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Hey, beautiful people! I'm Viktoria from a little Eastern European country called Bulgaria. I have travelled quite a lot in the last 7 years and from my experience, I can say that Bulgaria has very beautiful corners but I know not many of you heard about it. That's why I want to show you Bulgaria through my eyes. I think that's a really good opportunity for you guys to discover a country that is a little bit off the radar and you don't have to worry about anything because you have me as a local there who also speaks the language. Do you love nature, and exploring not-so-popular places while also enjoying traditional food? Keep on reading! About the trip: The trip would be a good combination of doing exciting activities and having time to relax. I'd love to be accompanied by people who want to go out of their comfort zone (at least a little bit :). I have some things planned but I also didn't want to create a super strict by-the-book schedule. We will start this journey from the capital, Sofia, where you will be flying to. We will spend the first and last night there and will have some time to see the main landmarks. In Sofia, we will be staying in a hotel in the city center. For the essence of the trip, we will be going to the beautiful Rhodope Mountains, located in the south of Bulgaria, where we will spend a few days in nature. There is a saying that exactly this mountain is the birthplace of the mythical hero Orpheus. Rhodope, undoubtedly, also holds the mystery and history of some events that happened in the past, so we will be making our way through a centuries-old land. We will be accommodated in a beautiful lodge just for us right next to a scenic lake. It has a very good location and all the activities planned are a short drive away. The place also offers spa service, bike rentals, kayaking, and a restaurant with local food (all this is not included in the price). During our time there, we will experience tranquility, beauty, and hopefully fun and unforgettable moments. We will be wandering through forest paths, wooden bridges twisting around the rocks, and high mountains leaving us with speechless views. We will be moving our bodies, relaxing our minds, breathing fresh air, and taking it all in. If you want to escape from the stress and noise in your daily life, this trip is for you! About our accommodation: - In Sofia, we have 3 twin rooms with 1 bathroom in each bedroom - In the mountain lodge: Bedroom 1: 1 single bed and 1 double bed; Bedroom 2: 2 single beds; Bedroom 3: 2 single beds. We have one private bathroom as part of our lodge and free parking. Of course, the best part is the lake and mountain views that will be all around us. - Wifi is available in all of our accommodations. However, bear in mind that we will be in the mountains and the internet there may not be the strongest but will be enough for some basics such as sending a text or checking an email. But what better way to disconnect, eh? *Accommodations can be subject to change depending on the number of trip mates but would try my best to find similar options if that's the case :) Also, this trip is created mainly for the experience. Driving situation: - I don't have a driving license, so I'm looking for 2 of you that are willing to drive our car. It will be nice if you feel confident enough and have experience as the roads we will drive are in the mountain, and are pretty tiny and sometimes bumpy. There are also a lot of turns. Despite the fact that I cannot drive, I've been on these roads quite a lot and can always give advice, if needed. Please let me know if you'd like to be one of the drivers :) Food situation: - Eating out is still fairly cheap in Bulgaria. In Sofia, we don't have a kitchen so we most likely have to eat outside but there are plenty of options for any kind of cuisine and also some traditional options. In our mountain lodge, we have a microwave and a kettle as well as a barbecue area. They also give us all the kitchen utensils we might need as well as the essentials to cook such as salt and oil. There is also a restaurant with traditional food options as part of the villa complex. This region has very good specialties and the quality of food is high because it is mostly locally grown. For lunches, we can either shop and prepare our own food or stop in restaurants nearby our places of visit, or a mix of both. Breakfasts are included for each day of our trip. What is included? - 6 nights accommodation (x2 nights in a central hotel, x4 in a mountain villa) with breakfasts - Car Rental - Safari ticket What is not included? - Personal expenses - Flight tickets - Rest of the meals - Transport to and from the airport to the city center - Fuel - according to approximate calculations should be around 20 euros per person for the entire trip but cannot fully promise that as fuel prices are changing. I just want to give you an idea of more or less of our expenses. I think the best for all of us is to split the exact price of the fuel at the moment of payment using the app Splitwise. Let's spend some quality time with ourselves and each other! Looking forward to meeting you! 🥰 If you have any questions you can let me know in the Q&A section and I will make sure to come back to you as soon as possible!
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Authentic, fun and clumsy (sometimes) /Made & Born in Bulgaria / 1997 generation :)

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
On the arrival day, I'll welcome you at the airport and from there we will go to our hotel in the city center. We will stay here for one night and depending on your arrival time, we can also roam the streets of Sofia and see some main landmarks. But don't worry, if we don't have much time, we are going back to Sofia for one more night on our final day.


