The Kogi Tribe and Special Lost City Trek - Ancestral Colombia Adventure trip:

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Juan Diego

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👋 Hi there, adventurer! Are you looking for an offbeat experience🌟 in Colombia? 🇨🇴 Are you in search of its hidden gems and secret destinations?💎 Then, check out this unique 7-day trip I've planned for 6-12 active 💪 trip mates who appreciate learning from indigenous tribes, value their ancient wisdom🙏, and want to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience hiking this hidden part of Colombia with me 🥾🇨🇴. We'll start with one night in Santa Marta 🌴, then, head 🚘 to Rio Ancho, my town for a respectful visit to the Kogi tribe from Tungeka, in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 🗻, where the Mama (Spiritual Leader) will share some of his tribe's ancient oral tradition with us before trekking to the Lost City🗿 on a special tour with a new route 🧭, and finish with another night in Rio Ancho and the chance to explore activities in nearby places such as Palomino 🏖️ and many more the last day of our trip 🗓️✈️. Here's what you can expect from this unique💎 adventure: ⭐ A sensation of time travel ⏳💫 between the present and 2,000 years in the past as we learn from the Kogi tribe, see the magnificent city their ancestors built, and discover their greatness 🗿💪. ⭐ An invaluable immersion in the ancient traditions of the Kogi Tribe, whose culture has remained alive through millennia by passing knowledge and wisdom by word of mouth since ancestral times🗿🌄🌿 ⭐ Spectacular waterfalls inside the lush nature of the Sierra Nevada 💦🏞️. ⭐ Fun motorcycle rides 🏍️. ⭐ Hikes surrounded by stunning views 🚶🏞️. ⭐ Baths in crystal-clear rivers in offbeat places only a few well-informed and fortunate people know 💦🏊. About your fortunate TripLeader 😎: 👋I'm Juan Diego, I'm 38 years old, and Since 2015, I've been leading trips to the lost city🗿, the Caribbean coast 🌅, the rest of Colombia, and Ecuador 🇪🇨; places with natural and cultural richness that have added plenitude to my life. I believe in the power of travel to positively transform the societies you visit and yourself as a traveler. As I kept traveling, I fell more in love ❤️ with our richness and diversity as a natural paradise🦜✨, which gave me my vision💡of fair, respectful community tourism and etnotourism🤝, for the people at the places we visit are the main, starring characters🌟 of my trips -such as my community from Rio Ancho and the Kogi indigenous community of Tungueka. The trip price includes: ✔️ 1 night at a nice hotel in Santa Marta 🛌🏨 ✔️ 2 nights at a beautiful hostel by the river in Rio Ancho 🛏️🏞️ ✔️ All breakfasts 🍳🥞 ✔️ Access to the Kogui indigenous community ✔️ A private interview with the spiritual leader of Tungeka 🗨️👥🙏📿 ✔️ Contribution per person to the Mama (Spiritual leader) and Kogi translator ✔️ Contribution per person to the local communities of Rio Ancho Tungeka ✔️ Lunch by the river on the second day 🍽️🏞️ ✔️ 3 nights in campsites on the lost city trail 🌌🏕️, where we'll sleep in cozy bunks or hammocks ✔️ All meals in the Lost City 🍽️ ✔️ Local guide in the Lost City 👤 ✔️Transportation between all stops 🚗 ⚠️ All the accommodation will be in shared spaces 🛏️🛏️🚹🚹 (2 people in one room) -especially the campsites on the lost city trail, where there are large dorms with bunks and hammocks for all the visitors together. Private accommodation 🔒🛏️ in Santa Marta and Rio Ancho will have a different price 💵➕ and is subject to the number of trip mates participating and room availability 🛏️📝. I calculated📝 45 EUR for the night in Santa Marta and 24 EUR 💶 per night in Rio Ancho, where our visit to the indigenous community and the interview with the spiritual leader + lunch and transportation will have a price of 98 EUR. The accommodation in the lost city trek🗿 is part of the all-included, special 🌟 4-day Lost City and Waterfalls pack my suppliers offer for 2,100,000 COP (419 EUR 💶). The trip price also covers insurance ⚕️☑️, logistics expenses, and a buffer in case of an emergency. 🏥 We'll also have some free time to plan and select 📝 activities for the 2nd day in the afternoon and the day our trip ends in Rio Ancho 🗓️. I'll tell you everything about optional activities, give you detailed info🗨️👥 on the 1st day, share a list with the options 🗒️, and give you details on activities all through the rest of the trip (or even before the beginning of the trip, if you need it 🗨️📞🙋). We'll use the app "Splitwise" on the trip to share our costs➗. If there's something you've already been planning to do, just let me know 🙋and I'll give you all the assistance you may need with activities, as well as arrangements for your departure on the last day 🙌🚘✈️. Interested in this unique🌟, off-the-beaten-path experience? Send me a message now! 📩
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👋Hola! I'm Juan Diego Rangel, a passionate trip leader specializing in etnotourism, community tourism and adventure trips.

