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Nature, city sightseeing, delicious food, and more. Join me for a short trip to Valencia and its surroundings. Hello! I'm Nuria I'm excited to get to know you and to be able to show you the wonderful city that Valencia is. :) I've studied journalism and lived in this city for 5 years, so I think I'm a good fit to be the trip leader. I have already an itinerary for these days but of course, any of you can contribute with suggestions and no one have to feel obliged to take part in activities if one doesn't feel like it. We will spend 3 nights in Valencia from Thursday to Sunday. I booked accommodation in the El Cabanyal area, a well-known neighborhood on the beach. I chose this area because it is more relaxed than the center or other neighborhoods and there are plenty of delicious cafés and tapas bars with a great local atmosphere, plus on Saturday mornings there is yoga on the beach! Nearby we can also rent bikes, so we can do some touring by bicycle 🚲 such as going to the old town where we can enjoy the architectonic beauty and maybe some delicious food too :-D Yes, I'm a foodie too! :-P The city center is beautiful everywhere you look, the central market, la plaza de la Reina (the queen's square), the cathedral, and the narrow streets of el barrio del Carmen, one of the most charming areas of the city! I also plan to show you Alboraya, the village next to Valencia where tiger nuts are grown, next to the fields you find the best horchata (a drink made of tiger nuts) in Valencia, which is also an absolute must. I will drive to Valencia in my car, then for longer distances like for example to go to the Albufera lagune, which is a big MUST when in Valencia, we will be able to get there by car. 🚙 On Friday depending on what time we all arrive we can have a walk around the neighborhood, hang out on the beach, buy some food for the weekend, and most importantly, get to know each other! :) 🏠 Our Accommodation: The apartment is 650 meters from the beach and is a two-duplex duplex. It has a total of 110 m2 and has Wi-Fi, a restaurant, and a terrace shared with the other apartments. La Más Bonita Apartment is 650 m from the beach, 3.7 km from la Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, and 4.3 km from the Turia gardens. The airport is located 16 km away. To sleep, there's a futon, a double bed, and two double sofas. We can ask for an extra bed in case we do not want to share. No worries. :D 💰 What is included in the price of the trip: -Accommodation, we will stay in a duplex in front of the beach -Bike rental for 2 days -Boat tour around la Albufera Lagoon -Car use expenses: gasoline -Paella in a restaurant in the Albufera area. 🤩 About how I travel and what I expect from my trip mates: When I travel I like to take time to enjoy the places, I prefer to see less but to feel the life of the place where I am. I think the way I have organized this getaway, we will be able to see the most relevant places and at the same time relax and enjoy the sun and the company of each other. I'm very empathetic and I'll do everything in my hand to make each of you feel included and comfortable. I expect you to have a good sense of humor and to be nice to each other. I love Valencia and I can't wait to show it to you!
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Trip Itinerary

El Cabanyal

Day 1-2
We will meet in the apartment where we will stay those days, which is located in the neighborhood of Cabanyal, a seaside neighborhood of modernist architecture and tile houses. A lovely apartment 650 m from the beach. It also has a restaurant and a shared terrace with the other guests of the apartments.

Plaça de la Reina

Day 2-3
The city center is beautiful everywhere you look, the central market, la plaza de la Reina (the queen's square), the cathedral, and the narrow streets of el barrio del Carmen, one of the most charming areas of the city.

Albufera de Valencia

Day 3-4
The Albufera is one of the most important natural parks in Spain, where most of the rice fields of the Valencian community are located. This unique landscape changes its appearance depending on the stage of development of the rice fields. In February when this trip takes place, it is bird season, as the rice is harvested and the fields are filled with water. This month is very good to observe the flamingos.
Apartments & Bed & Breakfast
4 days trip
El Cabanyal, Plaça de la Reina & 1 more
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