Surf Trip in Ericeira, Portugal with a Local 🏄🏽‍♀️ Surfing, Skate and Yoga classes 🧘🏼‍♂️

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Hi, are you ready for a week of waves and discovering the fascinating Portuguese coastline? Let me introduce myself: I am Filippo, your enthusiastic surfer with the goal to make you fall in love with surfing - no matter your physical abilities, age, or if you eat pineapple pizza 😬. I went to Ericeira 3 years ago for only a 1-week trip but ended up staying more than 2.5 years 😅 and I am looking forward to sharing everything with you. This is your chance to start or improve your surfing in the safest and most fun way. Whyyyy? In your surf lessons, you will be guided by professionally qualified instructors in Ericeira a World Surfing Reserve. Plus I will be in the water personally helping and taking some videos of you. And outside the water, there will be: - Surf theory to answer any questions you might have - Surf Skate classes to improve your balance, surf stance, and movements. This was a life-changer for me - Video review to see what mistakes you are making and how to fix them - We will also visit a surf museum to learn more about how surfing and Ericeira. Our amazing Yoga teacher Susana will also give us a Yoga class - to stretch and calm our minds and bodies 🧘‍♂️ But it is not only about surfing... Because Ericeira offers a lot more! - Surfing burns a lot of calories so get ready to taste authentic Portuguese cuisine as Filippo will guide you through the best restaurants and café - (as Italian I have been eating a lot) - Discover the relaxed surfer's lifestyle and see how you relate to it. Skateparks, pro surfers, and lots of events. - Aaah did I mention that Ericeira is 40 minutes away from the fairy tale Sintra Palaces and Lisbon? Well in between surfing let's take a break to explore one of these sites. My goal is to make sure you will leave this trip with something meaningful, as Ericeira and surfing gave to me. A heart full of memories, rediscovering yourself, or a simple smile on your face. 😌 PS: There will be plenty of photos and videos to share with your family or friends 📸 To recap - what is included in the package? ✅ I will be always with you sharing anything about surfing and guiding you through the hidden gems of Ericeira ✅ 7 nights 🛌 at Casa Branca, a beautiful Portuguese house close to the center with a fully equipped kitchen ( in shared dorms or twin rooms ) ✅ 5 surfing classes (beginner or intermediate) - transport, wetsuit, board, and everything included 🏄‍♂️ ✅ 3 Yoga sessions to relax and strengthen our bodies with amazing Susana 🧘‍♂️ ✅ 2 surf skate lessons, to have fun and improve our surfing 🛹 ✅ Photographer for 1 surf session 📸 ✅ 1 surf theory class 👨‍🏫 ✅ 2 surfing video reviews, where we can see how we are surfing 📸 ✅ 1 Risotto Dinner with sunset 🌅 ✅ live music events 🎸 ✅ Travel Insurance for Germans and Austrians Are you in? Send me a message! 🤙
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🤙 Say hello to Filippo, your surf enthusiast! Here to ensure everyone enjoys surfing as much as he does. 😃

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I had a really great time! Filippo really showed his passion for surfing and Ericeira. The vibe of the group was super nice and everyone felt included. Thanks for the great experience!
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Trip Itinerary


Day 1
Why should you go surfing in Ericeira? Ericeira is located on the western coast of Portugal, close to Lisbon. It's considered as one of the best surfing spots in Europe - A charming Portuguese fishing town with outstanding surfing beaches. Ericeira is the perfect place for beginners as well as advanced surfers, with consistent waves and great weather all year-round. You will surf, experience the local culture, explore Ericeira with its surfvibes and surrounding breathtaking cliffs - together with a fun group!


Day 1-8
If you want to have the full program for the whole week, I will send it to you. There is something unique planned for every day. We are planning on doing a sunset picnic together, a live music event as well as amazing yoga classes with Susanna. I'm convinced you will have a great time, make new friends and collect memories that will last a lifetime.


Day 8
(Optional) One day depending on surf conditions we could visit Sintra a place full of magic and mystery, where Nature and Man have combined in such a perfect symbiosis. - Pena Palace - the most iconic castle in yellow and red exterior on the highest point of Sintra - Quinta da Regaleira - incredible villa with the famous water well that links every part of the garden - Cabo da roca & Praia da ursa - the westernmost point of Europe and breathtaking cliffs (Costs for this optional day trip are not included!)
Trip Summary
8 days trip
Ericeira, Ericeira & 1 more
Questions and Answers

Hi Fillippo, what is the usual amount of money needed for the week

Hi, consider that you only need to pay for food, drinks, transportation between Ericeira and Lisbon (10-15 euros if we split), and whatever is extra. I would say between 250 and 350 euros. Breakfast c... Read More

Hi Filippo, I see the accommodation as hostel. Can one opt for something else such as a hotel or a B... Read More

Hi Carlo, it would be great to be all in the same hostel as it would be easier to do all the activities together. The hostel has twin rooms and potentially I could ask for a private double room. If th... Read More

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