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Only 7 months before entering our holiday area 🌟 I can already smell the beach, feel the music vibrating through my bones and hear to the wonderful laughs that we will share during this incredible adventure !!! This trip is definitely about socializing, sharing and caring about each other while having the best time in an WOW destination. Overview : Zanzibar is a destination off the coast of Tanzania, which will lead us to its breathtaking beaches with crystal-clear turquoise waters, its amazing sea and wild life and what I am mostly excited about is that we will explore together and be a part of its vibrant culture. During our trip, this is what you can expect: Relaxation, music, drinks ! Taking part of the Wildlife adventures: parks, underwater and more Guided tours to some pretty cool towns while having professional photos taken by me during the trip and edited afterwards, so you can create a wonderful memory album of your journey away and share it with your precious people back home !

I'm a 24yo French nomad traveller. I live in a Coaster bus named DoubleTrouble with my partner James and cat Maïwan back home in Australia. I organise trips for a living and for fun as I love travelling around the world meeting new people and experiencing new exciting things. I am a professional photographer and I carry my babies everywhere I go. I love to film, take photos, to be part of this world is for me the most beautiful gift I could ever receive. I like hiking, riding my bicycle, animals and socializing with all beings. 🌟 I'll always accommodate the trips so everyone finds themselves surprised and having the best stories to share when you get home ! Be careful once you taste it you might never stop wanting to do it ! 🌟

🌟 For this stay, we will be staying at two accommodations : the first two nights and the last night in an accommodation in Zanzibar, close to stone town. Then three nights (24th-27th) in a different location on the other side of the Island: it will be a lovely private villa under palm trees right by the beach!🌟

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Trip Itinerary

Stone Town

Day 1-2
🌟 WE HAVE ARRIVED 🌟 Highlights♡ We get to meet and greet ! We discover the smells and colors of Zanzibar surroundings, shop and explore. ⇬ We will be meeting at our accommodation around 9am. Dropping the bags, meeting everybody and heading out for our first adventures before noon! ⇬ On the first day, we will ☺: The plan is to be visiting the street of Stone Town, heading to cafés, maybe street food for lunch, markets and admiring all sceneries that the town as to offer meanwhile behind my camera (if you allow obviously) I'll be capturing your most precious moment discovering the culture, meeting the people and exploring the surroundings. There is the Freddie Mercury Museum in Zanzibar (entry fee not included in my package, but if you're interested, you should do it!) ⇬ We will also head out to get some basic groceries to cook ourselves a nice breakfast for the next morning. HEADSUP : They will never be any obligation to eat or drink out, if you would like to save your money we have the possibility to cook in our apartments at all times ! For our first night : I recommend that we all head out to a Local bar / restaurant to spend the evening: I have few recommendations which we can choose from on the day: the program from then on is to relax ourselves after the first day visiting, talking about us and having some fun. The spot should be close to our accommodation so if people feel like coming home earlier they are able to.

Nungwi Mnarani Aquarium

Day 2-3
🌟 Day 2: Highlights♡ Experience a full-day tour from Zanzibar to the beautiful Mnemba Island. Cruise around the island, snorkel with zebrafish and clownfish, and swim with sea turtles at the Nungwi Turtle Aquarium. ⇬ The plan for today is to let go, and I will be taking us for a whole day (about 10hrs): ⇬ We will head for a snorkeling tour at Mnemba Island and see lots of tropical fish! We will discover the amazing sea life of Tanzania: snorkeling around Mnemba island seeing fish like zebrafish, spotted boxfish, spotted pufferfish, clownfish and many others. ⇬ Then heading to Mnarani aquarium: It was originally set up to rehabilitate and study marine turtles that had been caught in fishing nets, the project was developed to ensure that local baby turtles became protected, we will be swimming with them and learning about how to keep protecting theses incredible creatures! We will ⇬ We will then back to our accommodation for our 2nd night IN Zanzibar, not on the Island.

