6 Arguments to Convince your Boss to Let you Work Remotely

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Valid arguments your boss can’t say no to! 

If you are sick of being stuck at home for a while now and have the opportunity to work remotely or join a coworking trip from anywhere in the world, do it! Maybe your boss needs a little bit of convincing? If your boss happens to say no, we have a couple of valid arguments that you can use to convince your boss to go on a remote work trip from anywhere in the world.


6. You are more motivated 

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One of our TripMates during a coworking trip

You will most likely be staying somewhere nice and warm if you happen to be stuck in a cold city right now. It is simple logic that the sun will make you more active and happy! If you have a sea view you could start your morning with a run by the beach, how nice?! You will simply feel way more motivated to get your work done. Of course, when you are more motivated, the results of your work will also naturally improve and have a positive impact on the rest of your team by radiating positive energy throughout your workday. 


5. You become more creative 

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It’s always good to have a change of environment every now and then. Changing your environment helps you to clear your head, become more creative and be more productive. The day that you start changing your environment, you have another desk, surroundings, everything is pretty much different and unfamiliar. This way you definitely become more creative due to your mind having a different point of view and you will quickly come to realize that your mind starts thinking a bit more creatively. Here are some of the best cities for professionals to remote work in to help you get started and change your environment. 


4. Learn new skills

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As we all know, you never stop learning. There is always something you can improve. For example if you are a marketing manager and you meet another marketing manager from another company during your remote work trip, you can exchange your knowledge, skills and simply learn from one another. This will not only help you further improve your skills, but it will also benefit your company by bringing them new knowledge and ideas. By joining coworking trips on JoinMyTrip you get the opportunity to share skills and explore the surroundings with other remote professionals, giving you a good base to start if you are not sure how! 




3. You are more productive 

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By going on a remote work trip your productivity will also go up. You are super pumped to get your work done as fast as possible so you are able to quickly go out to explore. It is not the same as being at home where you are easily distracted from random things around your house, but on a remote work trip you have no distractions other than wanting to be as productive as possible so you can go chill at the beach.


2. Expand your network

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The beauty of a remote work trip is that you get to network with other remote professionals and digital nomads at the destination. Networking is always important for any kind of job because there will be times when your network comes in handy. Sometimes you cannot do everything alone. 😉 If you are interested in becoming a digital nomad, here is our guide on how you can become a digital nomad in 2021. 


1. Team building 


You don’t necessarily have to go on a remote work trip alone. You could suggest to your boss for the whole team to go on a remote work trip or with another colleague of yours if someone in the team is hesitant. Remote working in another destination can especially help with team building! Imagine you are sharing living and working spaces together, meaning you will be spending a majority of your time together. This is a great opportunity to get to know your team members a little bit more outside of working hours, creating a little remote working family. ✨ 


If you happen to still have doubts or think your boss will immediately say no, first ask! You will never know if you never ask. Prepare your points with these 6 concrete arguments we have given you and we are sure your boss can only say yes. At the end of the day, your boss is still human and will most likely understand your needs in a change of scenery. We are not meant to be at home all day! If you have used any of the 6 valid arguments, let us know how it went with your boss in the comments.


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