Slovakia Must See! Top places in West, Middle and North West of the country. - Wellness, nature and historical places - Deluxe version

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What's special?
special To sea a lot in short time
special Comfortable transfer by luxury car
special possible to change program on demand
This trip is mix of the best places that I think, you must visit in West, North west and Middle of the Slovakia. It is a shorter version of tour around whole Slovakia, that I already made with some guests that I had in Slovakia from other countries. It is perfect trip for real travelers and people, who loves to discover and visit interesting places, who love history, nature and relax in wellness! I tried to make a combination of best spots that you can see in this beautiful country. Many people do not know, what to search for in Slovakia, so they stay only in Bratislava, but Slovakia has plenty beautiful places that othervise you will have to search for in whole world. In slovakia you can find them in one small country. You will see and I believe that you will be satisfied, as other people that I showed this spots before. We will visit beautiful places that are hidden to many foreigner tourists, but are worthy to be seen. Slovakia is a hidden gem that has a lot to offer. In Slovakia, you can find 425 mansions and 180 castles, 123 thermal springs and 7014 caves, 4181 churches, except that, you can find here many monasteries, rivers, mines, beautiful mountains, desert, thousands of lakes and many other interesting places … in relatively small land, you can find many things that you will otherwise search in whole World. 10 days is too short to show you all beauties that is Slovakia hiding, but you can see at least some of them, and I hope that after this small tasting of Slovakia, you will want to come here again to see more, and you will bring also more of your friends. During this trip, we will do many activities, and it is very intensive trip, as you will see a lot in a very short time, but I did this trip already also for families with small kids and no one has a problem to keep the program and whole family enjoyed it. We will visit a few cities in Slovakia, will see a few beautiful castles, museums and few other attractions, we can make a small hiking trip if you will like, and we will relax in wellness, in thermal springs or in lakes. The trip I can make in Deluxe version - where I will book very nice hotels with breakfast, some of that hotels has playgrounds, wellness inside the hotel, or other attractions included in price. You will stay in double rooms. So you will really enjoy the comfort of the trip. We will go by luxury car Jaguar F-pace, where is enough space. This version is for people who have no problem to pay a little more, but they want to enjoy a comfort. The same trip I can make in Budget version for people who want to save their travelling budget, but in this case we will stay in more simple rooms in private apartments or smaller pensions, without breakfast, swimming pool and other attractions included in price, and we will share the rooms together. The trip is suitable for small group of friends, couples, families... In case that you want to be bigger group as 4, I have an option to hire 2nd car with 2nd driver and make a trip for group up to 8 people.

I am a passionate traveler. I am travelling as much as I can and from time to time I am planning trips also for other people. I like to meet new people and I like to show them places that I think are worthy to see.

Info about the accommodation: During the trip, we will stay in 4 hotels. Each hotel 2 nights, she last one 3 nights. I was trying to choose hotels with higher standards, or unique rooms, but still in reasonable price. Each hotel will be different and some of them have wellness or swimming pool inside the hotel. Breakfast will be included in a price. The price is calculated for 2 or 3 people in a room. So ideal for couples or friends. In some case, I may share room with guests after discussion. If there will be a family or group of 4 people that want to share one room, in some hotels is an option to book 4-5 beds apartment. If you have any questions, you can ask in the Q&A - see you in Slovakia!

What's included?
Accomodation with breakfast
Entrance to castles (Bojnice, Orava,...)
Transfer by car from Bratislava
Parking fees, highway tolls, petrol
Danube speedboat ride to Devin castle
Breakfast in hotel
1 typical Slovak meal
Your Booking includes free protection from Trip cancellations.
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My name is Jozef. I am originally from Slovakia, but I am trying to travel as much as possible. :D