Day 2-6
We will begin our road trip through Bulgaria. We will depart from Sofia in the morning and we will head to Rhodope mountains where we will stay in the next upcoming days. It's about 3 hours drive from our place in Sofia to the place where we will be accommodated. We will not be changing our place of accommodation when we are in the mountains but we will rather do short car trips in the area to the places I have planned for us to visit. The closest town is Dospat which is about 30 min away by car but we will pass by it every day so we can always stop if we need a supermarket or something else. When we arrive, it will be already midday or around that time. For the afternoon, I was thinking that we can take it more relaxed and use the spa center or see the area around, have a walk around the lake, rent a bike or a kayak, or do something else that may come up in our heads.


Day 6
On our first full day in Rhodope, we will jump straight into her beauty. This day I have planned for the Devil's path. Despite the name though, the beauty around will make you feel like you are in heaven rather than hell. However, you have to be physically well-prepared. We will be climbing up and climbing down, hiking through the mountain gorge, going over wooden bridges and wooden steps built into the rocks. I promise the landscapes are something else and it will be worth all the efforts. Perhaps, it will not be the best idea for you if you are a complete newbie in hiking or afraid of heights since the path is challenging but if you are adventurous it is not impossible. I will do my best to support you but I'm not qualified at all as a mountain rescue. I feel confident enough because I have hiked a lot and since a very young age but we cannot underestimate the power of mountains and I trust you that if you join this trip you are confident enough in yourselves too! :) On internet, the path is rated with an average to hard difficulty. I've done the trail twice in the past and can say that despite being challenging, the facilities built as part of the path are safe. The path will take us approximately 3-4 hours with some breaks but it also depends on our pace. We have no rush so we can take as long as we feel comfortable. For that reason, we will start the day quite early and from our place of accommodation to the starting point of the path is around 1-hour drive. If we don't feel too tired after the path, in the area nearby there is also a small but pretty waterfall which will probably take us another 45 minutes both ways to hike. However, I'll leave that choice for the moment. If not, we can go back to our place and relax. *The itinerary for this day can be subject to change depending on the weather. **Also, we might need to swap some days from the itinerary in case we rely on weather conditions a bit more for some activities.


Day 6
Another exciting day is on our agenda! I'd say this day will hold a rather unique experience. I will not let myself into too much pre-description and will go straight to the point. We will be doing Mountain Safari, wohooo!!! That will give us an opportunity to see views that we cannot otherwise witness and a guaranteed unforgettable experience. Our final destination is called the "Eagle Eye" but the journey itself is so much fun too! The "Eagle Eye" is a platform that overlooks the mountains and on a good day, we can even see some parts of Greece territory. The platform is located 1563 meters above sea level. The name of the viewpoint is not a coincidence. We will be able to see our surroundings from the eyes of an eagle and feel as majestic as the bird itself. The safari ride is done with a fully-equipped vehicle (it's an open jeep in good weather) for the conditions that we will go through. Also, it comes with an experienced and fully-licensed driver (so whoever agrees to drive during our trip, you are not responsible to drive for the safari part). The experience is again adventurous but I've already used the service of this company twice and can say it's safe. Depending on how long it will take us and what is the mood, we can also visit some caves in the region. The bonus point is the tiny but incredibly picturesque road through the gorge and along the river that leads us to these caves. There is also a short zip line right next to one of the caves, so if we didn't get enough adrenaline I highly recommend this activity and place too! *The order of activities can be also subject to change. We might go to the cave first and then the safari, depending on the availability of the safari for that day :)


Day 6
I want our last day in the mountains to be for all of us to decide. I can, of course, come up with suggestions for other hiking trails or perhaps we can do the caves and a short zip line next to one of the caves if we didn't have time after the safari or just simply chill and enjoy our surroundings!


Day 6-7
We will head back to Sofia. We will be staying at the same hotel from the first night. This will be also the day that we should return our rental car. We can see the remaining landmarks, museums, shopping, etc and also have some free time on our own if you'd like. In any case, we will be gathering together for our final evening, we will have some fun and we will reflect on our experiences from the trip :)


Day 7
Departure day :(( Depending on your flight schedule, we might have some time to do something else in the capital. I will accompany you back to the airport and we will say our farewells, and hopefully see you soon!
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