying this beautiful place. Enjoying the sunset on the beach or in the mountains after work is something very special. Madeira is a great place to combine working and exploring: the island is not too big and not too small, there are some activities you can experience here and a few cities you shouldn’t miss. So here are our highlights for your coworking trip to Madeira! 

Before we get started…

Ein Sonnenuntergang auf Madeira.

…we have a few general tips for your time in Madeira!

The perfect stay

If you really want to experience Madeira while working you should stay at least 3 weeks, so you can explore the island on weekends and holidays. The best places for coworking and digital nomads are Ponta del Sol, Calheta and Funchal. In Funchal, you have real city life, while Ponta del Sol and Calheta are smaller and more rural. Of course, you can also visit TripLeader Fabian and Kiki in their CoWorking Villa and stay there for a few days (or weeks). The villa has a lot to offer, besides your own desk there is also a gym and they actually explore something with their coworkers every weekend! 

Coliving and coworking in Madeira, Portugal.




Experience the CoWorking Villa in Madeira first hand and explore the beautiful island with Fabian & Kiki 



Don’t forget to pack the following

A coworking trip needs to be well planned, and that goes for packing too. If you’re not sure what to pack for a coworking trip, check out our 10 essentials here. In addition to the essentials, you should pack the following: 

  • Proper hiking shoes, for a longer hike through uneven terrain, sneakers or running shoes are not enough. 
  • A good rain jacket or windbreaker, because in the mountains the weather can change quickly
  • A reusable water bottle, so you don’t produce extra waste and you can always refill the bottle as needed. 

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The highlights of Madeira

A hiker stands on a cliff above the blue Atlantic Ocean.Now we’re getting to the part you’ve all been eagerly awaiting: the highlights of Madeira that you can explore while you work. Of course, it depends on where you set up camp. If you’re staying in Funchal, then you don’t need a whole weekend to explore the city, and if you have a beach on your doorstep every day, then you don’t need to plan a quiet beach weekend. 

Our colleague Anna experienced a CoWorking trip in Madeira and has summarized more tips in her Youtube CoWorking Show. 


Hike at Ponta de São Lourenço

Whimsical rock formations at Ponta de Sao Lourenço.

This is a tough hike and one of the reasons why you should pack hiking boots, but it’s worth it, the view during and especially at the end of the hike is worth every single step. Another plus: At the end of the hike you will find a small café, the Casa do Sardinha – Nature Spot Cafe with delicious burgers and cakes to strengthen you for the way back. 

Explore Funchal

Flowers in Funchal. An extraordinary house with red windows and thatched roof surrounded by flowers.

The alleys of Funchal.

Funchal is the capital of the Madeira archipelago and is known for its port and beautiful surroundings. If you are driving through Funchal by car, you should be careful because the roads can get very narrow. For car trips in Madeira, you should definitely know what you are doing. 

In the city, you can explore various parks and gardens and also take a ride on a cable car, just explore what you like and what you feel like. In Funchal, you will also find many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the evening. 

Enjoy the beach in Seixal 

The sand at Seixal beach is black, making it a very special experience! Grab your beach towel and sunscreen and let’s go… If you want to experience the perfect beach vacation, read our How To Guide here now


Experience dreamlike sunsets

Sunset over the hills of Funchal.

In the west of the island, you can experience beautiful sunsets at any place. Pack a small picnic and some wine and enjoy again and again impressive sunsets while you enjoy your evening. 

Visit Fanal

The fairy tale forest Fanal is full of crooked fairy tale trees.

This forest in the north of Madeira is also known as a fairy tale forest. From the picture, you can see why. Spend a few hours in nature and let the fairy tale forest enchant you. 

Try Poncha and Bolo Caco

Poncha is the strong alcoholic national drink of Madeira. It is a spirit made from sugar cane, bee honey, and lemon and is drunk with various juices. Very sweet and very strong, so be sure to eat something before drinking Poncha. For example, how about Bolo Caco, a Madeiran bread made from sweet potatoes with all kinds of fillings? You can buy the bread fresh at stands all over the island. It tastes best warm and spread with herb butter. A dream for every foodie. 

And these are our highlights for your CoWorking trip to Madeira. If you really want to experience something without taking a vacation, then we recommend a CoWorking trip here. Plan your trip today with JoinMyTrip or join TripLeaders like Kiki & Fabian on their adventures on the island. 





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