You can chat with Jozef once you reserve your spot.
Trip Itinerary


Day 1-3
Our trip will start in capital of Slovakia - Bratislava, in the afternoon. The transfer to Bratislava is up to guests, but it is possible to arrange a transfer from Vienna airport by car or by bus. (Bus 10 EUR per person, car 59 EUR per ride). We will make a small walk in Bratislava old town, and Bratislava downtown area, we will make a boat ride by speedboat to Devin castle and back (boat is included in trip price), we will visit Slavin, Castle Hill and Kalvaria and if someone will have energy, there is an individual partying in old town. Next day we will visit by car a few localities around Bratislava. We will make a stop in Danubiana and will see Cunovo wild water + Cunovo water powerplant. (entrance to Danubiana is not included in the trip). After, we will visit soldiers cemetery and bunkers from first World war in Petrzalka, on borders with Austria. We will walk on borderline that was a dream to cross in a pass, during communism era. From there we will move to Zahorie, and we will make a stop on Sandberg Hill (the place where was a prehistoric sea), will taste a Slovak national meal on Salas Lozorno and will taste holy water from spring in pilgrim village Marianka. On the way we will pass Volkswagen and Porsche factory. That individuals who will still have an energy, can go partying again, or we can make a night swimming in open air thermal spring in Chorvatsky Grob.


Day 3
Next morning, we will leave Bratislava and will move to north of the country. Our first stop will be Senec lakes, where we will visit houses similar to Bora Bora cottages. It is possible to make a quick swimming in a lake and taste "langoš".


Day 3
From Senec we will move to beautiful spa town - Piešťany, where we will make around 2 hours walk in town and on Spa island. We will see a beautiful park, spa hotels, and we can taste an ice cream and spa waffles. You can also drink a 60 degrees Celsius hot mineral water directly from spring. Also, we will see 2nd largest river in Slovakia - Váh.


Day 3
Our next stop will be Trenčin, and we can climb on Trenčin Castle and check the deepest "Well of Love", digged by Turkish soldier Omar for his Love Fatime ... If we have a time, we will visit also Skalka monastery, that is near Trenčin. After diner, we will move to Bojnice.

Pilgrimage place Skalka at Trencin

Day 3
It is very nice little monastery as from fairy tale. It is build in a cave where the monks have been hiding themselves in a past. If we have luck, maybe we will catch also some pilgrims. From the monastery is a beautiful view on the country around.


Day 3-5
Bojnice are magic place, where is worthy to spend whole day. We will visit fairytale castle and maybe also cave and thumb under the castle, depends on which tour we will choose. We will make a walk in a beautiful spa park and as a voluntary options, we can visit a few museums, zoo, or make a walk to sky on Cajka tower. (Entrance to the castle is included in a trip price. Other attractions need to be paid extra.)


Day 5
Next morning, we will leave Bojnice, and we will continue to Strážovské vrchy, and we will visit a typical old fashion Slovak village - Čičmany. We will see picturesque wood houses, with very specific painted decorations. Čičmany with its unique architecture belongs between UNESCO heritage.

Rajecké Teplice

Day 5
We will continue to visit another beautiful spa town - Rajecké Teplice and Aphrodite Spa resort. We will make a 3 hours stop in this beautiful Spa and after wellness, we can take a dinner in delicious lake restaurant. On the way, if we will have a time, we can make a quick stop to see Geysir and Biggest wooden Betlehem in near village: Rajecká Lesná. At the evening we will move to the north of the country to Orava region.


Day 5-7
Orava is a magical region, where we can spend more than week, and we can do some other activity every day. During one day that we will stay here, we will have more options what to do, and it is up to you to decide, which activity you will prefer. 1st option is to visit magical Orava castle + some other attraction 2nd option is to visit some of Skansens - typical old fashion Slovak village (Zuberec or Vychylovka with mountain historical steam train and Beautiful Orloj in Stará Lesná) We will spend on Orava 2 nights. 3rd option is to make some small tour in mountains around. - Jánošíkové diery or Prosiecka and Kvačianska Doline with old fashion water mills visit. 4th option is to visit copy of Rio de Janeiro - Jesus Christ Statue in Rio de Klin, and to visit and swim in Oravská priehrada in Námestovo, or in Aquapark Oravice. 5th option is to try some adrenalin eg. make a ride on wooden rafts = PLŤ on Orava river, or to try some other adrenalin adventure offered in this region. (Fees for these activities are not included in trip price and will depends on option, that you will choose. Some of them are free, e.g. hiking tours. Some needs to be paid and needs to be booked up front, eg Plte on Orava river.. Transfer from hotel to the activity is included in trip price.)


