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🫡 Are you ready to embrace the timeless tradition and modern spirit of Japan’s iconic sites, from the neon skyline of Tokyo to the foodie hotspot of Osaka? If you say yes come check out this amazing budget friendly trip I made for Japan. Where we will be visiting beautiful & amazing places all over the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto & Nara. About this trip 🗺️ Join me in this breathtaking place called Japan with amazing Transportation, Food, Nightlife, Shrines, Castles & many more!! So get ready for your phone or camera to be full of beautiful pictures and videos. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to take pictures or videos because I will take them for you with my camera for free during the whole trip at no extra cost. I’m a professional photographer and videographer 📸🎥 with 6+ years of experience. We are going to the most beautiful places and take some amazing activities & and we will all have a good time together as friends/ TripMates. (Meals are not included we will all split the cost for meals such as breakfast, snacks for the road & dinner at our accommodation. If we all decide to eat at a restaurant you’ll only pay for what you ordered)

Let me introduce myself 👋🏻 My name is Eleazar I’m 27 I’m a professional photographer and content creator 📱 from sunny San Diego, California ☀️. Love meeting new people and exchanging cultures and languages and food recipes. I want to explore and have fun adventures with fun and outgoing people & maybe even make new friends.

Details about the accommodation: Where we will be staying at depends on the amount of people that come to the trip. I will try to give everyone a room separately to they can have there space and sleep separately but I can’t keep any promise’s. Most likely our accommodation will be by the center of Tokyo and when we’re in Osaka same thing. Do you have any questions? Let me know in the Q&A section! Once you reserved your spot we can have a video call or we can text to share more details about the trip and get to know each other before we make our way to Japan!!! 🇯🇵🍡🍜🎌🍙🏯

What's included?
Osaka Castle, Museum’s & Teamlab Planets
Sake Tour
Shyba Sky
Bike rental
Universal Studios ( 1Day Pass)
Accommodation (Shared rooms)
Disneyland (1Day Pass)
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You can chat with Eleazar once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
We will meet at Narita Airport where l will introduce myself to everyone and we head to our place where we will be staying in. Then after choosing our beds if we all got time and are not feeling jet lagged we will head to Meguro River Cherry Blossoms then head to the famous Starbucks Reserve. where we will get to know each other there, then head back to out place and call it a night.

Yoyogi Park

Day 2-3
We will wake up early and head to Yoyogi Park where we will witness the Cherry Blossoms Garden & walk around the Meiji Jingu Shinto shrine. We will witness some beautiful scenery in the shrine. Later we will Takeshita Street there we will be able to buy pretty awesome Souvenirs, Snacks & clothes. After that we will go home and make dinner then call it a night.

teamLab Borderless

Day 3-4
We will wake up early to head to Teamlab Planets where we will witness some art installation where it’s one of its kind. After that we will head to Daiba 1- Chomo Shopping Street Theme park with a kitschy retro theme, including vintage displays, arcade games & candies for sale. After everyone is ready we will head over to Sake Market where we will have the opportunity to try more then 100 different kinds of sake & stay as long as we want & bring our own food/ snacks!!🍶

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Day 4-5
We will wake up early and head to The National Museum Of Modern Art a beautiful renovated art gallery in 1969 🖼️& created since the start of the Meiji period in 1868. After that we will make our way to Senso-ji Temple one of Tokyos oldest temple built in 645 & explore the small shops and foods around there. Later we will make our way to Shibuya Sky observation deck, take in the views and later walk to the famous Shibuya crossing then visit Nintendo Tokyo in Shibuya Parco mall. After that we will head home and make dinner and call it a night.


Day 5-6
We will wake up early to take the famous bullet train to Osaka, after leaving our bags and getting our bedsit at our airbnb or hotel we will have the rest of the day to explore what ever is around us in Osaka. Do not worry I'll have a handful of options that we can do or if you want to rest and relax your are welcome to do that.


Day 6-7
We will wake up early and head to the famous Dotonbori and explore the canalside entertainment district 🍡🍜. After that we will head to Shinsaibashi-Suji Shopping street a bustling shopping district of wide range high end tax-free shops. Then to top it off we will head to Shinsekai Market a old-school shopping street lined with food, clothing & souvenir vendors. Then will head back home and make dinner and call it a night.😉

Osaka Castle

Day 7-8
We will wake up early and head to one of the most beautiful castle in Japan called “Osaka Castle” in Osaka castle park we will explore everything the park has to offer, then we will head to the Osaka Museum of Housing & Living a amazing museum that features re-creations of buildings & streets in Osaka life in the past. Then we will head to the famous Bar Moonwalk & play many free games and enjoy cheap & delicious drinks& cocktails. 🍻Then we will head home and call it a night.

Universal Studios Japan

Day 8-9
The day you’ve all been waiting for!! We will wake up really early and make our way to Universal Studios Japan. There will make our way and reserve to Mario World!! After that we will try to ride as many rides together and eat there and buy snacks aswell!! After having a blast there we will make our way home and call it a night.

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Day 9-10
We will head early to Arashiyama Bamboo Grove a popular sightseeing path running through this forest of towering bamboo stalks. Then we will go to Kyoto Imperial Palace then make our way Senbon Tori a shrine featuring a path of thousands of traditional red gates & stairs. Last but not least we will head to the famous Ninezaka a charming place with classic architecture, teahouses & cherry blossoms then we can all agree and have dinner there or at home.


Day 10-11
Today will be a free day to relax we can all go early to a small flea market in Shi-Tennoji Temple Market where they sell vintage and small souvenirs. After that we can all go to a spa or visit some other places or just relax at a park and have a picnic.

Nara Park

Day 11-12
We will make our way to rent bikes so we can cruise all around Nara park then head to Melon de Melon to grab one of there tastiest & famous Melonpan 🍈. Then we will head to Todaiji temple, Sagi-ike pond & Nara Park to feed and pet the famous deers in Nara. Later we will head to Nakatanidou to get the famous pounded mochi!!! Later we will leave our bikes back and make our way home.


Day 12-13
Free day time to relax and maybe go to a bathhouse or onsen. or if we all agree we can do anything you guys want to do in Osaka to explore, I'm open and what to know if you don't have no place in mind do not worry because ill hav a handful of things we can do in Osaka!!😌🙌🏻

La-La-Port Expocity

Day 13-14
We will wake up early and make our way to La-La-Port Expocity mall & Don Quijote so when can do our last minute shopping for clothes, souvenirs and anything else you guys want to buy!! After that we I’ll head home to leave our stuff and go to a restaurant and make it our last meal together before we call it a night.


Day 14
The day we all didn’t want it to happen:( As we pack up our things to head to the airport where we will all tell each other your favorite thing or activity from the trip. At the airport we will all take one last photo together as a memoir and give each other a hug and say our farewell’s & hope that we see each other again.
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