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🌸✨ Immerse in the Magic of Japan: Osaka CoWorking Adventure to Kyoto, Arashiyama, Nara, Kobe, and more! Join me on an extraordinary coworking trip where work meets wanderlust. Uncover ancient traditions, majestic temples, and vibrant cityscapes while networking with like-minded professionals. Limited spots are available! Let's create, explore, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 🇯🇵💼 #OsakaCoWorking #WorkandWanderlust #JapanBound Experience the best of both worlds at our exclusive coworking space in Osaka. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi📶, refreshing beverages🍹, and a cozy environment to work and collaborate💻. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Kyoto's 🏯 temples, the serene allure of Arashiyama's 🌸 natural landscapes, and the cultural treasures of Nara 🦌. Indulge in the vibrant spirit of Kobe 🍖 and savor its culinary delights. This coworking adventure is your gateway to work, explore, and connect in the enchanting land of Japan. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Limited spots available. Reserve yours today!

About me! 🌸 Hey there! I'm Thalita – your guide to an extraordinary coworking adventure in Japan. With a blend of Brazilian and Spanish roots and 19 years of living in vibrant London, I bring a multicultural perspective to our journey. As a seasoned traveller, I've explored 23 cities in just 28 days, mastering the art of efficient work and immersive experiences. With fluency in Japanese, honed during my time studying in Osaka, I'll seamlessly bridge language and cultural gaps, ensuring an enriching coworking experience for all. Drawing upon my expertise as a certified travel professional, specializing in Japan, I'll curate an itinerary that balances productivity with exploration. And did I mention my background as a chef? Get ready for tantalizing culinary delights and curated local recommendations. With me as your guide, you can tap into the coworking pulse of Japan while savouring authentic flavours. Let's create unforgettable memories as we work, connect, and embrace the beauty of Japan together. Join me on this remarkable journey that combines my passion for travel, coworking, and cultural immersion. 🌸💼 INCLUSIONS 🏛️ Entrance Fees included: ✅ Osaka Museum of Housing and Living ✅ Osaka Museum of History ✅ Umeda Sky Building ✅ Kinkaku-Ji ✅ Shoren-in ✅ Kyomizu-dera ✅ To-ji ✅ Todai-ji* ✅ Funaoka Onsen ✅ Shitenno-ji Additional Experiences: ✅ Samurai School in Kyoto ✅ Gion Walking Tour By Night ✅ Authentic Tea Ceremony ✅ And more that will be kept a surprise 🚆 Transportation Included: ✈️ From/To KIX Airport (Return Train 🚆 Tickets) 🚆 From Osaka To Kobe (Return Train Tickets) 🚡 Kobe Nunobiki Ropeway (Return Cable Car Ticket) 🚆 From Osaka To Nara (Return Train Tickets) 🚆 From Osaka To Kyoto (Return Train Tickets) 🚆 From Osaka To Arashiyama (Return Train Tickets) 🍽️ Food and Snacks: Food and Snacks will be provided at our Accommodation, with a variety of options available. Groceries will be decided as a group, ensuring everyone's preferences are considered. The provided food will include: 🍵☕️ Tea and Coffee. 🍪 Biscuits, Crisps/Chips, and other Snacks. 🍚 Rice. 🥩 🍗🐟Assorted meats for protein options. 🥦 Plenty of vegetables for a healthy and balanced diet. 🥤 Soft drinks and water to keep everyone refreshed. ⚠️ Dietary Requirements/Allergies and Intolerances: Please let me know about any dietary requirements in advance, ensuring I can accommodate everyone's needs and preferences.⚠️ ✅ Allianz health Insurance abroad for all citizens of Germany and Austria.* ✅ List of Packing tips for Japan in winter, help with Flight search ✅ A small goodie pack... ✅ Co-Working Space Pass valid for 10 Days 🏢 Co-Working Space Benefits: 💨 High-Speed Wi-Fi ☕ Beverages like Tea and Coffee 🍻 Happy Hour* (Unlimited Beer From 5:30PM~6:30PM) 🎱 Billiards Table 📞 Private Phone Booth (for Zoom calls, etc.) *Note: Happy Hour availability may vary. Exclusions: ❌ Any transportation not specifically mentioned above. ❌ Spending Money (For Souvenirs and Other Activities) ❌ International Flights ❌ Travel Insurance for non-German and non-Austrian Residents ❌ Entrance Ticket for Todai-Ji Museum ❌ Small Transfers Within Cities (short-distance public transport) ❌ Alcoholic Beverage

