How to create trips that get great reviews

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Best tips for getting great reviews

We all use reviews to influence our decisions. Reviews form a key factor in deciding which restaurant we want to visit or which movie to watch or what fancy product we are going to splurge on next. So why not use reviews to decide on your next travel destination? At JoinMyTrip, once a TripMate has returned back successfully from a trip, they can submit a review about their TripLeaders. Reviews are empowered to be honest and transparent for our community members. 



As a TripMate, how can you provide a great review? 

The best way is to think about what you would like to know before booking your trip. Highlight things like: 

  • Interactions with you and other members of your group – was the TripLeader pleasant and respectful? 
  • Anything made special for the members of the group by adding personal touches?
  • Any words of encouragement to help TripLeaders improve. 
  • Was the TripLeader helpful and available at all times? 
  • Provide helpful reviews that are unbiased and contain objective information. Positive reviews should never be incentivised or manipulated for a desired outcome.
  • Keep your reviews as relevant as possible.

Sardinia with JoinMyTripSardinia with JoinMyTrip 

As a TripLeader, what can you do to facilitate good reviews? 


1. Get to know your TripMates: 

The key is to know why people are joining your trip and interested to embark on an adventure with you. What got them excited about your trip? Have a good conversation by getting to know their story and this will definitely lead to some good friendships that you can carry forward in life. 


2. Communicate effectively: 

Make sure all of your TripMate’s questions are answered by being responsive in a timely manner. It is important to provide detailed information about what is included in a trip and what should be arranged by a TripMate. When there is a change in plan or an issue, make sure this is taken care of and communicated to TripMate that you are working to resolve the issue.  


3. Be completely honest and upfront about your plan:  

Your TripMates just want to know what to expect. Highlight important aspects of the trip and make sure everything goes as per plan and as promised. Mention a detailed description about the trip highlighting key factors like accommodation, transportation, cost and food. 


4. Important to deal with awkward conversations:   

There is no way to dodge this and an element of leadership is important when it comes to leading a trip.  So, make sure conversations that make you uncomfortable are well communicated in order to avoid misunderstandings during the trip. Doing so will help make the trip a memorable experience not only for your TripMates but for you as a TripLeader as well. 


5. Safety: 

Prioritising safety will help save a lot of small mistakes from becoming big disasters. A well planned out safety measure that is clearly communicated will lead to a successful trip.   


6. Ask your TripMates for constructive feedback and then improve: 

The best way is to ask TripMates if anything went missing or overlooked upon. You can also check out this guide on how to be a perfect TripLeader to get some tips and tricks for your next trip. 


Praia do Sao Juliao (Ericeira, Portugal) TripLeader Lisa

Praia do Sao Juliao (Ericeira, Portugal) with TripLeader Lisa

Having said all of this, I am sure you are wondering how the review process works at JoinMyTrip?  
  • After the trip has ended, we’ll ask you via an email to write a review and provide star ratings for your recent trip.  
  • You have to submit your review within 7 days from the time your trip has ended. 
  • You can’t edit your review. This eliminates the possibility of having only positive reviews filtered. 

Do you have some time to spare? Then check out our resources that will certainly help you plan your next trip and become an amazing TripLeader: 

Reviews not only help our TripMates and TripLeaders plan a perfect adventure together. It also helps us at JoinMyTrip as we’re constantly striving to improve and we’d love to hear how your experience was. Your feedback about JoinMyTrip is important to us and our community.  So, please let us know in Trustpilot, Facebook or Google reviews

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and experience a trip that is worth raving about here at JoinMyTrip. It’s the perfect place where you can start your adventure with like-minded travelers. Find unique group trips by joining a guided trip or CoWorking trip. Better yet! plan your own by leading your very own trip. 




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