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Welcome to Portugal! A country by the Atlantic Ocean, with a beautiful coastline, nice people, good food and many beautiful hidden gems. Before describing the trip, I will start with describing myself first: I'm Sónia. I was born in France - but I don's speak French :) - raised in Portugal and lived for a couple of years in Iceland. I love to travel and get to know different cultures with locals. It was when I was abroad and while travelling alone that I discovered the love that I have for my beautiful country. The food, the culture, the heritage, the nature, EVERYTHING. And I wanted to show it all to my friends. And now I decided to show it to others. Day 1 - When you arrive to Lisboa Day 2 - The Golden Circle - Naural Park os Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Day 3 - Beach day - Nazaré Day 4 - Nature&Arts Natural Park of Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Day 5 - Cultural day - Batalha e Alcobaça Day 6 - Local Market Day 7 - Going back to Lisboa ➡️ What's included: - Accommodation (shared house/apartment and shared bedrooms depending on number of TripMates, each individual will have bed, towels and all the necessities needed. Private rooms can also be arranged. - Transportation (from/to airport and to the sites) - local guide - wich will be me :) - Farewell Lunch/Dinner ➡️ What's NOT included: - Food, souvenirs If you're interested, send me a message 📬 so we can have a quick chat and discuss in more detail!!
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Hi. I'm Sónia and I love to travel. But most of all Ilove to share with others that beauty of Portugal

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
I will pick you up at the airport and I will welcome you to the accommodation (that is 1h30 far from the capital city by car). During the first day we will take it easy, I will show you the surroundings and everything you need to know, during this day you can rest and prepare for the second day.

Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park

Day 2-3
We will go on what I call usually call The Golden Circle. Is a round tour by car with a few stopovers: visiting a cave, viewpoints. Depends on the group. We can meet local artisans or go on a trail.


Day 3-4
Have you ever heard about the giant waves of Nazaré. Yes, it's not so far away from here but there is a season to see them. Anyways, We can go to the shore and enjoy the weather on this pituresque fisherman village.

Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park

Day 4-5
We will be going so make a small walk. Or if you want a bigger one. (It can differ within the goup). Or if you want we can only go to a site in Natural Parque with stone art. It was where a art festival took place. Where the street art meet rural areas. It's nice ;)


Day 5-6
Visiting Batalha and Alcobaça Monasteries, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Batalha and Alcobaça are small little towns, but is definetly a must do visiting the monasteries. Is also nice if we can see the market.

Rio Maior

Day 6-7
Visiting a local weekly tradicional market is an experience that everybody should have. Street food, clothing animals, flowers, everything in the same place. Is not a flea market because is not second hand items, but it looks the same. We will be also visiting saltflats of Rio Maior.
Apartments & Bed & Breakfast
7 days trip
Lisbon, Serras de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park & 4 more
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