The 10 best group travel apps

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Every traveler knows there are certain things they must bring to every trip, for example: passport, a power bank, travel wallet, sunscreen, toiletries, backpack and adaptor, etc. But nowadays with technology being an important part of our journeys we need to consider which apps are going to be our travel essentials.
With this post we want to help you discover, which of them will make your life easier while traveling with a group:


1. JoinMyTrip App 

First thing you have to do if you want to travel with a group is to find one! Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate  a trip with friends or family, and you’ll end up traveling by yourself again, so good news is that the JMT app is finally available and it’s the perfect way to find travel companions and find the perfect options for your ideal trip.

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2. has made our life simple and easier, allowing us to download the map from the places we travel to. So, if you don’t have data on your phone and you still need to get directions, this is the perfect option for you!

Join TripLeader Lucia at her CoWorking trip to Gran Canaria
Trip to Gran Canaria with TripLeader Lucia


3. Google Maps 

Google Maps   will also help you to get directions. What is more useful is to save all your favourite recommended places, national parks, restaurants, etc. You can check on the reviews, photos and even get information on public transportation options.

4. Skyscanner

Skyscanner even when you’re travelling from different locations, this app will help you get the best connections and prices for your flights, and it can also be handy to get information on hotels and car rentals. The great thing about this app and also one of the reasons why I consider it to be an essential is because it gives you the chance to look for the best option according to your needs (price wise and also your time).
This would work perfectly well for one of our flexible Trips as you can search for the best option to get there once everybody on the trip has agreed on what dates to travel.

5. Rome2Rio 

Rome2Rio is your guidance when you have no clue on how to get to a place! This app will give you what options you have with transportation and how much you’d spend. A great choice if you want to have a good price comparison in the place you’re traveling to so you don’t end up paying more.

6. Yelp and Foursquare

If you’re a foodie, then Yelp and Foursquare are our recommendations for you. They help you get the best options for you in town, to be able to check reviews and prices. The app can also be used to get a restaurant’s information to make sure you have a reservation and don’t miss out on the amazing local cuisine of the place you’re visiting.

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7. Tripadvisor 

If you have no idea of the activities and places you could visit around when traveling then Tripadvisor can be a great help for you. it will give you reviews and all information needed about, as well to compare prices and make bookings!

8. Splitwise 

Splitwise this app is perfect when traveling with a group because it will help you to track your shared expenses, they’ve created an algorithm that simplifies the payments so you end up making one payment instead of ten for example.

9. Komoot 

When your group is a trekking enthusiast then Komoot is the right option for you. This app gives you all the options you have regarding routes for cycling and hiking when you travel. It’s free and it has different choices depending on your level of experience also you can filtered by distance, and public transport links.

10. Google Translate 

Google Translate is handy to have when traveling with an international group. Everyone in your group communicates in English to each other but it’s always nice to learn the basic words of different languages. This app also has the option to translate a text with the camera (to use in restaurants for example)

Remember the best way to start your adventure is looking for options and travel mates with JoinMyTrip, here are some of the options we have for you:

Sailing, ocean, sun, waves and More in Croatia Spain with TripLeader Christian TripLeader Lucia in Gran Canaria

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