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Trip Itinerary

Santa Marta

Day 1-2
Day 1. 🗓️ 24/06/23 Welcome to the Pearl of the Caribbean! 🌅👋🏝️🍹🍽️ We'll meet in the evening and go for a walk through the historic center🚶🏰 and the bay, then, we can have a nice dinner and/or some drinks 🥂as we get to know each other in person and talk about our plans for the next day, as well as optional activities for the free afternoon we'll have on day 2. You can also spend the last day of our trip exploring the area and I will assist you with all the arrangements. 📝 Includes: ✔️ Hotel room in Santa Marta. 🛏️🏨


Day 2
Day 2 🗓️ 25/06/23 - PART 1 - Santa Marta - Río Ancho 🌅🏖️🚘⛰️🏞️ We'll start at around 8 am when we'll leave Santa Marta to take the Caribbean road and go on a 2-hour drive to Río Ancho, where we'll spend the night🌌 after visiting Tungueka. Once in Río Ancho, the lovely restaurant by the river and its owners will warmly welcome you 🙌. While you order your lunch in advance and get ready for the hike, I'll tell you everything about the gorgeous little town I live in. -PART 2- Rio Ancho - Tungueka - Río Ancho 🏘️🚶 🏍️🏞️ ✔️ Free Afternoon. Our second day continues with a nice hike🥾to Tungueka🏞️. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery of the Sierra Nevada's nature, breathe in the fresh air, and after two hours of a soft hike, we will make it to one of our elder siblings' towns, Tungueka 🌳. We'll get to see the Kogi tribe in their everyday lives 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, have some time to enjoy the river 🌊, and receive some ancient wisdom from the Mama (Spiritual Leader) 🧘‍♀️. This will be a great opportunity to learn from their perspective of life and the role of humanity on our planet and have a meaningful cultural exchange 🤝. The motorbikes will be ready to take us back to Rio Ancho 🏍️, where a delicious typical lunch will be waiting for us, as well as the river and a free afternoon 🌞. Includes: ✔️ Breakfast 🍳 ✔️ Access to the Kogi indigenous community. ✔️ Private interview with the spiritual leader of Tungueka🗨️👥 . ✔️ Contribution per person to the Mama (Spiritual leader) and indigenous translator. ✔️ Contribution per person to the local communities of Rio Ancho and Tungueka. ✔️ Motorbike ride from Tungueka to Río Ancho🏍️ ✔️ Lunch by the river 🍽️.

Río Ancho

Day 2-3
After a great time learning from one of the spiritual leaders🙏 of the Kogi tribe, having a nice lunch by the river, and enjoying this authentic, traditional part of the Colombian Caribbean 🦜, it's time to enjoy a free afternoon exploring the optional activities in the area and get some rest at the beautiful hostel in Río Ancho🏞️. Includes: ✔️ Hostel room by the river 🛏️.

Machete Pelao

Day 3
Day 3. 🗓️ 26/06/23 - PART 1- Río Ancho - Machete Pelao - Vista Hermosa 🌄🚘🏘️🍽️🏍️ The third day starts at around 6 am🌄. The car 🚘 will take us back to the Caribbean road on a one-and-a-half-hour ride to the entrance to the Lost City Trek, where we will meet our local guide. 👤-The Lost City Trek is something I've been doing for 8 years, so I have chosen the best⭐ guides for our trip! 💪 Once we meet our guide, we'll hop in the cars again to take the gravel road for another hour to Machete Pelao, where we'll stop for some typical breakfast 🍽️ and gear up for the adventure. There will be motorbikes 🏍️ waiting for us, they'll take us from Machete Pelao to Vista Hermosa, where our hike begins 🥾. Includes: ✔️ Car transport from Río Ancho to Machete Pelao 🚘. ✔️ Breakfast 🥞. ✔️ Motorbike from Machete Pelao to Vista Hermosa 🏍️ ✔️ Local guide 👤