Day 7
Next day morning, we will start to move back to the south and we will visit Liptov region. There are many nice places around Liptovská Mara and lot of attractions, that you can try. It is up to you, what you will prefer to do. We can visit one of the aquaparks: Tatralandia or Bešeňová. Around Tatralandia, there are a few funny museums, or who wants, there is an option to try flying in wind tunel in Hurrycan Factory (not included in trip price). We can swim on Liptovská Mara, or to rent a boat and made a ride over this huge lake. Another option is to make a hiking trip to Chopok and Dumbier - Highest mountain of Low Tatras. We can visit some biofarms where fresh sheep cheese is produced, or we can visit one of archeoparks Havránok or Liptovia. There is also option to try free open air swimming in thermal spring in Liptovský Ján. One more option for people who love adrenalin, is to try paragliding from Nová Hola mountain and the rest can visit fairytale village Donovalkovo or Habakuki. We can also make a small tour to the ruin of Likavka castle, or we can go under the ground to one of two caves in Demanovská Dolina. In this region, we can also spend a whole week, but it is only up to you, which activity you will choose during the day, that we will be there. At the evening we will cross walley between two Slovak national parks Low Tatras and Veľká Fatra and we can make a stop in another authentic old fashion mountain village called Vlkolínec, that is also on the list of UNESCO heritage. At the evening we will come to Banskobystrický Región, and we will sleep in " Heard of Slovakia and in Heard of Whole Europe continent".


Day 7
Vlkolínec, situated in the centre of Slovakia, is a remarkably intact settlement of 45 buildings with the traditional features of a central European village. It is the region’s most complete group of these kinds of traditional log houses, often found in mountainous areas.

Banská Bystrica

Day 7-8
Next 2 days we will spend in Bankobystricky Region, and we will visit a few towns here. First of them is a 3rd biggest city in Slovakia - Banská Bystrica. We can also visit a beautiful mountains village - Špánia Dolina or City Zvolen.


Day 8-9
Kremnica is a small, but very nice old mining Town. We will visit a castle, will taste Kremnický Krumpel, there is an option to visit a museum of gags and make an excursion in Kremnická Mincovňa - place, where money (coins and banknotes) are printed. A few kilometers out of Kremnica is a geographical middle point of European continent, so we have to make a stop also on this point.

Sklené Teplice

Day 9
Another spa town, with a special hot spring inside a cave. If you want, you can book and visit hot spring "parenica" inside a cave (1 hour procedure). Alternative is to visit swimming pools with less temperature or other wellness complex in Vyhne village. Return to accommodation.

Banská Štiavnica

Day 9-10
Banska Štiavnica is a beautiful old mining town. We can visit some of the "Tajch" lakes, and choose one of these alternatives: visit old or new castle, make a tour up to Kalvaria, eat dinner in some of the vintage restaurants, or buy a tour inside and old Mine Bartolomej.

Hronský Beňadik

Day 10
On the last day of our trip, during the way back to Bratislava, we will make a quick stop in Hronský Beňadikt Monastery. If there will be time and mood, we can also stop to check a flowers in Arboretum Mlyňany, or make a stop in Topolčianky, to see Slovenský národný žrebčinec (National horse farm), and Zubriu zvernicu - Farm for Zubors (animals similar to Buffalo).


Day 10
Nitra is our last stop, before we will return back to Bratislava. We can see a nice Zobor Hill, and we will visit Nitra Castle together with Nitrianska Kalvária, from where is a beautiful view on whole city and country around.


Day 10
Return to Bratislava in evening hours and end of the trip. Possible to stay here extra night or make transfer to Vienna or Budapest for extra cost. We can assist you to make reservation for extra night in Bratislava or with transfer to the airport.
Trip Summary
10 days trip
Bratislava, Senec & 16 more
What's excluded?
flights, bus, train to Bratislava
Transfer from Vienna airport
lunch, dinner, other meal
entrances to other atractions
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