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Hello there 👋🏻 Time for a weekend getaway in the heart of Umbria, because who doesn’t love a weekend break? If you are a food lover and adventurer, this is 100% the trip for you! I am looking for travel companions who are open to adventure, exploration and creating unforgettable memories. Preferred age group: 20-30. This will be an active trip, so if you prefer a relaxing beach holiday, this tour may not be for you! Immerse yourself in the warmth of Umbrian hospitality as you dine in trattorias tucked away in hidden corners, where every meal is a celebration of flavors and community. This journey promises to be a sensory feast, blending the aromas, tastes, and sights that define the soul of Umbria. Get ready to savor every moment of this unforgettable exploration of food, tradition, and the beauty of this remarkable Italian region.

About me: I studied design moving only after my degree on photography, since a year I fell in love with photography. I'm a travel content creator who loves experiences, sports, the mountains, van life and meeting new people. 🚐🌍

We will be staying in a farmhouse in the middle of the Umbrian hills in a little village called Valfabbrica, with shared and private bedrooms. A big garden and a nice fireplace. It's central position will make us reach any place in Umbria, and have a comfortable place to chill at sunset. We will have 2 cars for all to move around whenever we want to. Any questions about the trip? You can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Hi, I'm Didier a photographer from Rome, but first of all I have always been an outdoor sport enthusiast, and an adventure seeker.

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-4
This farmhouse will have us for all the 3 days stay. Every morning we can decide where to go and leave for our little trips. The night we can eat around or cook something at home. We will be moving all together but can divide if we have different intentions.

Citta di Castello

Day 4
We will have a lunch in a typical restaurant in the city center. Then visit the Burri Foundation, with its beautiful works of art. Have a walk on the river banks and finish home for a dinner all together cooked by us.

Marmore Falls

Day 4
We can go a day to see this beautiful place and for the most adventurers we can go down the river making a rafting experience. Or just a walk on top of the waterfalls for the panorama. Eating in a very little typical place.


Day 4
Last day spent around Perugia (the city of chocolate), walking in the city centre and eating in some typical places some wonderful food. 1 Piazza IV Novembre e la fontana Maggiore. ... 2 Palazzo dei Priori. ... 3 La Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria. ...

Umbria Resort SPA

Day 4
Umbria is well known for plenty of spa places around the territory. So we could go a day to relax and have a bath. Sulfur pools, hydromassage tubs and sensory showers. And because we are in Italy, it all finishes with a good meal.
Trip Summary
4 days trip
Valfabbrica, Citta di Castello & 3 more
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