Camino Ciudad Perdida

Day 3-4
Day 3 - PART 2 - Vista Hermosa - Paso De Lorenzo Camp. 🏞️🚶🏕️🏊🍽️🥾🏕️🌌 From Vista Hermosa, we'll have about three hours of walking through beautiful landscapes🏞️ to Mumake camp, where we'll have some time to refresh in the river 🏊 right before lunch. Our hike 🥾continues for another 3 hours in the beauty of the Sierra to Paso de Lorenzo Camp, where we'll spend the night 🏕️. Includes: ✔️ Lunch at Mumake Camp 🍽️. ✔️ Dinner at Paso De Lorenzo Camp 🍽️. ✔️ Local guide 👤

Ciudad Perdida Magdalena

Day 4-5
Day 4. 🗓️27/06/23 Paso de Lorenzo - the Lost City - Mumake Camp. 🌄🥾🗿🏊🚶🏕️🌌 The big day is here! 💪 Our hike to the ancient Lost City will start as the first early sunbeams appear. After a nice cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee ☕ and some delicious typical breakfast, we'll only have a one-hour walk 🥾to the ancient 1,200 stone steps to the Lost City🗿, built between 600 and 700 CE. Take some time to catch your breath after half an hour going up the steps -which will be no easy thing with such breathtaking views surrounding you. Once in the Lost City, we'll have about 3 hours to walk around🚶its 4 Square kilometers of uncovered, restored areas🗿. Our guide and I will tell you all the history of the place and have some snacks🍍🍫 ready for you before going back on another one-and-a-half-hour walk 🚶to Paso de Lorenzo for lunch 🍽️, where the river by the camp will be waiting for you. 🏊 From Paso de Lorenzo to Mumake camp🏕️, we'll have a three-hour hike and the river by the camp awaits us once again🌊. We'll spend the night there and even though we'll have already found the Lost City, the adventure goes on. Next stop: The waterfalls! 💦🏞️. Includes: ✔️ All meals 🍽️ ✔️ Snacks 🍍🍫 ✔️ Local guide 👤l

Quebrada del sol

Day 5-6
Day 5. 🗓️ 28/06/23 Mumake - Las Cascadas. 🌞🏞️💦🏊 Time to go on the new route🧭 to the waterfalls and take a dip in them! 🌊We'll find the route after the first hour of hiking. It will be 3 hours in total surrounded by very tall trees🌳, exuberant nature,🦜 and incredible views all the way to the camp, where we'll have lunch🍽️, rest, enjoy the tranquility of the place🧘, and spend the night there. 💤🌌. Includes: ✔️ All meals 🍽️ ✔️ Local guide 👤

Machete Pelao

Day 6
Day 6 🗓️29/06/23 - Part 1 - Las Cascadas - Machete Pelao 🌄🚶🏞️🏊🏍️ Our last day of the hike will also be full of gorgeous nature surrounding us🦜 and lots of fun in the crystal-clear Buritaca river🌊, which will wait for us while we walk🚶3 hours to finally dive🤸🌊 from an 8-meter tall hanging bridge. If diving from a tall bridge is not your thing🙅, then, you can also walk into the river🚶🏊, or just take it easy🧘and rest before our motorbike ride🏍️ back to Machete Pelao for lunch. Includes: ✔️ Local guide 👤 ✔️ River tubing (subject to availability at the place)🌊 ✔️ Motorbike ride to Machete Pelao🏍️

Río Ancho

Day 6-7
Day 6 - Part Two - Machete Pelao - Río Ancho. 🍽️🚘🏘️🧘🌌 It's time to go back to gorgeous Río Ancho after such an incredible hike🥇. We'll say goodbye to our awesome local guide 💪👤 after lunch and head to Río Ancho🏘️ to spend our trip's final night, which we can make even more special by sharing a nice farewell dinner.👥🍽️🥂 Includes: ✔️ Lunch in Machete Pelao 🍽️ ✔️ Car transfer to Río Ancho.🚘 ✔️ Hostel room by the river 🛌 ⚠️ Does not include farewell dinner.

Río Ancho

Day 7
Day 7 🗓️ 30/06/23 👋Farewell👋 After a real unique🌟 experience in the heart of the world🌎 -the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta🗻, this Is it... Or maybe not? This could be a great chance for you to explore optional activities; otherwise, I'll just help you with your departure✈️ and hope to travel with you again soon! 🍻👋 Includes: ✔️ Breakfast 🥞🍳☕
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