Vacation Trip in Costa Rica's Best Beach: Santa Teresa Jungle Paradise!!

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Guided trip
Relax in the most amazing beach in Costa Rica, offering a tropical lifestyle and amazing vibes. The activities are meant for us to enjoy, relax and have fun. Take the sun, go for a swim, walk by the beach, magical sunsets, delicious restaurants and even go shopping to gorgeous stores. Horseback riding by the beach, ATV tours, yoga, wellness and more.

Wellness is a huge priority to me. If you're good internally, you can conquer the world. Spending time on nature helps us connect with our inner stillness for a while, finding peace from the fast world and city lifestyle. I want everyone to have a great time, as this is my home country and I'm glad I can share this paradise with other people ;)

Pictures of the place can be found in the trip details. We will sleep in 4 double beds, one for each person, divided in 2 rooms. Each room has a private bathroom. Amenities include: AC in both rooms, a nice pool, towels are included, as well as free Wi-Fi. The place is 250m away from the beach, which is like a 5min walk and it's really close to the center. Surrounded by supermarkets, restaurants and other hotels. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

What's included?
Beach horseback riding
Yoga class (begginner friendly)
ATV tour
Transportation from San José
Transportation in Santa Teresa (car)
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Hey! It's Cami. :) I'm passionate woman who is always looking for ways to expand her soul and learn new things

You can chat with Camila once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary

Ventura Santa Teresa

Day 1-5
We will stay all days in Santa Teresa, in a single Airbnb. All the activities will happen nearby in a walking distance range, but we will have a car for our own comfort. Santa Teresa is a beach, so the weather is hot, tropical and a little humid. Around 27 Celcius during daytime. We can go to the different beaches around: Santa Teresa, Malpaís and El Carmen. There are a lot of restaurants with delicious food we can try, and beachfront resorts where we can watch the sunset.

Santa Teresa Beach

Day 5
We will go in a 2 hour guided Horseback Riding trip by the beach. Since its a 2 hour trip, we will go from Santa Teresa through the designated route. A guide will lead us and give us all the instructions.

Banana Beach Restaurant

Day 5
We will go to Banana Beach Restaurant to watch the sunset. It gets crowded since it is a beautiful beachfront restaurant with delicious options to eat and drink. They usually have a DJ or live music. Also, there is happy hour in case you want to enjoy.

Selina Santa Teresa South & Cowork

Day 5
Here we will participate in a begginner - friendly yoga class. We are NOT sleeping here, we will only spend the time we take during the class and if we want to eat/ drink something at the restaurant, as it is a nice social place to hang out.
Trip Summary
Apartments & Hotel
5 days trip
Ventura Santa Teresa, Santa Teresa Beach & 2 more
What's excluded?
Flight tickets
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