Skiing and Snowshoeing in Italy! What more could you want in beautiful Abetone, Tuscany!?

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Coworking trip
👋 Hey, it's Kristina! I'm American born, though currently living in beautiful Liguria, Italy- right by Tuscany! I absolutely LOVE activity. Snowshoeing and skiing is something I do every year in or around the alps! As a co-working trip, we will be exploring this area together, mainly by snowshoeing. I will also be bringing along a ski expert for some extra support (included in the price, who speaks both English and Italian fluently), and my dog (who goes on all adventures with me)! So, here's the details!... ⛷️ We will be mainly snowshoeing, with the option to ski one day with the ski expert in Val di Luce. 🛏️ Some bedrooms may be shared, though all TripMates will have their own bed. 🧭 We will be exploring Abetone and Val di Luce, all while staying in one accommodation for the three nights. We will have local foods, some good wine and cheese, and find the best apre-ski! 💶 Included in the price: - Accommodation (shared rooms) - Ski expert for some extra support - Free JoinMyTrip insurance (for German and Austrian residents) All rentals, food, etc. will be paid separately and individually by tripmates, directly to the vender. In this way, I will not be charging fees for this. My suggestion would be to bring along some cash (Euros) to make paying easier! 😊 A little more about me... I am very adventurous, have travelled all over Europe, the United States, the UK, other parts of North America, and some of the Caribbean. I am very well versed, speak native english, and conversational Italian. I always bring my dog (a border collie)! I love being active, as well as exploring cultures. I'm a remote worker, and enjoy taking trips without missing out on work. I hope to meet more TripMates with similar interests!
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I'm very adventurous, and an American living in Italy. I love to explore the world and am very active in doing so! My dog always joins me!

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Trip Itinerary


Day 1-2
In Abetone, we will stay in the beautiful Val di Luce. We will explore the mountains by either snow shoeing or skiing during the day, grabbing some après-ski, and then having some time for nightlife, dinners at restaurants with local foods, and wine and cheese!


Day 2-3
There will be time for TripMates to explore on their own as well. Along with this, we will see beautiful views! Since this is a co-working trip, there will be downtime for those who need to work as well. Skiing, snowshoeing and mountain views - what's not to love!?

Val di Luce

Day 3
In Val di Luce, we will find the best skiing slopes and snow shoeing routes, as well as finding some great food and culture along the way! With the extra ski expert I'm bringing along, there will be an option of skiing or snow shoeing during the day for TripMates.
3 days trip
Abetone, Abetone & 1 more
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