Welcome to your amazing accommodation in Osaka! 🏠 Get ready to experience the perfect blend of modern design and authentic Japanese culture. Located in Matsubara city, our spacious 5 LDK house is the ideal choice for your group of 10. With 3 bedrooms (6 beds) and 2 Tatami rooms (6 futons), there's plenty of room for everyone. 🛌🏮 Inside, you'll find a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, rice cooker, and all the necessary utensils. The living room provides a comfortable space to relax, and there are two bathrooms for your convenience. 🍽️🚿 To ensure a comfortable stay, we've provided towels, bath essentials, toothbrushes, and a hairdryer. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi📶, and enjoy the convenience of air conditioning. Additionally, there's a television📺, a washing machine🧺, and a gas clothes dryer available. The location of the house is excellent, with easy access to popular destinations like Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, and Wakayama. Plus, there's free parking space for one car. 🚗📍 Immerse yourself in the wonders of Osaka while enjoying the comfort and charm of our modern yet culturally inspired accommodation. 🌟 We look forward to hosting you and providing an unforgettable experience! ✨ Please let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance. 🙌🗺️

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Accommodation (Private Room)
Some Foods and Snacks
Soft Drinks
Transportation Between Stops
Experienced Guide
Total Support from your TripLeader
Some Entrance Fees(Mentioned Above)
Travel Insurance*
Coworking Space Pass
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Trip Itinerary

Kansai International Airport

Day 1
We will commence our coworking adventure in Japan at the vibrant Kansai International Airport (KIX). From there, we'll seamlessly navigate the metro system, immersing ourselves in the bustling atmosphere of Osaka as we make our way to our accommodation. An alternative option is to take the convenient airport bus to Namba and continue our journey via the metro. This marks the exciting beginning of our shared experience, where work and exploration intertwine. Get ready to unlock the charms and treasures of Osaka as we embark on this extraordinary coworking trip together. Let's embrace the opportunities that lie ahead in the Land of the Rising Sun! 🌸💼✈️


Day 1-15
Welcome to Osaka🏯, Japan, where we'll be spending 15 memorable days! Our Airbnb is conveniently located near a fantastic coworking space that offers a range of amenities for our comfort and productivity. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi📶, refreshing beverages🍹, and a cozy environment to work and collaborate💻. When we're not working, we'll have the opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Osaka. Discover its unique neighborhoods🏘️, indulge in delicious local cuisine🍜, and immerse ourselves in the rich culture and traditions🎎 that define this remarkable city. During our stay, we'll have plenty of time to connect🤝, experience the local lifestyle🌆, and create unforgettable memories📸. Additionally, we'll spend 12 hours at a relaxing spa in Osaka, where we can unwind in rejuvenating onsen baths, enjoy the sauna experience, take a refreshing dip, and relax in cozy pod-style sleeping arrangements. Get ready for an incredible journey where work, leisure, and self-care come together in the captivating city of Osaka.🌟