Jozani Forest

Day 3-4
🌟 DAY 3: Highlights♡ Car trip to our next destination: Jozani Forest and Zanzibar Butterfly Centre Discovery of our amazing private beach Villa! ⇬ I will pick up our car around 9am and you all afterwards with your bags and lunch. ⇬ We will be driving to Jozani Forest where you will interact in close proximity with our beautiful and friendly Red Colobus Monkeys have wonderful walks into the deep forest and enjoy lunch. ⇬ After spending half our day there, we will head to Zanzibar Butterfly Centre where a normal tour lasts around 40 minutes, but you can spend as much time as you want. We will try to be there for a maximum of 2hrs. ⇬ After observing the wild fauna and flora of the parks, we will head to our second accommodation, which will be AMAZING! 💫 Our second accommodation will be a private villa, we will stay there for the next three nights 💫 The Villa stands at the foot of a relaxing coconut palm grove. The beach, one of the most beautiful in Zanzibar, can be reached in about 3.5 minutes. When you enter the house, there is a large open space living room with corner sofa and kitchenette equipped with everything we need :fridge, oven, dishes, kitchen etc. We will get ourselves organized and check out the local restaurant and bars for diner.


Day 4-5
🌟 DAY 4 : Day you do you ! Highlights♡ Get yourself a nice relaxing day chilling at the villa or keep going with our free activity list that I have organise this is up to you. Program or not program ꆛ : Since we will have been moving a lot, I propose to have a day off, or at least a day where I don't plan for you to give you the opportunity to enjoy our amazing villa, local store and browsing around the amazing beach of the East Coast. We do have the car at our disposal so if some of you want to do things we will be able to organise it together ! I have a list of free activities around our villa too which will be at your disposal. This is a great opportunity if you like to buy presents or explore by yourself to have some "Me Time" (in the other hand, I'll be at your disposal too aha) ꆛ

Blue Lagoon

Day 5-6
🌟DAY 5: Road Tripping Highlights♡ Blue Lagoon and Starfish Beach snorkeling and relaxing - Diner or Drinks at The Rock Restaurant! Driving to the Rock as our final destination for the day, we will be stopping by: ⇬ Then we will head to Michamvi Beach, the Coral Garden, and a location where you get to swim with starfish in their natural environment and enjoy the clear Indian Ocean waters of Zanzibar. ⇬ We will then head to the Blue lagoon to take photos snorkel if possible and relax for the rest of the afternoon before heading to our sunset location! ⇬ Lastly, we will drive back to spend our last night in our beautiful accommodation.

Kuza Cave

Day 6-7
🌟DAY 6: Highlights♡ Kuza Cave Swahili Lunch, cooking class, drumming or dancing Lesson and road trip back to Zanzibar ⇬ After check out around 10am; we will discover Zanzibar’s best kept secrets is Kuza Cave an ancient limestone jungle cave with crystal clear turquoise fresh water. The cave is a 50-meter-round sinkhole near Jambiani, Zanzibar’s east coast, lying in the center of a remote wilderness. A small bridge and a few stairs lead to an underground oasis. Rainwater has been eroding the limestone for over 250,000 years, resulting in the cave’s round shape. We will stay there for most of the day. There is easy access to the large light-filled circular cave and a reception area with a restaurant and large shaded area where you can buy food and drinks, but lunch will be included in this tour. We will also have a 45-min experience drumming among the locals or dancing. This is included during our trip, however you do not have the obligation. The area around the cave is a peaceful nature preserve for wildlife that includes Red Colobus Monkeys, colorful butterflies, many birds, chindi and bush babies. Perfect for a day chilling, or visiting the surroundings! ⇬ Back to Zanzibar, checking back into our previous (first) accommodation. ⇬ We will have our goodbye drinks and hopefully get to listen to some live music around the town for a late night out since it's a Saturday !


Day 7
🌟DAY 7: LAST DAY🌟 Highlights♡ Spice Tours 3hrs It’s inevitable. After all, this cluster of islands off the coast of Tanzania is nicknamed the Spice Islands, and there was once a time when Zanzibar was the largest producer of cloves in the world. We will take a spice tour and that will be the last organized activity on my end the tour includes lunch (Spiced Rice Pilau), Tropical Fruits and Drinking water. After this we will go our separate ways until the next adventure ! 💫
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