10 Fun Things to Do in Stockholm

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As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm would seem like a typical metropolitan city like any other place in the world. However, Sweden has its own distinguishing characteristics when it comes to tourist attractions. So, what are the fun things to do in Stockholm? Check them out on this list.

What are fun things to do in Stockholm?

Sing and dance at ABBA The Museum

abba the museum things to do in stockholm
Copyright: ABBA The Museum

Do you know that the legendary supergroup ABBA is originally from Sweden? In fact, their legacy is exhibited in its own museum, ABBA The Museum. In this amazing museum, you can watch numerous exhibitions such as their gold records, the members’ costumes, memorabilia, and other original items. Is not it a fun thing to do with your friends during your visit to Stockholm?

Moreover, you can also be their “fifth member” by wearing the costumes and enjoying the virtual interactive exhibition where you can sing, play, and mix their original music. If you want to get more information about the museum, you can also get a guided tour here. Check on the ABBA The Museum’s official website to see full information about the exhibition and tickets.

Ticket fares: SEK 250 for Adults, SEK 95 for Children 7-15 years, SEK 595 for Family Ticket 2+2, SEK 220 for Students, and SEK 220 for Senior Citizens.

Learn about a historical warship at Vasa Museum

vasa museum things to do in stockholm
Copyright: Anneli Karlsson

If you plan to visit Stockholm, you need to go to Vasa Museum to learn about its maritime legacy. You get to see the best-preserved 17th Vasa warship, which sank in the Stockholm harbor in 1628. After its recovery and restoration in 1961, the ship still retains its strength and hundreds of beautifully carved sculptures.

Besides the main exhibition of the Vasa warship, there are other exhibitions offered for the guests such as life on board and its history. You can also watch a film about the Vasa warship in different languages. Even more, you can also have lunch and Fika in the provided shop and restaurant in this museum. Are you now excited to go to this museum?

Ticket fares: Free for Children up to 18 years, SEK 190 from May to September, SEK 170 from October to April, SEK 290 for a 72-hour ticket for a combined tour of the Museum of Wrecks and the Vasa Museum, and SEK 250-350 for Membership allowing free access to the Vasa Museum.

Get lost in Gamla Stan

gamla stan
Copyright: Catalina Johnson

Stockholm’s Gamla Stan is a charming medieval-style old town standing on three different islands, which are Helgeands Island, Stads, Island, and Riddar Island. This area is the oldest district in Stockholm, which is home to numerous 16th and 17th centuries of protected buildings. Gamla Stan is also home to the Royal Palace, which is the official residence of the Swedish monarch.

Exploring Gamla Stan is one of the must things to do in Stockholm as this part of the city has different architectural styles compared to other modern neighborhoods. Fun things to do in Gamla Stan include visiting cafes and restaurants which offer many variations of typical Swedish meals. In addition, you can also find quirky craft stores, clothing shops, potteries, jewelry stores, and accessories kiosks in this lovely old town.

Ticket fares: It is completely free to enter the area of Gamla Stan. You only need to pay for things you do there such as buying food or accessories.

Visit the Swedish Royal Palace

royal palace things to do in stockholm
Copyright: Kungliga Slotten

Your trip to Sweden is never complete without putting the Swedish Royal Palace as one of the things to do on your Stockholm travel list. In fact, the Royal Palace is open to public visitors, and who does not get excited to enter the Royal Palace, though? It will probably be one of the most unforgettable experiences you ever have. 

Once you enter, you will get to see the exclusive interior of this 18th-century palace decorated in the Italian Baroque style. Inside the reception rooms, some royal items and rooms are exhibited such as Queen Kristina’s silver throne, the Hall of State, and the Halls of the Orders of Chivalry. Do not also forget to watch the parade of soldiers during their daily changing of the guard.

Ticket fares: SEK 80 for Children of 7-17 years, SEK 160 for Adults, and SEK 80 for Students.

Get inspiration from The Nobel Prize Museum

nobel prize museum things to do in stockholm
Copyright: Nobel Prize Museum

Do you ever dream of receiving a Nobel Prize Award? If so, maybe you will get more motivated once you visit the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm. Located in the Gamla Stan area, specifically in the center of the old town, the museum invites the public to their exhibitions, lectures, dialogues, and school programs to learn more about the Nobel Prize and its history.

