Five Days of Adventure in Turkey's Hidden Gems;Ephesus by Night, Boat Trip, Kuşadası Beaches, National Park and more...

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Join me on a life-time experience in Kuşadası Turkey, a mix of history, nature, beatiful sea, long and sandy beaches and many hidden gems. I am Arif and I will be taking care of you along this adventure:) Group trip has always more to offer than alone one. It does not only offer discovering places but also offers to experience different cultures and perspectives. Therefore, as a local person I want to organise this trip to share this amazing experience with my future trip mates.

About me! So, who am I? I am 30 years old, I’m from Kocaeli(nearby İstanbul) however I spent most of my summers in Kuşadası and I have come with a conclusion that keeping this beautiful place from others kind of a sin:). I was a participant of ‘’ WORK AND TRAVEL PROGAMME’’ twice and I was Erasmus student once:) So as you can imagine I have travel experience. I believe I can say that I am fun to be around especially in holidays:) Besides I run my own business I have the flexibility for travelling.

Details about the accommodation: Throughout our journey, you’II be staying in comfortable shared double room in a hotel called Melodi Club.(in Kuşadası). So, the room will be shared with another person among the group. The hotel has two swimming pools, one of them with waterslide. The hotel has a big garden and peaceful atmosphere. Hence, you can count on a good rest at nights, after a full day of enjoyment. Transportation will be provided by the car that I will drive.

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Hi, I'm Arif Batuhan but you can call me Arif:) I am addicted to new adventures and I hope to get to know you in one of them!

You can chat with Arif Batuhan once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-6
Day 1: Upon your arrival to İzmir(Adnan Menderes) Airport or Kuşadası, I will welcome you at the airport or Kuşadası and take you to the accommodation. You will have time to refresh yourself at the Hotel. On the first day of our trip, we will proceed slowly, taking into account your tiredness. We will start get to know each other and the we'ıı go to beautiful beaches (Venus beach and Sevgi Beach) nearby of our accomodation.


Day 6
Day 2: Get ready for an fully active day as we discover the cultural herritage of Ancient Greece. In the second day, our first stop will be Virgin Mary House. Catholic Pilgrims visit the house based on belief that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was taken to this house by Saint John and lived there for remainder of her earthly life. So the second day will be the day we’ıı feeel history pretty closely. The second stop will be Ephesus. We will have possibility to see the ruins of Ephesus by day and night in the same day. While experiencing the classical Greek Era we will also enjoy the amazing view by day and night. During the classical Greek Era, it was one of the twelve cities that were members of Ionian League. The city was famous in its day for the nearby Temple of Artemis which has been designated one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World. Today, the ruins of Ephesus were designated Unesco World Heritage Site.


Day 6
Day 3: Another cultural and historical experience will be waiting for us in this day. First stop will be Şirince. Şirince is a village. The village was successful agriculture community growing wines, tobacco, figs, olives and vegatables. The village is still productive in growing wines. And we will be visiting a wine cellar during this trip. There are also many great views to take pictures. The second stop will be Ayasuluk Hill. Ayasuluk Hill is an ancient mound and it was reputedly the tomb of John the Apostle, the cousin and early disciple of Jesus who is thought to have written the Gospel of John on the Site. The third stop will be Efes Museum. Structures such as the Ephesus Artemis statue, Eros with a dolphin, Eros with a rabbit, the head of Eros, the Priapos statue, the marble Artemis statue, the Egyptian priest statue, the Isis statue, various mythological god statues and the head of Socrates are among the important works in the Ephesus Museum. In the arasta section in the middle garden of the museum, trade life in old Turkish towns and various handicrafts that are about to disappear are exhibited. In a separate section of the museum, there are electron, gold, silver, copper coins and jewelry from the Ancient Age to the Ottoman period.


Day 6
Day 4: BOUT TRIP; In this day of our trip we will enjoy the beautiful views of Aegean bays and we will have oppurtinity to swim in the clear water of Aegean sea. Of course during the boat trip the music (that is chosen by boat crew) will company us and make this trip even funnier.


Day 6
Day 5: Have you ever swum in a Cave?:) Well, we will hit the road to see Cave of Zeus. According to Ancient Greek mythology, Zeus used to hide in the cave to escape to fury of his brother Poseidon. According to another mtyhology the Cave Aphrodite swam the Cave to be more beautiful:) If you like you can swim inside the cave. It is an unique experience for sure. You will have possibility to tie a cloth piece on a wishing tree next to Cave and make one of your wishes come true.(of course that is a joke and I do not guaranteed anything about your wishes with regard to wishing tree:)) After visiting Cave of Zeus, we will travelling and swimming in National Park. During this visit, we will enjoy amazing views, explore unique nature and of course swim in the clear water. After coming back from National Park and refreshing ourselves, we will be discovering the center of Kuşadası evening and the night. Our first stop will be Güvercinada Castle. The castle walls were built by İlyas Agha while the citadel's construction was commissioned by the Ottoman admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa (c. 1478– 1546). The outer walls were built in order to prevent an attack from the islands during the Greek Orlov Revolt (1770). The castle became a Tentative World Heritage Site in 2020. After that, we will have relax time in the bar by the sea. And the rest of the our last night in Kuşadası Center it is just up to us

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

Day 6
Our last day! Transfer to the İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport will be provided by me. I am very happy to have done this tour with you!
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