COSTA RICA! Female Only Coworkers trip - turn Puerto Viejo into your office!πŸ’»πŸŒΊ

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Need to getaway? But still need to work? Want to end your summer with a bang? I hear you. Working remote is so much more rewarding with a nice view and after work fun to look forward to. You could use a change of scenery. You could use a balance! WE could use a balance! Not to mention some fun travel buddies to kick it with after work and complain about your boss to. So, let's take our laptops to the beloved Costa Rica beach town of Puerto Viejo and turn this stunning beach house into our office. Work hard, play hard(er). πŸŒŠπŸΉπŸ’» Puerto Viejo is a beach town in Southern Costa Rica, right by Panama! It's known for it's gorgeous beaches (including a Black Sand beach!), fun beach bars, and Caribbean culture. It's very easy to travel around and connects to nearby towns - should be easy to immerse ourselves and get around! Overall, I can't wait to send my emails by beach, surrounded by sun, and cheersing a beer with my travel buddies! 🏝

About me! I'm Lexi, and as a budding entrepreneur and freelance digital creative, I've been getting overwhelmed and could really use a new place to think and create. I'm based in Florida and speak Spanish! So, you're in good hands. 😁 For the past three years, I have picked a city (it feels more like the city picks me) and made it my home by volunteering at a hostel, making lifelong friends, exploring, and making sure guests were having a great time. Throughout these experiences, I have uncovered how special it is to explore new places and share unusual experiences with unique people from all around the world. This past year, I've been navigating how to work while traveling. I've finally figured it out and am ready to fly! here's where you come in. ☺️

Details about the accommodation: Check this place out! This could be all our for 2 weeks! We would each have our own module - complete with a bedroom and bathroom, yet connected kitchen and shared space. Also includes air conditioning, a beautiful view of the mountains, a private backyard (if you choose to bring a pet, I'm inπŸ˜‡), an equipped kitchen, wifi, TV, and a short walk away from the beach. What more will we need?? I can't wait! But- hurry! Because somebody could book the beach dream home before we do... so we literally cannot wait! (Please let me know if you have a friend who would like to come and share a room with you! We can make that happen!) If you have questions about the trip you can let me know in the Q&A section!

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Hellooo Beautiful People! I'm Lexi, an upbeat, open-minded, creative spirit who craves new experiences and meeting unique people.😚✌🏼

You can chat with Lexi once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Day 1-5
Disclaimer - I have no concrete itinerary or anything booked, as I'm waiting to hear everybody's interests and schedules so we can all decide what to do together! So, here are just some ideas. Everyone is also free to do as they want and use this time as they wish. πŸ˜‡ Locally, days can involve a quick jogs on the beach, answering emails from the balcony overlooking the mountain, black sand beach picnics after work, beers at a local bar with the locals, kayaking, surfing, and more.


Day 5-9
I would love to stop into Panama for a day trip or a weekend - we'll be RIGHT next to it! Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in and I can arrange something - I know of a place called Starfish Island, literally full of starfish! That could be cool...

LimΓ³n Province

Day 9-13
LimΓ³n is a nearby beach town a short bus ride away, we'll definitely have to do some exploring and beach hopping around these towns. New day, new beach! I wonder which little beach town will be your favorite? πŸ˜‡
Trip Summary
13 days trip
Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Panama & 1 more
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