Different exhibitions are offered in this museum through which you can learn how Nobel Prize Winners contributed to society and science development. Moreover, you can also sign up for the Nights at the Nobel Museum program which gives you the opportunity to engage in science talks, literary conversations, and inspiring concerts. This is absolutely one of the valuable things to do in Stockholm that can motivate your intellectual growth.

Ticket fares: SEK 130 for Adults, SEK 90 for students, free admission for Children up to 18 years and Membership, SEK 90 for Senior Citizens over 65 years, and SEK 100 per person for a group of at least 15 persons.

Discover Stockholm City Hall

stockholm city hall
Copyright: Stockholm City Hall

The Stockholm City Hall is one of the most iconic landmarks in Stockholm that you must visit. This building has a 106-meter tall tower that holds three crowns, which is the Swedish national coat of arms, on top of it. The tower is open to visitors only from May to September. You can climb up inside the tower and get to see the beautiful view of Stockholm from above.

Inside the city hall, there are assembly rooms, art galleries, offices, and session halls for officials and politicians. The city hall is open for visitors only by guided tours and private tours. Within the tour, you can learn about some traditions held in this historical building like the great Nobel banquet. Besides, there is also the City Hall shop which sells accessories for you to keep.

Ticket fares: SEK 130 for Adults, SEK 110 for Students and Senior Citizens, SEK 50 for Youths of 7-19 years, and free admission for Children under 6 years.

Start an adventure at Skansen

Copyright: Marie Andersson

Visiting Skansen has been one of the favorite things to do in Stockholm, both for the locals and visitors. In fact, Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world, which makes it even more interesting to pay a visit. Inside this museum, you can get into the Stockholm zoo where you can interact and pet native animals to Scandinavia.

Besides, you can also visit Skansen’s Aquarium and the Baltic Sea Science Center for learning about sea animals. Not only does this open-air museum offer different playgrounds and venues, but it also holds different typical Swedish seasonal festivals. Some of the Swedish traditions that they usually celebrate are Walpurgis Night, Midsummer, and Lucia which you should experience all.

Ticket fares: For the Main Entrance, the ticket for Children of 4-15 years is SEK 70, Adults is SEK 160, Students is SEK 140, Senior Citizens is SEK 140, and a Group of 10 adults is SEK 140 per person.

Read books at Stockholm Stadsbiblioteket

stockholm stadsbiblioteket
Copyright: Julian Terenzio

One of the fun things to do in Stockholm is going to its famously beautiful library, Stockholm Stadsbiblioteket. This library has even been listed as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. Once you enter this library, you will know the reasons why. The facade is truly magnificent.

Designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, the view of the books on the shelves spanning the cylindrical walls will definitely get you stunned. This iconic library is also a good place for you to spend your time working or just relaxing by reading some pieces of literature in different languages. You will definitely lose track of time in this beautiful library.

Ticket fares: Stockholm Stadsbiblioteket is open to all visitors, and you do need to pay in order to visit this place.

Explore Stockholm Canals

stockholm canals
Copyright: Micael Widell

As you already know, Stockholm city consists of numerous islands, meaning that there are many canals here. That is why Stockholm is even called the Venice of the North, and exploring canals is one of the must-do things in Stockholm. Some recommendations include Göta Canal, Dalsland Canal, and Djurgården Canal.

There are many ways to explore the canals of Stockholm. You can take guided tour boats which have different ticket fares for each tour. You can also buy a one-day pass public transportation from SL that offers an option to commute by ferry through the canals. Other tips you can do to explore the canals are by walking or biking along the canals where you can enjoy sightseeing the buildings and beautiful views of the canals.

Ticket fares: You can check directly the guided tour platforms for their prices. If you want to take one-day pass public transportation from SL, the ticket prices range between zones and your age. Check out SL’s official website for more information on prices.

Take pictures of Stockholm Tunnelbana

stockhoöm tunnelbana
Copyright: Tom Podmore

The last thing to do in Stockholm to end your trip is to commute from one metro system to another in Stockholm. Tunnelbana, or metro system, in Stockholm, is genuinely and literally one of the hidden gems in Stockholm. The reason is that each metro station has its own unique and beautiful art installations.

Some recommended beautiful metro stations for you to visit include Stadion Station, T-Centralen Station, and Tensta Station. Actually, there are a lot more colorful metro stations that have different kinds of amazing art installations. So, go there now and see it for yourself!

Ticket fares: In order to get into the metro station in Stockholm, you need to have your SL public transportation ticket. You can check the fares and zones by using its mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

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