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Hey There! Let me invite you to a nice trip in Hungary! The start of the excursion is Budapest, where we would spend 3 nights. During these days I will show you the most famous sights in the city. The Castle, Parliament, Heroes Square, The Great Market Hall and so on.... Furthermore, I will try to show you some hidden gems that probably many tourists miss. We'll take part on a special tour where you can taste Unicum, one of the most famous Hungarian Alcohol. After the Capital, we will go to North-West Hungary by train. Here, in my home region, I will show you why this country has so much to offer apart from Budapest. Moreover, we will take some time to visit Vienna, as it has also many interesting points to see, and it is located in this region too. During the trip, I will make sure to experience true Hungarian things, that normal tourist cannot, we will make Hungarian goulash on open fire on a farm. On our last full day we will go to Lake Balaton where we visit one of the greatest markets of Hungary. After that we'll go to Hévíz, where there is a natural thermal spa lake. This is one of the most spectacular regions of Hungary, so make sure to bring your hiking shoes as we will climb up to a mountain to be amazed by the view. During this tour, I will do my best to show you the Hungarian cuisine that is way more than Goulash and Lángos. We will visit some great restaurants. In addition, in Budapest I will take you to 1-2 non-Hungarian restaurants because, in my opinion, Budapest has one of the most diverse (and good quality) range of restaurants that I have ever experienced. 🏠 Where will we be staying? 🏠 The accommodation in Budapest will be a hotel with breakfast. This hotel is located in a nice quarter of the capital from where everything is easy to access. In the countryside, we'll stay in a pleasant small hotel, also including breakfast. The rooms would be divided 2-2 people at each place, sleeping on twin beds. 💰 What is included in the cost? 💰 - Accommodation (7 nights and with breakfast) - Transportation (Train tickets, fuel) - Activities - Guide fee About me: I'm a Hungarian guy and I'm here on JoinMyTrip to share memories with people all around the world, and to show my country that I find slightly underrated from the view of tourism. I'm a Horticulture Engineer student. For me, travelling is a passion. I have been travelling since I know myself, either with my family, alone or with friends. As a result, I have visited nearly 50 countries. Looking forward to seeing you! If you have any question, or you would hear more, don't hesitate to contact me!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-4
We will start our Journey in the Capital. During our full 2 days we'll visit many interesting and famous points. The Castle, the Parliament, The Heroes square, The Great Market Hall, walking alongside the Danube and many more fun things to do.


Day 4
Győr has a very nice baroque city center. This city has a nickname "the City of Rivers", as 4 rivers meet in the city out around the city. Also, we'll go to Pannonhalma where there is a 1000 years old abbey. It is just 30 minutes drive away from Győr.


Day 4-5
Fertőd is most famous for its castle, the Esterházy Castle. It is called the Hungarian Versailles. It also has a nice surrounding park. The Accommodation is also located here in Fertőd. We'll spend here every night, and start our day trips from here. Moreover, this is my hometown, and I'm planning to do some unique experiences, but that's a surprise you will have to find out once on the trip.

Lake Neusiedl

Day 5
This lake is located between Austria and Hungary. This region is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here I'll show you the National park, a nice viewpoint, and a historical place, the place where the Iron curtain was cut for the first time in 1989.


Day 5
Sopron, the capital of the Fertő region. It has a cute old centrum that we'll visit. Sopron was also surrounded by a wall, and its ruins are still observable. What is more, we'll visit a very nice café that is one of the best in Hungary.


Day 5-6
We'll go to Vienna for a day by train. Even though, it's not Hungary I think this city is so nice that it's worth to visit, especially if you have never been to. It's just 1.5 hours away from Fertőd. We would visit the center, the Schönbrunn Castle, that was the residence of the Habsburg family.

Lake Balaton

Day 6-7
Lake Balaton is the Hungarian sea. Unfortunately, it's cold to swim in it in February, but there is so much to do there in wintertime. We start at a market, that is one of the most famous markets in Hungary. If the weather will be good, we'll do some hiking. After that we'll go along the North side of the lake and stop at some famous points.
Trip Summary
7 days trip
Budapest, Győr & 5 more
Train, Car
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