The Ultimate Road Trip: Exploring the Best of TURKEY: Antalya, Mugla, Izmir, and Denizli and More- Swimming, Turkish Food, Adventure

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Aylin Luna

Guided trip
Hey there! 🤗 I'm Aylin ! Glad you found my trip. I was born and raised in Istanbul. And have been visited almost all of the cities of Turkey before 😀 I've got some exciting news to share with you! 🎉 I'm taking a break from work and have decided to use my time off during the Kurban Bayrami holiday to explore the beautiful Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey. And guess what? You're invited to join me! 🚀 We'll be renting an SUV with all the insurance and driving through some of Turkey's most stunning cities, including Antalya, Denizli, Izmir, Aydin, Mugla, and back to Antalya. And since we'll be exploring during the hot summer of 2023, be prepared to get wet! 💦 Here's what's included in the trip package: 🌟 8 nights of accommodation (Airbnb, apartments, or villas) 🌟 SUV car rental for 8 days with all the insurance included 🌟 Gas price for a total of 1500 km 😍 🌟 Entry fees for: ➡️ Travertines of Pamukkale ➡️ Ephesus Ancient City ➡️ Patara Beach entrance ➡️ Boat tour in Marmaris ➡️ Travel insurance for German and Austrian citizens 🌟 Barbecue party food on last night in our villa 😎 And here's what's NOT included in the package: ❌ Airplane tickets ❌ Travel health insurance ❌ Personal expenses ❌ Food and drinks Let me give you a sneak peek of our trip plan! 🤩 We'll be meeting at our accommodation in Antalya on June 26th. On the first day, we'll explore the city, get to know each other and enjoy a fancy dinner at a local restaurant. The next day, on June 27th, we'll leave the city and head to Denizli to see the famous Pamukkale Travertines. We'll leave Denizli and arrive in Izmir before nightfall, where we'll spend the night. We'll have a fantastic day in Bodrum on June 29th, where we'll take a bay tour with our own SUV and explore every corner of the beautiful city. We'll see the magnificent beaches and coves by car, and have a blast! We'll finish the day with some drinks and partying because Bodrum is famous for its nightlife! 🥳 On June 30th, we'll drive to Marmaris, a very beautiful town in Mugla. We'll see the famous Akyaka on our way and spend the day in Marmaris, staying one more day. On July 1st, we'll attend a boat tour in Marmaris, where we'll see the best parts nearby and have a chance to see the Caretta Caretta egg ovulation beach and Iztuzu beach, mud bath, and many more. After the tour, we'll head to Datca (1-hour drive) and have dinner there. We'll return to our place at night. On July 2nd, we'll drive to Oludeniz Fethiye, which is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and crystal-clear sea. For those who are interested, we'll also have the option to go paragliding in Oludeniz - it's an experience you won't forget! Afterward, we'll head to Kas, where we'll stay in a villa with a pool and have a delicious barbecue. Finally, on July 4th, we'll make our way back to Antalya, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after an unforgettable trip! Are you excited? I am! 😍 Hit me up with a message so we can talk further! 😝
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
It's our first day! Let's meet at our place 🏠 and go on a city walking tour 🚶‍♂️ to explore the best of the city! We'll get to see the amazing Kaleici 🌇 (which is the historic city center of Antalya, Turkey 🇹🇷) and end the day with a fancy dinner at a local restaurant 🍽️. After that, we'll have some free time ⏰ to do whatever we want! 😎


Day 2
On June 27th, we're off to Denizli city 🚗 to see the famous Pamukkale travertines! 🏞️ This will take 3 hours of a ride. Pamukkale is a natural site in Denizli Province, Turkey, famous for its white travertine terraces filled with mineral-rich hot springs 💦. The name "Pamukkale" means "cotton castle" in Turkish, and it's easy to see why - the terraces resemble fluffy, white cotton 🌬️. Visitors can walk along the terraces and swim in the hot springs 🏊‍♂️. It's a popular tourist destination and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site 🌎. Once done, we will head to Izmir and will stay there for the night😁


Day 2-3
We'll arrive in the evening 🌆 and head straight to our accommodation 🏨. For those who are up for it, I'll arrange a city tour 🚶‍♂️! We'll explore the city center and stroll through the narrow streets to take in the local atmosphere of beautiful Izmir 🌅. To end the day, we'll grab a bite to eat and sit by the Kordon 🍴☕ or enjoy a coffee in a nearby cafe ☕. Then it's back to our place to rest and recharge 💤.


Day 3
Today we're driving from Izmir city center 🚗 to the beautiful town of Alacati 🏘️ which is just an hour away. We'll do some sightseeing and enjoy a nice Turkish breakfast 🍴 at a fancy place. After that, we'll take a leisurely walk and then drive in our SUV 🚙 to the ancient city of Ephesus Ancient City🏛️!

Ephesus Ancient City

Day 3
🚙 After a 2-hour drive from Alacati, we'll arrive at the famous ancient city of Ephesus 🏛️. We'll visit the Temple of Artemis and the House of the Virgin Mary while exploring the Ephesus Ancient City. Afterward, we'll take a walk around the local farmers' market 🍎. Once we've seen the city and spent 2-3 hours there, we'll hop back in our car 🚗 and drive to the charming town of Sirince 🏘️.


