10 Must-See Hidden Gems in Seville

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Hidden Gems, Spain

As the getaway of the Andalusia region, Seville, Spain has a lot to offer. The charming city is beating with feisty culture, stunning architecture, and delightful cuisine. Although Seville has plenty of well-known tourist attractions, there are a lot of secret spots worth exploring. We will show you the best hidden gems in Seville to check out on your next trip. Guaranteed, they will take your Seville trip to the next level! 

Hidden Gems in Seville – Summary

  1. Guadalquivir River
  2. Parlamento de Andalucia
  3. El Costurero del La Reina
  4. San Lorenzo Neighborhood
  5. La Alameda Square
  6. Casa de Pilatos
  7. Casa de Las Duenas
  8. Flamenco Dance Museum
  9. Monasterio de Santa Paula
  10. Terraza Atalaya 

Guadalquivir River

hidden gems in seville to visit Guadalquivir River

The tranquil river might not be a secret anymore. However, the attractions it offers are rarely heard by travelers. Historical buildings and lovely neighborhoods are lining the banks of the Guadalquivir River. You can see the impressive Torre del Oro and Triana Bridge standing by the river. Thus, it is a popular spot to spend the late afternoon and wait for the sunset. 

Going to the waters of the Guadalquivir River is one of the most unique things to do in Seville. You can rent a kayak or paddleboard and row along the glistening waters. Moreover, if you want something romantic or relaxing, you can book a cruise tour along the Guadalquivir River. Therefore, the attractions in the Guadalquivir River are hidden gems in Seville that are worth checking out. 

Parlamento de Andalucia

hidden gems in seville parlamento de andalucia

Located nearby the famous Plaza de Espana, Parlamento de Andalucia is often overlooked by tourists. The baroque-styled building is the headquarters of the Andalusian Parliament. It once served as a hospital and church. For that reason, the building is often called Hospital de las Cinco Llagas or Hospital of the Five Wounds. 

Although you cannot enter the building, its architecture, and manicured gardens are worth seeing. The ornate exterior was crafted by Spanish artists, offering an incredible scene for everyone visiting. Thus, the history of Parlamento de Andalucia is also worth discovering. It looks like a freshly built building, even though it is actually centuries years old. Yes, it is a hidden gem in Seville that will make history buffs happy!

El Costurero de La Reina

hidden gems in seville el costurero de la reina
Photo by: Visita Sevilla

Tucked between Seville’s tourist attractions, stands an adorable building that only a few know about. El Costurero de La Reina is a small building designed in a neo-Mudéjar style and painted in a reddish palette. At a glance, the building looks like a miniature palace. It now serves as Seville’s tourist information office. Thus, the lovely architecture of this Seville hidden gem is worth seeing. 

El Costurero de La Reina was built in 1893. Legend says that Queen Maria de las Mercedes often sews and enjoy the river’s scenery in the monument. The name ‘El Costurero de La Reina’ or the Queen’s Sewing Room sounds makes sense with that legend. So, are you interested to pay a visit? 

San Lorenzo Neighborhood

hidden gems in seville san lorenzo

Although it is tucked in the busy central Seville, San Lorenzo is a neighborhood unknown to tourists. It offers one of the most vibrant scenes in Seville, as it is lined with a colorful neighborhood, trendy tapas bars, and delightful restaurants. As the sun goes down, San Lorenzo neighborhoods is becoming better. 

If you are looking for awesome Spanish food or top-notch cocktails, San Lorenzo is your go-to! It is a haven for foodies. There are lots of local restaurants that are ready to spoil your taste buds. Whether you want a classic paella or upscaled salmonrejo, everything is available in San Lorenzo! Moreover, there are several feisty bars that you can visit to spend a boozy night

La Alameda Square

hidden gems in seville la alameda square
Photo by: Visita Sevilla

One of the hidden gems in Seville that you should visit is La Alameda Square. The authentic neighborhood is located close to the oldest church in Seville, which is Omnium Sanctorum. La Alameda Square is marked by two enormous Roman pillars. At the top of the pillars, you can see the statue of Hercules. Thus, the legend says La Alameda is the origin of Seville. 

