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If you like Surfing and Yoga this trip is for you, we'd love for you to join us, trekking, surfing, photography, and more in Brazil. A different view of Brazil, we are going to visit some of the best surf beaches, experience guided tours for, trekking, and yoga during the day, visit old fishermen villages, and have a photo tour with lessons on how to take your best travel pictures. Enjoy the local food and get to know how the locals live in this small surf town.

About me! My passion for travel and photography, my love for nature, and the need to learn from other cultures have been the energy force that made me come to Brazil. For me, it is the perfect place to live, it's friendly people, beautiful scenery, and amazing food complete the circle and I want to share it with everybody who likes similar things. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and some German, so you can be sure that with my guidance this trip is going to be fun and safe. Come and join me, you will not be disappointed.

Details about the accommodation: A recently reformed Hostel with a lot of space and green areas, close to markets and walking distance from the beach. Shared rooms with all the needs for a comfortable stay. Good internet, full double kitchen, BBQ area, terrace, air and fans and more. There is also the option of private rooms if you like for an additional fee. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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My fuel and energy for my life is travel and photography, you will learn how to take amazing travel images not only snapshots.

You can chat with Peter once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1
Arriving at the Airport in Florianópolis, FLN, I will be waiting for you with the transfer to take you to our accommodation. It's about a 90 minutes drive going south, and we will see already some of the beauty that this area give us.

Praia do Rosa

Day 1-3
We will arrive to our Hostel in Praia do Rosa. The beautiful inlet of Praia do Rosa, has been considered more than once as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Brazil, besides being the only beach in Brazil, placed on the select list of the most beautiful bays in the world by the NGO based in Paris responsible for the world-bays.com website. This region of southern Brazil is famous among surfers for its perfect waves, in fact Praia do Rosa is the venue for numerous competitions and Praia da Vila, just 15 kilometers To the south of Praia do Rosa, is considered internationally as one of the best waves for surfing in Brazil.


Day 3
Our day takes us to Garopaba, before being discovered by tourists, Garopaba was a small fishing village. During the 1970s, foreigners carrying backpacks and tents discovered this then small fishermen village, and started to lend the city a different air and color. Since 1525, Garopaba served as a shelter for the ships that passed by. The first inhabitants were the Carijó Indians, who gave the locality its name (ygara=canoe + paba=whereabouts, cove). In 1666, inhabitants of Azorean origin arrived in the place, who dedicated themselves to fishing and whale hunting. Garopaba was founded on December 19, 1846, with the construction of the mother church, the cemetery and the parish house. We will have the opportunity to capture amazing pictures from the historic area of Garopaba.

Praia do Rosa

Day 3-4
We are back to our Hostel to spend some time tasting the local food. We will do a critique and work with our pictures taken in Garopaba and learning how to enhance and improve the images, so we can obtain the final results.

Praia da Ferrugem

Day 4-5
On this day we will do a trekking that will take us to the Praia Ferrugem. This is definitely the beach for those with a mix: surfers, families, rock, reggae and pagode crowds, the modern mines, the fit boys, the healthy generation, the elderly... it has everything! It can be said that it is the most democratic beach of region. And it's not just on the sand that the different classes interact. The variety of bars, restaurants, shops and inns for all tastes and budgets form the perfect environment to see and meet lots of interesting people. The only thing forbidden on this beach is a bad mood!

Praia do Ouvidor

Day 5-6
Come and enjoy the various activities that Praia do Ouvidor has to offer and realize your dream of learning to surf with us. Our classes are designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. With a shallow and calm beach environment, we offer lessons even for those who cannot swim or may have blockages due to previous experiences in the water. Our team provides all the necessary equipment, including board, wetsuit, leash, and wax, ensuring a worry-free experience. Our goal is to provide each student with maximum evolution, offering safety and confidence both in and out of the water. We offer both private and group lessons, adapting to the individual needs of each student. So, if you're ready to dive into this exciting journey, come learn to surf with us at Praia do Ouvidor.


Day 6-9
For nature lovers, we will explore the Dolphin Sanctuary, where there is a unique interaction that is only seen at the Dolphin Sanctuary in Laguna, SC Brazil, and in Greece. In this interaction, the dolphins surround the schools of fish and the fishermen throw the nets, keeping some fish and the others returning directly to the dolphins. But Laguna is super complete, where in addition to a lot of Nature, it also went through great historical events that marked the History of Brazil. The city is almost an open-air museum, with colonial houses that make the visitor travel back in time. It was also in Laguna that one of the most important characters in the history of Brazil was born: Anita Garibaldi, whose journey of struggle alongside the Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi is very well told in the city's museums. Of course, among a lot of nature and history, we will enjoy the delicious shrimps of Laguna, or fish of the season, in typical local dishes, served on the banks of Canal da Barra. In this complete tour of Laguna, we will also see the Walking Dunes and also the largest Lighthouse in the Americas, the Santa Marta Lighthouse. In this corner of the Atlantic, we will verify the millenary History of the Sambaquieiros Peoples, where one can find traces of human burials, funerary ornaments, lithic artifacts, bones, coals and food remains. Ah, because it is a natural phenomenon, there is no guarantee of seeing the dolphins, but we will do our best for you to feel this emotion! Drinks and desserts are also not included in the offered meal.

Pedra Branca De Garopaba

Day 9-10
WHITE STONE CLIMB TRAIL 🏔 On this adventure, we will climb up to 260 meters in altitude, on 1.2 km of trails. We will see from above the beaches of Garopaba and Praia do Rosa, as well as birds and small wild animals. On the way back, possibility to cool off in the rapids of a small waterfall. 🎯 Moderate to hard level ⏱️ 2:30 to 3:30 walk approx.


Day 10
Last day for our amazing adventure in Brazil, we will do the arrangements for the transfer to the Florianópolis airport. If you are not leaving early in the morning, we will have a closing meeting to critique all your images and give you recommendations for editing and enhancement with the proper software.
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