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CHILE-BOLIVIA-PERU' EXPEDITION: Machu Picchu, Salar de Uyuni, Rainbow Mountains and much more..

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JOIN ME AND A GROUP OF STRANGERS TO THIS AMAZING ADVENTURE✈️ The key word of this trip is WILDNESS🥾⛰️🌵🌳 I want you to be prepared to what you're going to live through. We'll pass through there of the most beautiful countries in South America. CHILE🇨🇱-BOLIVIA🇧🇴-PERU'🇵🇪 Are you ready for this???

I’m a curious and adventurous girl, i love explore, meeting new people, knowing new cultures and learning something new every time i have the opportunity!☀️ If you find yourself in this description we should totally meet cause we have the same energy and positive vibes✨

We'll be divided on double rooms with separate beds where everyone can have their own privacy and comfort!! If you have the urge to have a private room I'll be happy to help you out, contact me in private and with a little more amount you can have it! We will live this experience all together but it's nice to have our moments sometimes! Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1
*BEFORE READING THE ITINERARY YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT THIS TRIP IS WILD, WHICH MEANS ALWAYS ON THE ROAD, 1 BUS NIGHT TO CROSS A COUNTRY!! You need to be fast and reactive always with your backpack on your shoulder ready to unpack and repack a suitcase in 10 minutes, if you don't feel like matching this criteria I don't know if this trip suits you!!* The very first day will be of travelling, I recommend you arrive on August 23rd and we will all meet in Santiago de Chile on the 24th of August! (of course if you arrive the 23rd I'll take the hotel for you) My flight will arrive at night on August 23rd I will sleep in Santiago de Chile and our journey will begin on the 24th! WE WILL FLY BACK HOME FROM ANOTHER AIRPORT SO DON'T BUY ONE WAY AND BACK TICKET!! JUST THE ONE WAY FROM YOUR COUNTRY TO SANTIAGO DE CHILE ON THE 23RD OF AUGUST! NOTE WELL: It's important that you arrive before 3 p.m. local time on the 24 because otherwise you'll miss the next flight! The very first day we will be visiting the one and only capital of Chile and when you think you're just getting use to this city we'll say goodbye because we are already leaving to go to the moon!! You didn't read wrong, we're going to Calama which is a chilean city that is very particular and seems like to stay on another planet!!


Day 1-2
We will land on the 24th in Calama and after refresh ourselves In the hotel we'll get ready to eat some dinner, give a little tour to the city and go to bed early because the trip is just started and will get better day after day!! ARE YOU READY???

San Pedro de Atacama

Day 2-3
Hope you slept a little because the alarm is pretty early in the morning! We're headed to our next destination by bus which is at 6:30 a.m. and will arrive in San Pedro de Atacama at 8:30 a.m. Once we arrive we have some time to get our breakfast and we have the morning free, we'll try to enter the hotel before our time schedule to leave the baggage and after a shower and a little sleep we go out to grab lunch somewhere and after that we'll meet our tour guide of the day that will bring us to visit the one and only Moon Valley! this place is insane, I don't think you ever seen something like this in your life! We will come back for dinner and rest, until we wake up the next day!

Laguna Colorada

Day 3-4
During this day we will enter in a new country! We will have a guide and a driver with us because crossing the borders in this countries is really hard without a person that knows where to bring us! The first day is gonna be a tour around the Bolivian lagunas! We will see: REA National Park Laguna Blanca Laguna Verde Dalì Desert Polques Hot Springs Sol de mañana geyser Laguna Colorada and after this looooong day we need a good sleep to face the next one, our eyes will be filled of joy!


Day 4-5
DURING THIS DAY WE WILL REACH THE ONE AND ONLY UYUNI! Get ready guys to something that will leave you speechless! Before getting there we will pass through: Petrified Camel Rock Stone city and the lagoons along the way! And in the end, in a perfect way to finish the day, here it comes... the one, the majestic SALAR DE UYUNI.

Isla Incahuasi

Day 5-6
What's better than visit Uyuni???? VISIT UYUNI AT SUNRISE! We'll be the first to be there.. this image will be impressed in our eyes forever. I SWEAR! After this we will continue our day visiting the Incahauasi Island with its giant cacti and the cemetery of trains! We will say goodbye to our driver and after having dinner we will take a night bus that will lead us directly to La Paz, arriving there at 7:30 in the morning the next day!

La Paz

Day 6-7
We will stop in La Paz for one day! We need to rest a little bit and over of all think about what we have experienced in those days! we will take a looong shower and sleep if we need to, and the rest of the day we'll pass it visiting the city and living with the locals!


Day 7-8
Get ready to enter in a new country!! PERU' here we are!! We'll take the bus at 7:00 a.m and start our hop on-hop off to arrive to Perù. Our first stop will be lake Titicaca and we will take a boat tour on the lake to live the most out of it! Taking the bus again and stopping in Copacabana, visiting the city and the gate to Isla del sol The last part of trip will lead us to the first city of Perù: PUNO! where we will have dinner and stop for the night!


Day 8-9
Cusco will be the base for the next days because we will visit all beauties around it! To get there we will take a bus at 8:45 a.m from Puno and arrive in Cusco at 15:30 p.m. Check-in in the house and start exploring around the city! Go to sleep the next days will be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G


Day 9-10
Get ready to do a ride towards two of the most iconic place in Perù. Pisaq and Ollantaytambo visiting the amazing Sacred Valley.. I can't wait to see the expression on your face when you'll see this beauty! We will go to sleep early because the next the dream is gonna come TRUE!

Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

Day 10-11
MACHU PICCHU AT SUNRISE.. There's nothing else to say.. I'm thrilled like you to visit this, I can't wait to feel the adrenaline while hiking this mountain! Guys this will be a wonderful experience. Trust me! After this day full of joy and pure love we can go back at our hotel and have a good sleep!


Day 11
From Cusco we will leave with a local veer soon at 4:00 a.m. to visit the one and only Rainbow Mountains. To get there we'll take a 1h30 hike and arrive then to the viewpoint! Our eyes will be filled with joy and colors! I can't wait to stand in front all this!!


Day 11-12
Come back to Cusco to say goodbye to the city, have a good shower and rest as much as we can because we really lived it all! We should be so proud of ourselves and we are ready to end this trip which has been quite an adventure!


Day 12-13
Last Flight from Cusco to Lima WHERE OUR TRIP ENDS!! We will visit the city and have our last day to visit this chaotic city dinner for the last time together and after that we are headed to our hotel to take a good sleep and get ready for our way back! EVERYONE IS FREE TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT! You can take a flight back to your country FROM LIMA or decide to visit all the beauties that this lands has to offer! I REALLY HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN IN MY NEXT ADVENTURES OR AOUND THE WORLD. This has been amazing! Thank you!
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