Travel like a local through Krabi beaches, Phi Phi island, Thailand 🌎 Exploring Krabi’s cave, waterfall and Thai food.

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Hi TravelMates❗ Hello 👋 Let me introduce myself, I am Nikki, a local here in Thailand, and speak good English. I know my hometown very well and will be able to guide the trip like a local. It will be a wonderful five-day experience that you will never get from normal trips. I am a friendly, flexible, enthusiastic person. We will experience all the beautiful beaches in Krabi and all the good local food. About the trip 📍 We will travel around the beaches in the boat for two days and will go to a waterfall, Krabi famous cave for two days and back to the city for the last day (more details are in the itinerary). It will be an authentic experience popular for foreigners and locals alike. Some of these places may not be reachable if you are not here often. What is included in the price? 💰 🛏️ Accommodation You will be staying at a comfortable hotel for 4 nights in Krabi town. The location is a walking distance of the market. 🚗 Transportation An airport pickup to the hotel, boat fee, car-pool to our destination, and driver fee is included. My goal is to make sure you will leave this trip with something meaningful, with a heart full of memories, rediscovering yourself, or a simple smile on your face 😊 If you are interested, don’t hesitate to ask me questions. Best regards, Nikki
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Hi, my name is Nikki Sripan, I am a data collector at Tropical Medicine hospital in Bangkok. I love traveling and my home town has a lot to offer. My passion is to travel around the world, learning different cultures/languages and experiencing new ways of living.
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Trip Itinerary

Krabi City Seaview

Day 1-2
The driver will pick us up at the accommodation where we will explore many attractions near Krabi town. Our first stop is a beautiful Tiger Cave temple. This place is where you can find monkeys, explore in a cave, and climb upstairs. There are 1237 steps of stairs here but we will probably manage to climb smaller stairs at the back of the temple where we will pay some visits to the monkeys and mystical forest. Then, we will take a boat to Khao Khanab Nam Cave where we can explore Krabi's famous symbol. Ko Klang is where you will see local communities here in Krabi. At the end of the day, we can eat at Krabi street market where you can choose a variety of local Thai food and seafood. 1. Tiger Cave 2. Khao Khanab Nam Cave 3. Ko Klang 4. Krabi Street market

Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple)

Day 2
The Tiger cave temple is one of the most interesting temple complexes in southern Thailand. It is a Thai-Buddhist meditation centre which holds significant archaeological and historical importance as many historical remnants were discovered here.

Ao Nang Beach

Day 2-3
We will explore beaches near Krabi town. Ao Nang is a very famous tourist town where you will see many different ethnicities here. Ao Nang and Nappharat Thara beach are accessible by car. And we will need to take a boat to Railay beach. 1. Ao Nang Beach 2. Nappharat Thara 3. Railay beach

Phi Phi Islands

Day 3-5
We will go away from Krabi town to explore more islands and will celebrate our final day with Khlong Kut waterfall and Tha Bom. 1. Poda beach 2. Phi Phi island 3. Kai island 4. Khlong Kut 5. Tha Bom I'm also open to recommendation ^-^

Phi Phi Islands

Day 5
We will travel around the beaches in the boat for two days and will go to a waterfall, Krabi famous cave for two days and back to the city for the last day.
5 days trip
Krabi City Seaview, Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple) & 3 more
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