La Alameda is a vibrant neighborhood that features an authentic bohemian atmosphere. The streets are lined with vintage but trendy buildings. You can hear music beating from bars and restaurants around the neighborhood. Therefore, the amusing vibes of La Alameda will lure you to have a lot of fun!

Casa de Pilatos

Entering Casa de Pilatos will make you feel like a royal. Casa de Pilatos is a 15th-century palace that once belonged to the noble Enriquez and Ribera family. The palace remains a hidden tourist attraction and filming location. Therefore, Casa de Pilatos is one of the most charming hidden gems in Seville that you can see.

With the blend of Renaissance, Italian, and Mudejar architectural styles, Casa de Pilatos is simply beautiful. You can find arches adorned with colorful mosaics, pillars designed in marble, and elegant statues of Greek gods and Roman emperors. In the middle of the palace, you can find a splendid Italian-style garden. Thus, make sure to get your camera ready if you visit this palace! 

Casa de Las Duenas

hidden gems in seville casa de las duenas
Photo by: Casa de Las Duenas Official Website

The word ‘gem’ is perfect for this opulent place. Casa de Las Duenas is a small palace that served as the home of Duchess de Alba, a notable Spanish aristocrat. The building itself was built in the 15th century and belonged to the lords of Seville. However, a memory of Duchess de Alba’s love for the Spanish culture lasts in the palace. 

Casa de Las Duenas is built in a Moorish architectural style. The interior is adorned with Spanish ornaments and decorations, aligning with Duchess de Alba’s liking. However, the real deal about the palace is the botanical gardens. With hundreds of exotic plants and a beautiful setting, Casa de Las Duenas’ botanical gardens are something you should not miss. 

Flamenco Dance Museum

hidden gems in seville Flamenco Museum
Photo by: Flamenco Dance Museum

Watching a flamenco show is surely entertaining. Then, how about diving deeper into the luscious culture? Flamenco Dance Museum is ready to tell you everything you need to know about flamenco! The museum displays the history, journey, and trivia about flamenco dance in an impressive and interactive way. Wander around the four-story museum and get ready to explore the enchanting Spanish culture. 

Flamenco Dance museum has four stories. Each of them features different exhibitions and events, from costume collections to a dance floor. Moreover, you can also learn dance in this museum. So, this hidden gem in Seville should be on the bucket list for everyone who wants to learn about Spanish culture. 

Monasterio de Santa Paula

Seville hidden gems Monasterio Santa Paula
Photo by: Santa Paula

If you are looking for less-crowded but memorable places to visit in Seville, Monasterio de Santa Paula should be on your list. It is a beautiful monastery tucked in the San Julian neighborhood, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seville. Monasterio de Santa Paula is still serving as a monastery for Jeronimas nuns today. However, some parts of it are accessible to tourists. 

Monasterio de Santa Paula features a ravishing blend of baroque and gothic architecture. Thus, the cloisters and main buildings come in a more modern and laidback architectural style. There is an art exhibition that you can visit. Additionally, you can also explore a stunning room with beautiful religious artifacts. For that reason, Monasterio de Santa Paula is one of the best hidden gems in Seville to visit. 

Terraza Atalaya 

terraza atalaya
Photo by: Terraza Atalaya

Besides enchanting historical buildings and neighborhoods, we also recommend another type of hidden gem in Seville. Terraza Atalaya is one of the must-visit places in Seville. It is a fabulous bar with a modern concept that serves many kinds of crafted drinks. As it is located on the top of the famous Torre Sevilla, Terraza Atalaya is perfect for sightseeing. 

Terraza Atalaya is for everyone who wishes for a drink after a long day exploring Seville. The gorgeous interior, stunning bird-eye view, and delicious cocktails are worth checking out.

These hidden gems in Seville should be on your bucket list! Then, are you interested in discovering more hidden gems in Spain? Travel with our experienced TripLeaders and they will lead you to awesome secret spots in your destination. And yes, you don’t need to worry about the itineraries and other essentials as they will handle it for you. Moreover, you will be traveling in a group with other passionate travelers. It is a new and authentic way to explore the world!

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