5 Amazing Trips you should do in December

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Planning your next trip and still don’t know where to go? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered

December is coming up and probably most of you are wondering where to go for vacation. It is finally that time of the year again and everyone is getting their suitcases out, ready for their next trip. Do you have your suitcase and passport ready but still don’t know where you are heading to? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with some of our recommendations on amazing trips you should do in December.

It is a great month to travel as it suits all types of travelers, from those opting for somewhere warm, where they can escape the cold winter and enjoy some vitamin D, to the ones who are obsessed with Christmas and everything that comes with it, just like myself. 

As a person who has lived most of their life in a warm place and then suddenly moved to Berlin with its gloomy and cold weather, I know how it feels to just want to escape to a warm place for a while. This is why we came up with our 5 top recommendations for amazing trips that one should do in December.

1. The Dominican Republic


Known as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is warm all year long which makes it a very attractive destination to visit at any time of the year. Still, it is worth mentioning that the weather there is divided into two main seasons, the wet and the dry one. This sounds like a geography lesson but let us tell you more about the weather in the Dominican Republic in December. The island enjoys around 7 hours of sunshine every day during the month of December with an average temperature of 26 degrees celsius as this is the start of the dry season which runs from December through April. 

Now close your eyes for a minute and imagine you are surrounded by palm trees, crystal blue waters, and breathtakingly white-sand beaches, sipping on your cocktail and enjoying some merengue and bachata music. 

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2. Rio de Janeiro


Heading more to the south we arrive at the so-called Cidade Maravilhosa, the Marvelous City. The city is surrounded by forested mountains, captivating beaches, and samba music all over town. 

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about Rio de Janeiro is the spectacular panoramic view of the whole city at the foot of the city’s iconic landmark, the Christ the Redeemer statue. But in fact, the city has a lot more to offer than its unforgettable panoramic views. 

Rio is known to be the most fun to travel to between December and March because this is when the summer season begins in Brazil and the weather gets warm enough to head to the beach and enjoy the sun. But December, in particular, is a magical month to visit Rio as the city’s famous event the ‘Reveillon’ takes place in December (New Year’s Eve), attracting visitors from all around the world to visit to experience the famous New Year’s Eve celebrations and the crazy party scene over there. 

The ‘Reveillon’ is a massive party organized on Copacabana beach to celebrate New Year’s Eve and watch the great firework show which results in a wonderful show of light and color along the coast. The whole experience is not to be missed

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3. Tenerife 


Tenerife would be our next recommendation for those who still want to escape the winter’s cold but want to stay inside the EU. If you are looking for somewhere less crowded then the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands is a great option as there are fewer tourists in December in comparison to other months. For all the beach lovers out there, get your swimsuits ready because even in December you can still go to the beach in Tenerife as the average temperature is usually around 23 degrees celsius. We know, going to the beach in December sounds too good to be true, especially when we are talking about Europe here but believe it or not, it is true. 

Apart from the beach and the good weather there are many other activities one can do in December in Tenerife. The island is a perfect destination for hikers especially in December as the weather is not too hot like in summer but is cool enough to enjoy the hike and get the best views. 

This one is for all the adrenaline lovers out there because in Tenerife the weather is ideal for paragliding. This is a great way to explore the island in a different way, from above.



4. Strasbourg


There is no better way to spend December than in the capital of Christmas itself. Strasbourg is a beautiful city that is located on the german-french border in Alsace. It is charming and cozy all year round, let alone when it’s the holiday season. The city is transformed into a winter wonderland full of Christmas markets and holiday lights around every corner. Strasbourg’s Christmas markets are the main reason you should consider visiting the city in December because the vibes are just MAGICAL! They usually run starting at the end of November until the 24th of December. Get ready for endless glasses of Gluehwein, delicious food, and LOTS of Instagram-worthy pictures. 



The Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg is another reason why you should pay the city a visit. It is located in the middle of Strasbourg and can be climbed for nice views of the city from above. When visiting in December visitors get to see one of the best Christmas markets in France, which is located around the cathedral. 

We also recommend visiting Petite France, which is one of the coziest and most picturesque neighborhoods of this beautiful city. The water runs through the neighborhood with many nice restaurants creating a very lovely atmosphere. 

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5. Rovaniemi, Lapland


This one is for the ones who are willing to splurge a bit to realize their snow-filled fantasies. Ever dreamt of visiting the official home of Santa Claus. We know this sounds like a dream, but Rovaniemi is actually where Santa Claus’ house is located, and you can even visit him in his office and send special letters from there. Now you would think that this is the best thing about visiting Rovaniemi but guess what? We are just getting started because in this magical city you will experience a winter full of pink skies, husky sleds, and twinkling lights. 

You can go husky sledding and take a reindeer sleigh ride, just like in movies. There you choose between various different route lengths starting from 500 meters to 8 kilometers.

Finally, the main reason why you should visit Lapland is to view the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis, another thing to cross off your bucket list. There are some Aurora hunting tours over there that one can try to increase the chance of witnessing this magical event without having to stand outside in the cold all night long. 


There are for sure many other beautiful trips one could do in December but we chose our top 5 favorites for you to help you choose the right trip for you. Each of the above-mentioned trips is unique in its own way. It just depends on whether you are longing for some sunshine and warm weather or you want to experience the Christmas festivities. 


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