Day 3
After 30 minutes of driving, we will arrive to this destination. 🏘️ Sirince is a small town with an interesting story! In 2012, there was a prophecy that the world was going to end and only two towns would survive - Sirince and a town in France. So, this small town became so popular that even Tom Cruise visited on that day! 🤩 Nowadays, it's famous for its delicious and wide variety of fruit wines 🍷. We'll take a break here for a meal, some cold drinks, and wine tasting 🍇. Maybe we'll even buy a bottle or two to take home! After that, we'll hit the road again and head to our next stop - Bodrum, Mugla! 🚗


Day 3-5
🌊 Ahhh, Bodrum. This city is more than just a city - it's a form of love. 🥰 I'll recommend you to listen to this song which was written for this beautiful place. The guy who wrote it was struggling, but once he stopped in Bodrum, everything changed. You can see the lyrics and feel the magic yourself. ✨ Also, as mentioned before, we will have a RAKI night in here with lots of delicious mezes! 🍴 Meze is a traditional side dish that's very popular in this region - the Mediterranean. They use the best olive oil and fresh fish which goes perfectly with Turkish Raki. 😋 So, we'll arrive in Bodrum in the evening on June 28th, but don't worry - Bodrum never sleeps! 😎 First, we'll head to our accommodation, then once we're ready, those who are willing can join us for a walking tour through the famous white houses of the city center. 🏠 Then, we'll find a place next to the sea to enjoy a Raki-Meze dinner with the best food. 🍽️ Finally, we'll go to bed to recharge for the next day's adventures! 💤 Get ready for an epic adventure on our second day in Bodrum! 🤩 We'll start with a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant, then head to the famous Bodrum Castle. But wait, don't forget to bring your swimsuits! 🩱 We're going on a beach-hopping tour around Bodrum, visiting all the best beaches and coves. 🏝️🏊‍♀️💦 We'll take breaks to swim and rest before moving on to the next beach. And don't worry, there are showers available on the beaches! 🚿 We'll stop in one of the best towns for lunch, where we can fuel up before continuing our adventure. 🍴 As the sun starts to go down, we'll wrap up our beach day and head back to the city center. But the fun doesn't stop there! 🌅 We'll have some free time to explore the city and its vibrant nightlife. Get ready for an unforgettable day! 🎉


Day 5
Get ready for a breathtaking stop on our way to Marmaris! We'll visit a charming small town and the famous Kadin Azmagi river, where you can see both the stunning sea and unsalted water. Don't forget your camera, because the mountain behind the town makes for some epic photos! This place is so beautiful, it's worth a lifetime of memories. After soaking up the scenery, we'll continue on to Marmaris.


Day 5-7
We'll start by heading to our accommodation before visiting the famous Kizkumu Beach - also known as "Maiden's Sand." Legend has it that a beautiful maiden created this narrow sandbar to reunite with her lover on the other side of the sea. We'll walk along this stunning 600-meter-long path, take cool photos, and soak in the crystal-clear waters. It'll be an unforgettable experience! Next, we'll explore the city center's most crowded streets and visit some nice pubs and bars - perfect for those interested in nightlife. Then we'll have free time to do whatever we like. On our second day, we'll hop on a beautiful two-story boat and set sail for the Dalyan Boat Tour. During the journey, we'll take swimming breaks in gorgeous coves and be served a delicious lunch of fried chicken, salad, rice, or pasta. We'll also visit İztuzu Beach, where endangered sea turtles come to breed, and see the rock tombs of Lycian Kings and the ancient city of Kaunos. And of course, we can't forget the famous Mud Bath area in Dalyan, where we'll rejuvenate our skin with the beneficial properties of the warm mud. After our exciting day in Dalyan, we'll take a small boat back to İztuzu Beach and return to our boat for the journey back to Marmaris. Can't wait! 😎


Day 7-8
On this day we're going to Oludeniz from Marmaris! 🎉 First, we'll arrive in Fethiye city center and have breakfast at a nice spot while taking in the city's sights. Then, we'll head to our accommodation to drop off our things and get ready for the sea! 🌊 Our destination is the incredible Oludeniz Beach, also known as the Blue Lagoon. This spot is famous for paragliding, so if you're feeling adventurous, we can give it a go and soar above the lagoon! For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, we'll have plenty of time to relax, swim, and soak up the beauty of this magnificent place. As the sun sets, we'll head back to our accommodation to rest, take a shower, and for those who still have energy, we can head to Oludeniz center to grab some dinner and explore the bustling streets. After some free time, we'll head back to our place to rest up for the next day's adventures! 😊

Patara Beach

Day 8
Our journey continues with a visit to Kas. But before that, we will stop at the famous Patara Beach. This stunning beach is a true paradise of honey-yellow sand dunes and crystal-clear waters. In fact, it's the longest and widest beach in Turkey, and it's known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! 🏖️ We will spend some time swimming and relaxing here before we head to Kas city center in the afternoon.


Day 8-9
Woohoo! Once we've had our fun in Patara Beach, we'll head over to Kas city center in the afternoon for an exciting shopping trip! We'll pick out all the yummy goodies we need for our epic barbecue night. 🔥🍖🌭 Then, we'll make our way to our stunning villa in Kas and get ready for an awesome night of grilling, chilling, and swimming in our very own private pool! 🏊‍♀️🍹🌅 It's going to be the perfect end to an incredible trip. Let's rest up and get ready to enjoy our last day!


Day 9
It's the last day of our amazing trip together, but don't worry, it's not a goodbye forever! I really enjoyed organizing this trip, and who knows, maybe we'll have the chance to explore another amazing destination together in the future! We will head back to Antalya airport, and if anyone needs to be dropped off somewhere along the way, just let me know. Thank you for joining me on this adventure and I hope to see you again soon! 🌴✈️🌞
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