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Hello! I'm Avi, a 23-year-old freelance journalist that graduated from university almost a year ago. I'm born and raised in the LA area. I am a huge foodie and have been going to so many different spots throughout LA (and OC too since I went to university around there). I am very spontaneous and lenient and am always down to try any new type of food or genre of cuisine as I'm not a picky eater. I am always open to suggestions and changing up the itinerary/city/restaurant! I am also searching for people who are willing to try different types of food, stay up late (a little past 1 or 2 am), share their favorite foods, and are laid back, friendly, and just want to have a good feast throughout the trip (also to make new friends of course)! What about the trip? The trip will revolve around going to some of my favorite LA spots in Koreatown, Grand Central, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Downtown, and more, but I value the input of my fellow travelers so we can go anywhere especially since I'll be driving with my personal car. In between food spots (and dessert areas as well), we can stop by and walk around the city, and beaches, go to museums, check out a cafe and bond over tea/coffee, chat at one of the parks, go to an arcade, do some sightseeing, or I could give a tour of the city! As you can tell, the trip is pretty lenient since this is your trip as well, and should have the option to give ideas! At night, I plan to take you to a couple of bars/clubs in Koreatown, Silverlake, and/or Hollywood so that you can experience some of the nightlife that LA offers. There are also a few jazz clubs/bars that I am interested in checking out (but I haven't gone to yet) so if you're into jazz then we can hit those spots up as well! The trip is more about getting to know your fellow travelers, making new friends, and bonding over food! What is included in the price? - Accommodation which is located in Hollywood Hills. It is a full house so it comes with 3 private bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Important! If you'd rather save your money for activities/events or would like to go to other cities like Santa Barbara or Irvine, I could also book a cheaper alternative for accommodation and still offer a full house however they are in the more residential areas of LA (San Fernando Valley). Do note that I will NOT be staying in the Airbnb with you but am not too far away in case you need me. LA has a ton of free events and there is no entry fee or cover charge for the nightlife activities I have in mind. There will be a 10% buffer in case we spontaneously decide to go to a paid art museum or go to a place with a cover charge and I will charge a $25 TripLeader fee for gas since I'm using my own car. Prices for food and drinks won't be included for this trip. So the price you're paying is primarily for the accommodation and gas. I hope to see you on this trip and become great friends with you! Any questions? Let me know in the Q&A section else see you soon in LA!
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Aspiring travel journalist/writer that loves adventure (and food)!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
Tons of options for food and dessert places. Has the best Korean bbq, bingsoo, Ox tail soup, and Korean food in general. A must-stop for people visiting LA as it has a ton of different food options, is rich in culture and is where lots of people hang out. Also, it was the main setting for Netflix's new show, "Beef."

Santa Monica

Day 2-3
There's a lot to do and see in Santa Monica. It has easy access to cool hubs like Sawtelle and Culver City and of course, has the famous pier. Plus I find this area a LITTLE more walkable than most parts in LA (walkable in the American sense which is like a few blocks LOL). It has good access to West Hollywood/Sunset as well so later in the night it's easier to get to.

Downtown Los Angeles

Day 3
The central hub of LA where places like Grand Central, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, the Arts District, and Silver Lake are found. So many types of restaurants, events, and communities are here as well as different types of activities.
3 days trip
Koreatown, Santa Monica & 1 more
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