Day 15
Join us on an extraordinary train journey as we embark on a delightful day in Kobe 🚆, a city that emerged stronger than ever after the devastating earthquake of 1995. Get ready for an adventure filled with captivating attractions and unforgettable experiences. 🏯 Our first stop is the iconic Ikuta Shrine, a sacred site with a rich history dating back to the 3rd century. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance, marvel at the ancient architecture, and feel the spiritual energy that envelops this revered shrine. 🏔️ Next, we'll venture to Mount Rokko, accessible by charming antique cable cars. As we ascend, prepare to be mesmerized by panoramic views of the city and its majestic surrounding mountains. Capture the moment, and let the beauty of the landscape leave you in awe. 🍖 Of course, no visit to Kobe would be complete without savoring the world-renowned Kobe beef. Indulge in this succulent delicacy, renowned for its exceptional flavor and tenderness. Our taste buds are in for a gastronomic delight that will tantalize and satisfy. Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of Kobe as we explore its captivating attractions and bask in its resilient charm. This journey promises to create cherished memories and ignite a sense of wanderlust. Join us as we embark on this captivating adventure in the heart of Kobe, where every moment is filled with excitement and discovery.


Day 15
Embark on an enchanting adventure as we explore the historic city of Nara🦌, the capital of Japan's Nara Prefecture. Home to magnificent temples and artwork dating back to the 8th century, Nara offers a captivating glimpse into Japan's rich cultural heritage. 🌸 Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Nara Park, where friendly deer roam freely. Witness the grandeur of Tōdai-ji temple, housing the awe-inspiring Daibutsu, a 15m-high bronze Buddha. Marvel at the ancient wooden hall and feel the spiritual energy that surrounds this sacred site. ⛩️ On the east side of the park, discover the magnificent Kasuga Taisha, a Shinto shrine dating back to 768 A.D. Be enchanted by its over 3,000 lanterns, creating a mesmerizing ambiance. Explore the winding paths and feel a sense of tranquility in this sacred place. Uncover the treasures of Nara as we embark on this extraordinary journey, creating cherished memories together. Experience the cultural wonders, serene beauty, and timeless charm of Japan's ancient capital. 🌟


Day 15
Get ready to be captivated by the timeless beauty of Kyoto🏯, the former capital of Japan. This enchanting city on Honshu Island beckons with its exquisite Buddhist temples, imperial palaces, traditional wooden houses, and serene gardens🌸. ⛩️ Immerse yourself in the tranquility of Kinkaku-ji, the stunning Golden Pavilion, and witness its reflection shimmering on the tranquil pond. Explore the iconic Fushimi Inari Shrine, with its thousands of vibrant torii gates, and let its spiritual aura envelop you. 🍵 Indulge in the refined tradition of kaiseki dining, savoring meticulously crafted dishes served in multiple courses. Wander through the historic Gion district, where you may catch a glimpse of the elegant geisha🎎. 🛍️ Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Nishiki Market, one of the oldest markets in Kyoto. Let your senses come alive as you explore its narrow streets, savor local delicacies, and browse through a variety of traditional goods. Embark on this extraordinary journey to Kyoto, where ancient traditions harmonize with timeless beauty. Uncover the secrets of this captivating city, creating cherished memories along the way.✨


Day 15
Embark on a captivating journey to Arashiyama, a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto🌸. Nestled against the scenic backdrop of the Ōi River and surrounded by picturesque mountains, Arashiyama offers a tranquil escape filled with natural beauty and historical charm. 🎋 Explore the enchanting Bamboo Grove, a mesmerizing pathway lined with towering bamboo stalks that create a serene and ethereal atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of this unique setting, and let the gentle rustling of bamboo leaves transport you to a world of peace. ⛩️ Discover the captivating beauty of the iconic Tenryu-ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Wander through its meticulously designed gardens and contemplate the harmony between nature and architecture. Be captivated by the serenity and timeless elegance that permeate this sacred place. Experience the allure of Arashiyama, where nature's beauty and cultural treasures blend harmoniously. Let's venture together, creating cherished memories and immersing ourselves in the enchanting atmosphere of this historic district.✨
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15 days trip
Kansai International Airport, Osaka & 4 more
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